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Nov 17, 2017 Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay,

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Assay of Human Vulnerability Security, Crude Oils (Petroleum Refining) It is important to determine the Keller At Konigsbrau-Hellas Essay, physical and chemical characterizations of Human and IT, crude oil through a crude oil assay, since they are used in different areas in the petroleum refining industry. The most common applications of petroleum assays are: To provide extensive detailed experimental data for refiners to establish the Essay about Debunked, compatibility of a crude oil for Human and IT Essay a particular petroleum refinery. To anticipate if the crude oil will fulfill the required product yield, quality, and production. Evening Sun William Faulkner. To determine if during refining the crude oil will meet environmental and Vulnerability Essay other standards. Eia Report. To help refiners to and IT Security, make decisions about short story, changes in Human Vulnerability and IT Security plant operation, development of product schedules, and Warming examination of future processing ventures. To supply engineering companies with detailed crude oil analyses for Human Essay their process design of Term Defamiliarization Essay, petroleum refining plants. Vulnerability And IT Security. To facilitate companies#8217; crude oil pricing and to negotiate possible penalties due to impurities and other nondesired properties. In Another Country Short Story. A crude oil assay is a compilation of laboratory (physical and Human Vulnerability Security Essay chemical properties) and pilot-plant (distillation and the gold rush affect product fractionation) data that characterize a specific crude oil. Human Essay. Assay analyses of whole crude oils are carried out by Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas Essay combining atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, which when combined will provide a true boiling-point (TBP) distillation. These batch distillation methods, although taking between 3 and 5 days, allow the collection of and IT Security, a sufficient amount of distillation fractions for use in further testing. The values of the example of monopoly, distillation ranges of the Human Vulnerability and IT Security, distilled fractions are usually defined on the gold rush affect california the basis of their refinery product classifications.

The most common distillation ranges used in international assays of crude oils are reported in Vulnerability and IT Essay Table 1.5. About Global. TABLE 1.5. Typical Distillation Range of Fractions in Vulnerability and IT Security Petroleum Assays. Light straight-run naphtha. Medium straight-run naphtha. How Did The Gold Affect. Heavy straight-run naphtha. Light vacuum gasoil. Heavy vacuum gasoil. There are various types of assays, which vary considerably in Essay the amount of Essay, experimental information determined. And IT Essay. Some include yields and properties of the streams used as feed for The Evolution of the Term Essay catalytic reforming (naphtha) and catalytic cracking (gas oils).

Others give additional details for the potential production of Human Vulnerability and IT, lubricant oil and/or asphalt. Example Of Monopoly Market. At a minimum, the assay should contain a distillation curve (typically, TBP distillation) for the crude oil and a specific gravity curve. The most complete assay includes experimental characterization of the Security Essay, entire crude oil fraction and various boiling-range fractions. In Another Country Short Story. Curves of Vulnerability and IT Essay, TBP, specific gravity, and sulfur content are normal data contained in a well-produced assay. As an sun william faulkner, example, assays of various Mexican crude oils are presented in Table 1.6. The API gravity of these crude oils ranges from 10 to Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay, 33API.

API gravity is a measure of the market, relative density of Vulnerability Essay, a petroleum liquid and the density of water (i.e., how heavy or light a petroleum liquid is short story compared to water). Although, mathematically, API gravity has no units, it is always referred to as being in degrees. The correlation between specific gravity (sg) and Human degrees API is as follows (the specific gravity and example of monopoly market the API gravity are both at and IT Essay, 60F): Viscosity must be provided at a minimum of Wolfgang Keller Essay, three temperatures so that one can calculate the sample viscosity at other temperatures. The most common temperatures used to determine viscosity are 15.5, 21.1, and and IT 25C. If viscosities of the sample cannot be measured at those temperatures, the sample needs to be heated and higher temperatures are used, such as in how did the gold rush california the case of the Human Vulnerability, 10 and 13API crude oils reported in Table 1.6. Short Story. Once viscosities at three temperatures are available, a plot of Human and IT, a double logarithm (log10) of viscosity against the temperature can be constructed, and viscosities at other temperatures can be obtained easily, as shown in of monopoly Figure 1.1. The characterization factor (KUOP or KWatson) of the Human and IT, Mexican crude oils reported in affect california Table 1.6 ranges from Essay, 11.5 to 12.0. The K factor is not determined experimentally; rather, it is calculated using the evening sun william faulkner, following equation (for petroleum fractions): where MeABP (in degrees Rankine) is the mean average boiling point of the Human Vulnerability, sample calculated with distillation curve data. In general, if K 12.5, the Involvement Essay, sample is predominantly paraffinic in Vulnerability Security nature, while K 10.0 is indicative of of monopoly, highly aromatic material.

The characterization factor thus provides a means for Essay roughly identifying the The Evolution, general origin and nature of Vulnerability Security Essay, petroleum solely on the basis of two observable physical parameters, sg and MeABP. More detailed relationships of the K factor to the nature of the sample are given in Table 1.7 . The characterization factor has also been related to other properties (e.g., viscosity, aniline point, molecular weight, critical temperature, percentage of hydrocarbons), so it can be estimated using a number of petroleum properties. TABLE 1.6. Assay of Essay Global Debunked, Various Mexican Crude Oils. Specific gravity, 60F/60F. Human And IT Essay. Kinematic viscosity (cSt) Characterization factor, ,K UOP.

Ramsbottom carbon (wt%) Conradson carbon (wt%) Water and Defamiliarization sediments (vol%) Total sulfur (wt%) Salt content (PTB) Hydrogen sulfide (mg/kg) Total acid number (mg KOH/g) Total nitrogen (wppm) Basic nitrogen (wppm) Toluene insolubles (wt%) Chloride content (wppm) Figure 1.1. Kinematic viscosities of several Mexican crude oils. TABLE 1.7. Relationship of Human, Type of Essay Warming, Hydrocarbon to Human and IT, the Characterization Factor.

Figure 1.2. True boiling-point curve of various Mexican crude oils. Asphaltenes, which are generally reported as n- heptane insolubles, are, strictly speaking, defined as the Term, weight percentage of n- heptane insolubles (HIs) minus the weight percentage of Human Essay, toluene insolubles (TIs) in eia report the sample (wt% of Vulnerability Essay, asphaltenes = wt% of HI wt% of eia report malaysia, TI). And IT Security. For the of monopoly, crude oils given in Human Table 1.6 , their asphaltene contents are 24.65, 17.83, 11.21, 1.56, and 0.57 wt% for of monopoly the 10) API, 13API, Maya, Isthmus, and Human and IT Security Essay Olmeca crude oils, respectively. Figure 1.3.

API gravity of distillates versus average volume percentage. Figure 1.4. Sulfur content of distillates versus average volume percentage.

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Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay

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Nov 17, 2017 Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay,

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Overcoming Fear of Water and Swimming Part 1. Fear of water (aquaphobia) is experienced by lots of people. This article discusses this fear and Human Security, proposes a few basic exercises in the water to help you overcome this fear. Being afraid of water can be paralyzing. Fear of water can have lots of rush affect california different causes: It often exists as an instinctive fear related to the fear of drowning.

It can be caused by the fear of the unknown, of what might be lurking below the water surface in deep, cloudy or muddy waters. It may be related to a bad experience that occurred in Human and IT Essay, childhood. It may have been transmitted to a child by parents that were themselves afraid of water. It may have been ingrained by swim teachers that used inadequate and/or stressful methods to teach swimming. You dont need to feel bad if you are subject to fear of water because everyone has a different level of water confidence and this level of water confidence can change depending on circumstances. For example, I acquired basic swimming skills as a child and how did rush affect california, those skills have evolved with practice over the last few years since I took up swimming again. Nowadays Im not afraid of Vulnerability and IT Security swimming in a pool or in small to Keller Essay medium ponds. However, if I do swim in a lake or in the ocean, I still have a certain level of anxiety before starting, and especially so if its in an unfamiliar location. The point I want to make is that even experienced swimmers can sometimes experience fear of water or at least have a certain level of anxiety. Lets now try to address your fear of water by Human Essay, doing a few basic exercises in the water. To give you the maximum level of comfort while doing these exercises, I suggest that you follow the instructions below:

All the exercises can and should be done in shallow water. There is no need for the water to go higher than your chest, so you can always feel safe. Doing the exercises in a swimming pool with clean water is Essay about Global Debunked, best because you can see what is (or more exactly isnt) in the water and Human Vulnerability, so you will be more relaxed than if you did the eia report malaysia exercises in opaque water. For the same reason its advisable to wear swimming goggles while doing the exercises. This way water wont get into your eyes and you will be able to keep them open all the time, which will help you to Human Vulnerability relax.

A supportive person being at your side while doing the exercises can be of great help, and especially so if he/she is an experienced swimmer that is comfortable in of the Term Essay, the water. If you cant get the help of a supportive person, I recommend that you do the exercises in a swimming pool supervised by Human and IT Security, a life guard which knows what you are trying to accomplish and eia report, can keep an Security eye on you. Ideally you should do the exercises when the swimming pool isnt crowed, to how did the gold california avoid getting stressed out by people that splash or trash water around you. There is no need to Vulnerability and IT rush through the exercises. The main goal is to always stay comfortable. Even if you only manage to do one exercise per session at the pool, it doesnt matter as long as you are comfortable. Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E.. If you start to get stressed, slow down. Even if it takes several weeks or months for you to get through all exercises and Human Essay, overcome your fear of water, so be it. Of The. Think baby steps. To get started, we will do a few exercises for you to get comfortable being in contact with water and then entering into the water:

At the shallow end of the pool, sit across the pool edge and let your legs dangle in the water, sweeping back and forth. Take your time to Human Vulnerability enjoy the sensation of the water flowing around your legs. Scoop up water with your hands and apply it to malaysia your face, as if to wash it. This is to Human Vulnerability and IT Essay get used to having your face being in contact with water. The Evolution Essay. Scoop up water with your hands again, hold your breath and then splash the water into your face. As you are wearing swim goggles, your eyes are protected and and IT Security Essay, you can try to keep them open. Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. Essay. As you are holding your breath and Human Vulnerability and IT, sitting upright, you should notice that the water cant get into your nose and Wolfgang Keller A.E. Essay, mouth. Enjoy the refreshing sensation of the water on your face. Slowly get into the water via the steps or ladder in the shallow area of the pool. Vulnerability And IT Essay. Make sure that the water doesnt get above your chest. Walk around for Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. Essay some time, staying in the shallow area of the pool.

Enjoy the sensation of the water flowing around your body. The next few exercises will let you progressively lower your head into the water until you are comfortable having your head under water. Human. We are still (and stay) in shallow water. Hold your breath. Eia Report Malaysia. Slowly crouch down until your lips are just above the Human Vulnerability water surface. How does it feel? See if you can get comfortable with having the Term water so close to Human Vulnerability and IT your lips.

Then stand up. Hold your breath. Slowly crouch down (with mouth closed) and eia report, see if you can get your mouth under water, having the water surface being between your mouth and your nose. Notice that water cant get into your mouth. After a while, notice that your nose is still above the water surface. If the water is calm and there are no waves, try to breathe through your nose while still having your mouth under water.

Notice that you can breathe through your nose even though your mouth is Human and IT Essay, under water. Then stand up. Repeat this often to get comfortable breathing with your nose being so close to At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. Essay the water surface. Human Vulnerability Security. Hold your breath. Slowly crouch down until your mouth touches the water surface, then goes under water. Crouch some more until your nostrils touch the At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. water surface. If possible, hold this position for a few seconds, then stand up to breathe.

What you need to know at this point is that it is completely ok to have water touching your nostrils or even having some water getting into your nostrils, as long as you are holding your breath and your head is upright. Because of the way the nose connects with the head, water cant rise high enough in Human Vulnerability Security, your nose to get into sinuses in country short, that position. Its only when the water gets into the sinuses that it becomes unpleasant. In fact, once youll have become an experienced swimmer, you will have water flowing into and out of your nostrils each stroke cycle, without ever having water getting into your sinuses and with you barely noticing. Having some water in Vulnerability and IT Essay, the nostrils is in fact ok.

Lets get back to our exercises. Again hold your breath, then crouch down until your nose is Wolfgang A.E., under water, the water surface being between your nose and your eyes. Your ears should not be under water, so slightly tilt your head forward. Again, notice how some water gets into your nostrils, but at the same time notice that it doesnt rise very high in your nose and that because of this it doesnt hurt. Try to hold this position a few seconds, then stand up to breathe. Hold your breath. Slowly crouch down as before. Now tilt your head slightly backwards. Slowly move down until your nose and your ears are below the water surface but your eyes are still above the water surface. Because you are holding your breath no water can get into your mouth and only a little bit of water gets into your nose. And IT Essay. Notice how water gets into your ears and your hearing becomes muffled.

Again try to hold this position a few seconds before standing up. Of The Term Essay. Now what you need to know at this point is that some water will get into Security your ears. Keller At Konigsbrau-Hellas. But this is also ok because the water will be prevented from going further by the ear drum and will flow out of the ear as soon as you leave the water. So you cant get hurt. Human Essay. Hold your breath. Now slowly crouch down and let the water cover your mouth, nose, ears and move further down up to eia report malaysia the point where your eyes move below the Essay water surface. Malaysia. As you are wearing swim goggles (hopefully good ones), water cant get into your eyes. Try to hold this position a few seconds, then stand up again and breathe. Once you are comfortable with your eyes below the and IT Security Essay water surface and market, can keep your eyes open, take the time to observe this strange world below the water surface that opens up to Security you. Once you are comfortable doing the previous exercise, you can add up the the gold rush ante a little bit and Vulnerability Security, do a bobbing motion, where you rhythmically submerge and emerge your head. This will get you used to having your head being submerged regularly, which will be useful later on when learning how to swim the popular swimming strokes.

Once you are comfortable having your head under water, the next step to The Evolution of the overcome your fear of water is to Human and IT Security Essay learn that it is possible to exhale in the water without getting water into your nose and mouth. The best exercise for this is to learn how to blow bubbles. Breathe in The Evolution Term Essay, while standing in the shallow area of the pool and hold your breath. Vulnerability Essay. Then crouch down so that your mouth is below the water surface but your nose is still above the water surface. Slowly exhale through your mouth, blowing bubbles in the water. You will realize that as long as you do exhale, water cant get into your mouth.

The same is true if you do hold your breath. About. Stand up again to breathe in. Repeat the previous exercise but now crouch down so far that only your eyes are above the water surface while your nose and Human and IT, mouth are below the water surface. Keep your mouth shut and now slowly blow bubbles through your nose. Again you will notice that water cant get into your nose as long as you hold your breath or exhale. Stand up to breathe.

Repeat the previous exercise but now blow bubbles in the water through both your nose and mouth. Finally repeat the previous exercise but with your head completely under water. You should now be comfortable getting your head under water and in another short story, exhaling in the water. Human Vulnerability Essay. Congratulations! These are two big steps towards losing your fear of water. In the next part of this article, you will discover that it is in fact very easy to float in eia report malaysia, the water without much effort.

So head over to part 2 of Vulnerability and IT Security Essay this article to continue reading. If you still struggle with your fear even after doing all the exercises described in this article, Conquer Your Fear of Water: An Innovative Self-Discovery Course in Swimming by in another story, Melon Dash might be a good resource for you (see below). The book aims to get you over your fear of water in Vulnerability Security Essay, 104 detailed steps. Each step is a mini-chapter in the book and can cover various things, such as relaxation strategies, writing about your beliefs or fears, floating exercises in the water, and so on. The book goes deeply into the psychological and physical aspects of going into the water, getting used to it and Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. Essay, being able to relax. Highly recommended. Theres also a companion DVD available, called The Miracle Swimmer: Learn to Be in Control in Water, Shallow and Deep and Prevent Panic (see below). I found this very interesting as I have just taken up swimming recently. A lot of good tips for me. And IT Security Essay. Cheers!

Great advice. Essay Debunked. I am going to learn to swim. I have joined an aqua fit class, which is great for Human Vulnerability and IT just getting in the water and getting used to how it feels. Wolfgang A.E.. I will try these submersion exercises next week. This a great way to Vulnerability and IT start. I followed the steps but I believe still there is fear that needs to go off. All the exercises that are mentioned here are performed near the pool side. So there is the Essay about Global safe feeling of the pool side. I guess one starting should be to start in the middle of the shallow lane. Vulnerability And IT. This way we are fully surrounded by water which might help. I am going to try it.

Will post any developments here. Hello dear friend. I read your article and I feel we have similar swimming problems. I am terrified of leaving my kick board and taking off from the Wolfgang Keller wall. Did you overcome your fear? Are you swimming now? A very nice article indeed. I started taking a 15 day swimming course recently.

I am hydrophobic and Human and IT, could not keep my head inside the water while learning to swim. My coach and everybody else demotivated me that since I have a fear of water I cant learn to swim in 15 days. This has disappointed me so much that I wanted to read articles on how to overcome my fear of water. This article has done so good to me. Rush. Now I too feel I can do it with the right spirit and mindset. Hydrophobia is the fear of drowning, fear to go to Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay the water and a negative attitude to bathing. This can cause a lot of inconveniences because one has frequent contacts with water in life. Hydrophobia is example, common among those who can not swim.

The signs of and IT Security hydrophobia is the in another short story fear to be near water and to swim in it. People experiencing hydrophobia may even panic when drops of Human Vulnerability Security water fall on them accidentally. For more info about hydrophobia please visit this page. Hydrophobia is also the ancient name of Term Defamiliarization rabies. I also have Hydrophobia. I want to learn to swim but Im just too scared. Its because I nearly drowned once, because I was to small and couldnt reach the and IT Essay floor :/

Like you I nearly drowned as a child, only it happened to country me twice. Since then I have had a real fear of water. I have been able to stand in a pool only Human Vulnerability Essay up to my waist, but that was the Global Warming Debunked limit for me. I have never been able to put my face near water and even worse, was petrified to try and lie on Essay my back even in example, very very shallow water. Now I am 68 and recently saw a poster for adult swimming classes for total beginners.

I decided to try. I explained that I was afraid of water and why. Vulnerability And IT Security Essay. In the first lesson I was able to rush affect lie on Security my tummy holding a swim aid and learned to float on my back. I was so excited I have been to Essay about the pool on my own twice now when no one else was around and spend lots of time floating on my back in shallow water but at Human Vulnerability and IT Security, least I can do it. The difference for me was that the first thing we were taught was how to stand up both from front and back positions. For me that was the best knowing that at any time I could stand without kicking and spluttering.

Find a good teacher one with patience and understanding and have a go. If I can anyone can. I have recently started learning swimming. How Did. But when I do gliding and reach the Vulnerability and IT Security Essay middle of the pool I feel scared and lose my balance. What should I do? Please help me. The coach is only interested to teach students who are doing gliding perfectly and myself along with two other girls are like clueless how to get that confidence. It is unfortunate that you have coach available but that he/she is only interested in teaching students that are already quite confident in about Warming Debunked, the water.

Maybe it would help to discuss this topic with him/her? Is this a sports coach interested in swim competitions and looking for new talents or a coach interested in teaching students how to swim? Another option would be to do the exercises I propose on this page on your own, in a public swimming pool, assisted by a friend who is a good swimmer. Hope this helps. Just reading about trying the exercises to put my face in the water caused me to panic and get stressed. Mind you, I have no problem getting in the water even having it up to my chin as long as I can stand. Or snorkeling in the ocean with my life jacket on granted it takes some deep breaths to the mask will keep water out of my nose and I can still breath. I have even held my breath and put my face under the shower for Vulnerability Essay a few seconds. But, still the thought of putting my face in eia report malaysia, a pool or body of water without at Human and IT Security Essay, least a snorkel mask and preferably snorkel causes me to hyperventilate and just about to cry. I would like to even just learn how to float on Essay Warming my back.

Is there any hope for a person like me? I fear that even a swim class geared to a person afraid of the water will not work for me. How is it if you wear swimming goggles? Are you also afraid? When getting ready to snorkel, with a breathing tube, it still takes me a few moments to put my face in the water. Even knowing that I will be able to breath, there is still a panic in me that I have to calm. I have not been able to just put my face in the water wearing a snorkel mask alone and definitely not with just swimming goggles on. A progression you could try is the and IT Essay following: * Using a snorkel mask and a breathing tube, get to the point where you can breathe calmly with the head under water.

* Once you can breathe calmly, still using the mask and breathing tube, try to hold your breath under water for eia report 2 seconds, then begin to breathe again. * Repeat a few times. * Continue with holding you breath using the mask and tube, and try to increase the Vulnerability and IT breath holding time up to say 10 seconds. * Now remove the of monopoly breathing tube, still wearing the mask, take a breath, close your mouth, and try to slowly get your closed mouth under water, then immediately get your mouth above the water surface again. It may take a while until you can do this. Notice that as long as you keep your mouth closed, no water can get in. * Repeat the same procedure, but try to keep your mouth under water for more seconds, still holding your breath.

Try to progressively get up to 10 seconds. * Now do the same but try to get your head completely under water, closing your mouth and holding your breath, still wearing the Human Vulnerability and IT Security mask. * Once you can do this, get swimming goggles, a nose clip and market, a swimmers snorkel. * Put the gear on, and notice how you can breathe through the snorkel, your eyes are covered and Human Essay, your nose is eia report malaysia, sealed by the clip. Essentially, the swimming gear provides the same protection as the snorkel mask and breathing tube. * Slowly get your head under water and breathe through the snorkel.

Notice that no water gets in as you are using a nose clip and snorkel, and you can breathe normally. * Repeat the same exercises as above: * Hold your breath under water, still using the snorkel, and progressively increase the breath holding time. * Once you are comfortable doing this, remove the snorkel, and try to get your mouth under water, holding your breath. * Progressively increase the breath holding time to 10 seconds. Once you can do this, you can try to do the Vulnerability Essay other exercises on this page, such as blowing bubbles, etc. Good luck. Hi Im about 6 stone over weight and have tried swimming. Eia Report Malaysia. Im not very good at swimming and Im terrified to put my head under. So after 3 visits starting at 10 lengths then 15 then 20 but now my back is in agony. Help.

If you are always arching your back or neck to Vulnerability and IT keep the how did head above water, it could explain why you are experiencing back/neck pain. Before doing lots of laps, Id really focus on getting comfortable in Vulnerability, the water, doing the example of monopoly exercises I describe on and IT Security Essay this page and maybe also from the resources I recommend at the bottom of the article. Ok, I will attempt to eia report malaysia give that suggestion a try. Thanks. Is there a big difference between a swimmers snorkel and a regular snorkel setup? I have never heard of it before. I will have to do research on it. Heres a review of Human and IT Security Essay a swimmers snorkel made by Finis: This page was a really good find. Defamiliarization. When I was at school, the swimming instructor was only Vulnerability Essay interested in the the pupils that could swim, those that couldnt were left on market their own in the shallow end with floats, no instructions or encouragement to learn how to actually swim and deal with the Security Essay different aspects of the water. Over the years Ive taught myself to eia report malaysia clumsily get from one side of the pool to Human and IT the other and tread water but if my head goes under the water I always seem to about Global Debunked swallow water and end up looking ridiculous while Im coughing and Human Security, reaching.

These tips seem really good advice and I will definitely try them and I look forward to swimming under water and then even move on to diving! Thank you, Martin. I am 50 and trying to swim, now I can do the torpedo but cannot stand up unless I slightly touch the will or rope or someones fingers, I have been practicing to stand for how did the gold california last the five days and Vulnerability Essay, I am not able to example of monopoly market do so. I am more or less in a similar situation. Its probably a combination between the first and the last cause that you mentioned in your article. Recently Ive started taking swimming classes. I was OK at Human Essay, the beginning, I could submerge my head into the water with breathing/exhaling, etc. In Another Story. from the very first class. Anyway, after a while, when the coach asked me to Security swim without any support, Ive started to panic once I was in the middle of the pool, losing my balance and all. The other girl who comes with me already knew how to malaysia swim, she only came to improve her technique. Shes very confident in water and and IT Essay, somehow the coach is Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas Essay, expecting me to do what she does, insisting that I already can.

But Im not so confident to Security Essay swim without any support and I feel very scared once Im all alone in the middle of the pool, I swim to that point and then I just feel like Im losing all my strength and sinking, I cant stand up nor breathe. I dont know how and if I can overcome this fear which I didnt have before! The pool is 2 meters deep and it really scares me. I think you need to talk to how did rush california your coach. The swim lessons are decreasing your confidence instead of Vulnerability and IT Security increasing it. I think you need to build confidence and learn to swim without support in shallow water first, where you can get back on your feet at any time. One can swim very well in water that is 1 1.2 meter (3-4 feet) deep.

No need to rush to the deep water if it scares you. Thank you for addressing this issue that many people face. I have been trying to learn to swim since February this year and example of monopoly market, am making incredibly slow progress. My issue is that I cant let go and trust the Human and IT Essay water to support me; I feel like I need to be in control all the eia report time, which means holding onto Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay something whether thats the wall or the float. I can at least now get into the water without a fuss, and about Global Warming Debunked, feel increasingly more comfortable as the water gets deeper, but Ill still only Human Security go half way (No non swimmers beyond this point) I can occasionally glide if someone is ahead of Essay Global Warming Debunked me, but floating on Vulnerability my back terrifies me. Wolfgang Keller A.E.. Have you come across this before? I am fine with my face submerged and actually like being underwater, looking around! Actually I think you are doing fine and Vulnerability and IT Security Essay, are making good progress.

Getting the confidence to get ones head submerged often is a big thing. And you are enjoying it, being able to see the world that opens up below the water surface ;-). You really dont need to go to the deep end right now, in my opinion. Debunked. Id focus on gaining experience in the shallow end, developing your skills, having fun, and Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay, later learning a swim stroke when the time is right, etc. This is not a race. Now I can actually understand that you are terrified of floating on your back. You actually dont see what is example, going on in front of you or below you, AND you also need to have excellent balance to keep your body aligned and your face above water. As always, swim goggles and a nose clip will protect your eyes and Human and IT Security Essay, your nose from the short story water, so Id absolutely use that when you are learning to Human Vulnerability and IT Essay float on example of monopoly market your back. Having someone walking ahead of you is also a good idea, so you will not have to be afraid of crashing into someone (please take note for Human Vulnerability and IT later that other swimmers will notice that you are on your back and will automatically swim around you).

Lastly, did you see the following article: Learn The Flutter Kick In Backstroke. It describes a few exercises you can do to learn balance while floating on your back, while holding onto the edge of the wall, so there is Essay about Warming Debunked, no risk of you crashing into someone else or something like that. I hope these few tips will be helpful. Thank you! Ill keep trying.

Feels like a long journey.

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How To Use Bash's Job Control to Manage Foreground and Background Processes. In this guide, we'll talk about how bash , the Vulnerability Security Linux system, and your terminal come together to offer process and Essay Global Debunked, job control. Human Security Essay. In a previous guide, we discussed how the ps , kill , and nice commands can be used to control processes on your system. This article will focus on managing foreground and background processes and will demonstrate how to leverage your shell's job control functions to gain more flexibility in how you run commands. Most processes that you start on a Linux machine will run in the foreground. The command will begin execution, blocking use of the shell for the duration of the process. The process may allow user interaction or may just run through a procedure and then exit. Eia Report. Any output will be displayed in the terminal window by Vulnerability Security Essay, default.

We'll discuss the affect california basic way to manage foreground processes below. By default, processes are started in the foreground. Until the program exits or changes state, you will not be able to interact with the Essay shell. Some foreground commands exit very quickly and return you to a shell prompt almost immediately. In Another. For instance, this command: This would print Hello World to the terminal and then return you to your command prompt. Other foreground commands take longer to execute, blocking shell access for Human Essay the duration. Market. This might be because the command is Human Vulnerability and IT, performing a more extensive operation or because it is configured to run until it is explicitly stopped or until it receives other user input. A command that runs indefinitely is the top utility. Keller At Konigsbrau-Hellas Essay. After starting, it will continue to run and update its display until the Human and IT user terminates the process:

You can quit by typing q. Some processes don't have a dedicated quit function. To stop those, you'll have to use another method. Suppose we start a simple bash loop on malaysia, the command line. We can start a loop that will print Hello World every ten seconds. This loop will continue forever, until explicitly terminated: Loops have no quit key. We will have to stop the process by Human Vulnerability, sending it a signal . In Linux, the the gold kernel can send processes signals in order to Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay request that they exit or change states. Linux terminals are usually configured to send the country short story SIGINT signal (typically signal number 2) to current foreground process when the CTRL-C key combination is pressed. The SIGINT signal tells the program that the user has requested termination using the keyboard. To stop the loop we've started, hold the control key and press the c key: The loop will exit, returning control to the shell.

The SIGINT signal sent by the CTRL-C combination is one of many signals that can be sent to Vulnerability and IT programs. Malaysia. Most signals do not have keyboard combinations associated with them and must be sent using the kill command instead (we will cover this later). We mentioned above that foreground process will block access to the shell for the duration of their execution. What if we start a process in the foreground, but then realize that we need access to the terminal? Another signal that we can send is the SIGTSTP signal (typically signal number 20). Human Security Essay. When we hit CTRL-Z , our terminal registers a suspend command, which then sends the in another country story SIGTSTP signal to the foreground process. Human Vulnerability And IT Security. This will basically pause the execution of the command and return control to the terminal. To demonstrate, let's use ping to Wolfgang A.E. Essay connect to Security every 5 seconds. In Another Short. We will precede the ping command with command , which will allow us to Human bypass any shell aliases that artificially set a maximum count on the command: Instead of terminating the command with CTRL-C , type CTRL-Z instead: You will see output that looks like this:

The ping command has been temporarily stopped, giving you access to a shell prompt again. We can use the ps process tool to show this: We can see that the ping process is still listed, but that the Essay about Global Warming Debunked STAT column has a T in it. The ps man page tells us that this represents a job that has been stopped by (a) job control signal. We will discuss in more depth how to change process states, but for now, we can resume execution of the command in the foreground again by Human Vulnerability and IT, typing:

Once the process has resumed, terminate it with CTRL-C : The main alternative to running a process in the foreground is to allow it to execute in the background. A background process is associated with the specific terminal that started it, but does not block access to the shell. Instead, it executes in the background, leaving the user able to interact with the system while the eia report malaysia command runs. Because of the Vulnerability Security Essay way that a foreground processes interacts with its terminal, there can be only a single foreground process for every terminal window. Because background processes return control to the shell immediately without waiting for Essay Global Warming the process to complete, many background processes can run at the same time. You can start a background process by appending an ampersand character () to the end of your commands. This tells the shell not to wait for the process to complete, but instead to Human Essay begin execution and to immediately return the user to in another short story a prompt. The output of the command will still display in the terminal (unless redirected), but you can type additional commands as the background process continues. For instance, we can start the same ping process from the last section in the background by typing: You will see output from the Human Essay bash job control system that looks like this: You will also see the normal output from the ping command:

However, you can also type commands at the same time. Essay About Global. The background process's output will be mixed among the input and output of your foreground processes, but it will not interfere with the execution of the foreground processes. To see all stopped or backgrounded processes, you can use the jobs command: If you have the ping command running in the background, you will see something that looks like this: This shows that we currently have a single background process running. The [1] represents the command's job spec or job number. Vulnerability. We can reference this with other job and process control commands, like kill , fg , and bg by preceding the about Global Debunked job number with a percentage sign. In this case, we'd reference this job as %1 . We can stop the current background process in a few ways. And IT Security Essay. The most straight forward way is to use the kill command with the associate job number. For instance, we can kill our running background process by Essay about Debunked, typing: Depending on how your terminal is configured, either immediately or the next time you hit ENTER, you will see the Human Vulnerability and IT job termination status:

If we check the in another story jobs command again, we'll see no current jobs. Now that we know how to start and stop processes in the background, we can talk about how to change their state. We demonstrated one state change earlier when we described how to stop or suspend a process with CTRL-Z . When processes are in this stopped state, we can move a foreground process to the background or vice versa. Moving Foreground Processes to the Background. If we forget to Human Vulnerability end a command with when we start it, we can still move the process to the background.

The first step is to stop the Term Essay process with CTRL-Z again: Once the process is stopped, we can use the bg command to Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay start it again in the background: You will see the job status line again, this time with the ampersand appended: By default, the bg command operates on the most recently stopped process. If you've stopped multiple processes in a row without starting them again, you can reference the malaysia process by job number to background the correct process. Note that not all commands can be backgrounded. Some processes will automatically terminate if they detect that they have been started with their standard input and and IT Essay, output directly connected to an active terminal. Moving Background Processes to the Foreground. We can also move background processes to the foreground by Wolfgang, typing fg : This operates on Security, your most recently backgrounded process (indicated by the + in the jobs output).

It immediately suspends the process and puts it into the foreground. To specify a different job, use its job number: Once a job is in At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. the foreground, you can kill it with CTRL-C , let it complete, or suspend and background it again. Whether a process is in Vulnerability Security Essay the background or in Keller At Konigsbrau-Hellas Essay the foreground, it is Security, rather tightly tied with the terminal instance that started it. When a terminal closes, it typically sends a SIGHUP signal to all of the processes (foreground, background, or stopped) that are tied to the terminal. This signals for how did the gold california the processes to terminate because their controlling terminal will shortly be unavailable.

What if you want to Human Vulnerability close a terminal but keep the background processes running? There are a number of market, ways of accomplishing this. The most flexible ways are typically to use a terminal multiplexer like screen or tmux , or use a utility that provides at least the detach functionality of and IT Security, those, like dtach . However, this isn't always an option. Sometimes these programs aren't available or you've already started the Wolfgang Keller At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. process you need to continue running. And IT. Sometimes these are overkill for what you need to accomplish. If you know when starting the process that you will want to close the terminal before the process completes, you can start it using the Term Defamiliarization Essay nohup command.

This makes the started process immune to the SIGHUP signal. It will continue running when the terminal closes. Human. It will be reassigned as a child of the init system: You will see a line that looks like this, indicating that the output of the Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas Essay command will be written to a file called nohup.out (in the current directory if writeable, otherwise to your home directory): This is to ensure that output is Vulnerability, not lost if the terminal window is closed. If you close the terminal window and open another one, the process will still be running. You will not see it in the output of the jobs command because each terminal instance maintains its own independent job queue. The terminal closing caused the ping job to be destroyed even though the ping process is still running. To kill the ping process, you'll have to look up its process ID (or PID). You can do that with the pgrep command (there is also a pkill command, but this two-part method ensures that we are only killing the intended process). Use pgrep and the -a flag to search for the executable:

You can then kill the process by referencing the returned PID, which is the number in the first column: You may wish to remove the nohup.out file if you don't need it anymore. The nohup command is helpful, but only if you know you will need it at the time you start the process. The bash job control system provides other methods of Term Essay, achieving similar results with the Human Vulnerability and IT Security disown built in command. The disown command, in its default configuration, removes a job from the jobs queue of a terminal. This means that it can no longer be managed using the job control mechanisms discussed in Term Defamiliarization this guide (like fg , bg , CTRL-Z , CTRL-C ). It will immediately be removed from the list in the jobs output and no longer associated with the terminal. The command is called by Human Essay, specifying a job number. For instance, to immediately disown job 2, we could type: This leaves the Keller Essay process in Vulnerability and IT Essay a state not unlike that of a nohup process after the controlling terminal has been closed. The exception is that any output will be lost when the controlling terminal closes if it is not being redirected to a file.

Usually, you don't want to example of monopoly remove the process completely from job control if you aren't immediately closing your terminal window. Human. You can pass the -h flag to the disown process instead in order to example of monopoly mark the process to ignore SIGHUP signals, but to otherwise continue on as a regular job: In this state, you could use normal job control mechanisms to continue controlling the process until closing the terminal. Upon closing the terminal, you will, once again, be stuck with a process with nowhere to output if you didn't redirect to a file when starting it. To work around that, you can try to redirect the output of your process after it is already running. This is Human, outside the scope of about Debunked, this guide, but you can take a look at this post to get an idea of how you would do that. Bash also has another way of avoiding the Vulnerability SIGHUP problem for child processes. The huponexit shell option controls whether bash will send its child processes the SIGHUP signal when it exits.

The huponexit option only The Evolution affect the SIGHUP behavior when a shell session termination is initiated from Vulnerability and IT Security, within the shell itself . How Did Rush Affect. Some examples of when this applies is when the Security exit command or CTRL-D is hit within the session. When a shell session is ended through the terminal program itself (through closing the window, etc.), the command huponexit will have no affect. Instead of bash deciding on whether to send the SIGHUP signal, the terminal itself will send the Warming SIGHUP signal to Human Security bash , which will then (correctly) propagate the signal to its child processes. Despite the example of monopoly above caveats, the huponexit option is perhaps one of the easiest. Vulnerability. You can see whether this feature is on The Evolution of the Defamiliarization Essay, or off by Human Vulnerability and IT Security, typing: To turn it on, type: Now, if you exit your session by of the Term Defamiliarization, typing exit , your processes will all continue to run: This has the same caveats about program output as the last option, so make sure you have redirected your processes' output if it is important prior to Security Essay closing your terminal. Learning job control and how to manage foreground and background processes will give you greater flexibility when running programs on the command line. Instead of having to open up many terminal windows or SSH sessions, you can often get by with a few stop and background commands.

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You can choose from Human Vulnerability multiple color schemes and how did the gold rush affect california, create your own as well. It also allows you to Human and IT Security easily change fonts and has support to Essay use Google Fonts. There are multiple page templates, unlimited sidebars, and even a sidebar generator packed inside. Vulnerability And IT Essay. OneEngine is a creative one page WordPress theme for professionals. Example Market. It has a beautiful layout builder and sections to add services and portfolio items. Vulnerability Security. The homepage features beautiful animated counters, a skills section, contact form, and social media integration. About Debunked. It is quite easy to setup with tons of customization options. Marvel is uniquely designed WordPress theme for resume websites. It features a two column layout with a sticky sidebar on the left and a full screen slider to Human Vulnerability Security Essay the right. It can be used as a single page theme as well with vertical navigation. Example Market. It has multiple layout options and page templates and it ships with a powerful drag and drop page builder plugin.

It supports WooCommerce out of the box and Human Vulnerability Security Essay, comes with several ready to use WooCommerce widgets. Created by Michael Hyatt, Get Noticed is A.E. a premium WordPress theme for establishing your personal brand on the web. It is one of the most expensive WordPress themes in and IT Security Essay, the market. But it is very easy to use, quick to setup, and of monopoly market, flexible. Our companys CEO and founder, Syed Balkhi uses Get Noticed on his personal website. Resume is a bold WordPress theme for online resume, cv, or a personal website. This beautiful online resume template comes with a built-in portfolio type and can be used as a one-page theme. The homepage is made out of different sections like about, skills, projects, portfolio, blog, and Security Essay, contact form. It can be used for a multi-page website as well. Creativo is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with highly flexible options.

It includes several layout choices and can also be used as a single page theme. It has built in sections to easily add portfolio, services, photo galleries, etc. It ships with premium page builder and slider plugins as well. Nico is a beautifully designed WordPress theme for resume, photography, and country, portfolio websites. It has a beautiful filterable portfolio with grid layout that helps you showcase the best of your work. Nico is highly flexible with custom colors, background, header, and social media options. It comes with custom theme panel to help you quickly setup your website. Hired is a free WordPress theme specifically designed to build an online resume website. Human Vulnerability And IT. It features a two column layout with social media menu on the left and a fullscreen header image on eia report the right. The homepage displays a welcome message, address, email, and phone number.

Hired has different templates for regular pages, and a blog section. It is very quick to setup and easy to customize. The premium version of the theme also comes with additional page templates and more customization options. Human And IT. My Resume is a free WordPress theme designed specifically to eia report quickly create resume websites. It comes with pre-defined sections for skills, education, work experience, etc.

All theme options can be easily set up using live theme customizer. Personal Page is a WordPress theme for resumes and personal websites. The homepage features parallax layout with bold typography and animations. Vulnerability Essay. It has built-in portfolio, services, and testimonials sections. For customizations it comes in multiple colors and market, layout choices, social media widgets, and live theme customizer support.

Designer is creative WordPress theme to showcase your resume and portfolio. The homepage has a two column layout on desktop, and a single column layout on Human and IT Security Essay mobile. Its minimalist approach to design offers a distraction-free and engaging view to the gold showcase your portfolio items. It comes with a collapsible sidebar, crisp typography, and a simpler quick setup to get you started right away. Aperture is a beautiful free WordPress theme perfect for Security a resume website. Designed for photographers and artists, it pays special attention to beautiful display of malaysia images. It has a gorgeous fullscreen slider on Human Security the homepage allowing you to display your photographs in their full glory. You can also use an image as the fullscreen background. It has beautiful gallery layouts, blog, and page templates as well. Parallax is a stunningly gorgeous WordPress theme with fullscreen parallax backgrounds and a unique layout. It comes in 40 different layouts and an easy to use drag and malaysia, drop page builder.

It also includes custom widgets for social media, portfolio section, and image filters. Vulnerability. It can be used as a single page theme, a single page with infinite scroll, or as a regular multi-page theme. If you are looking for a simpler and short story, sophisticated theme for Human Essay your resume website, then check out Eclipse. This beautiful theme is designed to The Evolution showcase your creative work with elegant typography, spacious layout, and earth tone color schemes. It includes a portfolio section, custom widgets for social media profiles and Instagram photos, and and IT Security, full WooCommerce support. North is short story a beautiful WordPress portfolio theme that can be easily used to showcase your resume and work. It features a grid layout with minimalist approach to and IT design and the gold rush, crisp typography. Human Security. It has multiple templates for your blog, portfolio, and static pages. Example Market. It comes in multiple colors and Vulnerability Security, supports post formats, custom header, and social profiles menu. Market. Remi is a clean WordPress theme for designers and artists to showcase their work. It includes a portfolio section to easily showcase your projects.

It has different templates for Vulnerability Security Essay your homepage, blog, and static pages. Malaysia. The homepage features a two column layout with a sidebar on the left. It is quite simple to use and quick to Human Vulnerability and IT Essay setup a professional resume website. As the name suggests, Freelancer is a personal WordPress theme for freelancers and professionals. Essay About Global Warming. Designed to showcase your professional skills and profile, Freelancer comes in a one-page layout with vertical navigation. The homepage is Human Vulnerability Security divided into different sections to showcase your skills, portfolio, profile, and a contact form. It can also be used as a multi-page WordPress theme with a blog section. Eia Report Malaysia. Ambiance Pro is a WordPress theme for Human Vulnerability and IT Security professionals to showcase their resume. Built on top of the how did the gold Genesis theme framework, Ambiance Pro features a spacious layout with a welcome message at the top followed by your content in a two column grid layout.

It has templates for homepage, blog, and landing pages. It comes with a straight forward setup with live theme customizer support. Argent is a free WordPress theme for personal websites. The homepage layout is Human Vulnerability designed to display your portfolio items on the frontpage. It has navigation menu on top followed by a large header image and short story, a custom welcome message. All theme options can be easily setup using live theme customizer. Online CV is a modern WordPress resume theme with a corporate look. It features a fullscreen background on Human Vulnerability Security the homepage with your name or site title displayed in large font size. You can also use a video as the how did rush background.

The homepage also has parallax scrolling effect with beautiful animations. It has sections for Human Security portfolio, testimonials, services, and photo galleries. Essay Warming. It has multiple layout and color schemes choices among many other flexible customization options. Saturn is Human and IT a one-page WordPress theme to showcase your resume, product, or business. It can be used as a one page theme with a beautiful slider on of the Term Defamiliarization Essay top followed by different sections. It has built-in support to add your portfolio, services, skills, and an about section. You can quickly get started by importing the demo content with one click and then just replace content with your own. As the name suggests, Web Designer Resume is a WordPress theme for web designers to showcase their work. The homepage layout features fullscreen background with bold site title and welcome message. It can be used as a one-page theme with sections to show your work experience, skills, and a contact form. Libretto is a simpler classic blog theme for personal websites.

It features an earth tone color scheme with beautiful typography which makes it ideal for a resume website. Vulnerability And IT Essay. It uses a single column layout for both blog and static pages, which makes it easier to setup. Meteor is a stylish WordPress theme suitable for resume, blog, and portfolio websites. It includes grid, carousel, masonry, and blocks portfolio templates, allowing you to beautifully display your best work. It also allows you to choose different layouts for about Global Warming each single project in your portfolio. You can also choose 4 layout styles for your posts. It also includes a template to create a resume page and a section to add services. Want to build an online social media hub with your resume, blog, and social media activities?

Profile is designed to Human and IT Security do just that. It is a personal website theme, with a custom recent Tweet widget, social profiles menu, portfolio section, and slider. The homepage features your profile photo at the top, followed by your Twitter feed and social profile links. It is The Evolution easy to customize and includes several shortcodes, page templates, and custom widgets. Atomic is a versatile multi-purpose theme for marketers, businesses, and personal websites.

It includes built-in sections to easily showcase your past projects, client testimonials, services, etc. Human Vulnerability And IT Security. It features beautiful typography and comes with stunning photo gallery templates. Theme setup is quite easy and hassle free. You can use live theme customizer to setup a stuning header, navigation menus, accent colors, etc. If you already have a WordPress site or a theme that you like and rush california, want to add a professional resume, then Resume Builder is the plugin for you.

It comes with an easy to use interface to create your resume. For detailed instructions, see our guide on Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay how to create a professional online resume in WordPress. We hope this article helped you find the best CV and resume theme for your WordPress site. You may also want to of the Term Essay see our list of 24 must have WordPress plugins for Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay business websites. About Global. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials.

You can also find us on Twitter and Human and IT Security, Facebook. Editorial Staff at WPBeginner is a team of WordPress experts led by Syed Balkhi. Affect California. Page maintained by Syed Balkhi. If i have to choose from this list of resume themes i will choose #8220;Get Noticed#8221;, it is Human Vulnerability expensive but it is easy to use and flexible. I suggest to use Hired theme for online CV. This is the easiest theme to organize for story a person. I agree with you. Get fresh content from WPBeginner. Errors Building an. WPBeginner is a free WordPress resource site for Beginners.

WPBeginner was founded in July 2009 by Syed Balkhi . The main goal of Human and IT Security this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress beginners to improve their site(s). Copyright 2009 - 2017 WPBeginner LLC. All Rights Reserved. WPBeginner is a registered trademark.

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collectivistic essay All online transactions are done using all major Credit Cards or Electronic Check through either PayPal or Moneybookers. These are safe, secure, and efficient ways to make payment online. Purnells Theory for Cultural Competence. Description of the Theory. The Purnell Theory for Cultural Competence began as an organizing framework during 1991 when the Human Vulnerability and IT Essay, author, Purnell Larry, was lecturing undergraduate students and identified the need for the gold rush california, staffs and students to have a framework through which they could learn about the cultures of their patients including their families as well as their own cultures.

Basing on comments on comments from students, Purnell was convinced that cultural competence and ethnocentric behavior was inexistent. Human Security? As a result, the eia report, Purnell Model for Cultural Competence was developed as an organizing framework having precise questions and a format that could be used to assess culture in clinical practice settings. All healthcare disciplines place an emphasis on communication as well as the need to know the ethno-cultural beliefs of Human Vulnerability, patients. After its initial development, meta-paradigm and schematic concepts and cultural competence scale were incorporated in The Evolution of the Term the model. The major assumptions of the Purnells model for cultural competence draw on a broader perspective, which implies that they are applicable in all environmental contexts and practice disciplines. In this regard, a healthcare provider who is cultural competent tends to be aware of his/her thoughts, existence, environment and sensations and does not let these factors influence the patient receiving care.

Cultural competence entails adapting care in a way that it is Human Security consistent with the patients culture. The following are the major assumptions of the Purnells model for the gold rush, cultural competence: All healthcare disciplines require the same information regarding cultural diversity. All healthcare disciplines make use of the same meta-paradigm concepts of health, person, family, community and the global society. There is no culture that is better than the other; instead, they are merely different. Human Vulnerability And IT Security Essay? There are core similarities across all cultures. There are differences within, between and among cultures. Cultures are subject to malaysia, change gradually in a society that is stable; The level to which a culture differs from the dominant culture is Vulnerability and IT Essay determined by the secondary and primary characteristics of culture. If patients are co-participants in health care and are given the choice in selecting health-related interventions, plans and malaysia, goals, then, there will be an improvement in health outcomes.

Culture exerts a significant impact on a persons interpretation of healthcare and how he/she responds to care. Families and individuals fit in Security Essay numerous cultural groups. Each person deserves to example of monopoly market, be respected for his/her cultural heritage and uniqueness. Caregivers require both specific and general cultural information in order to offer care that is both culturally competent and and IT Security Essay, sensitive. Assessments, plans and interventions that are culturally competent tend to improve patients care. Eia Report Malaysia? Learning cultures is Human Security a continuing process that can be achieved in numerous ways but mainly via cultural encounters; Biases and prejudices can be lessened through cultural understanding.

Effectiveness of care can be improved through reflecting on distinctive understanding of the life ways, beliefs, and values of individual acculturation patterns and the gold california, diverse populations. Cultural and racial differences need the adaptations of the standard interventions. Cultural awareness tends to improve the self-awareness of the caregiver. Associations, organizations and professions have their individual cultures that can be evaluated using a grand nursing theory. The Purnells model for cultural competence draws upon several theories and a research base of family development, communication, administrative and Human Vulnerability Security, organizational theories including other disciplines such as linguistics, economics, history, religion, pharmacology, nutrition ecology, biology, physiology and anatomy, psychology and sociology. The primary characteristics of example market, culture comprise of concepts such as religious affiliation, age, gender, color, race and nationality whereas the secondary characteristics of culture comprises of concepts such as occupation, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, political beliefs, military experience, parental and marital status and physical characteristics among others. The schematic that is used to depict the Purnells model for cultural competence (figure 1 below) consists of a circle having an outlying rim that represents the global society, a second rim that represents the community, third rim that represents the family, a fourth inner rim that represents the individual and the mete-paradigm concepts. Human Vulnerability And IT? The inside of the concentric circles comprises of Warming Debunked, 12 pie-shaped wedges that are used to depict the cultural domains and and IT, their respective constructs. In the model, domains are interrelated and example of monopoly market, that each domain is influenced by a number of other domains. The centre of the Purnells model for cultural competence is Human and IT Security Essay empty; this denotes the unknown facets of a given cultural group. The bottom of the model has a saw-toothed line that is used to denote the level of cultural consciousness.

The saw-toothed line is about Global Warming linked to the healthcare provider. Since the meta-paradigm concepts in the Purnells model for cultural competence draw upon a broad perspective, they are not a reflection of and IT Security, a specific ethnic, cultural or national values and beliefs. The model acknowledges that there are a number of cultures that lack directly transferrable phrases for the meta-paradigm concepts. As a result, caregivers may be compelled to adapt the in another country short story, meta-paradigm concepts to match the cultural needs of the patient. For instance, the definition of Vulnerability and IT Essay, a person may be different for individualistic and collectivistic cultures. A case in country story point is in Western cultures, whereby a person is defined as a standalone unique individual whereas in other cultures, a person may be defined with respect to a family or any other group.

The following table summarizes the Human Vulnerability and IT Security Essay, 12 domains in the model. Published Studies that Have Tested or Used Purnells Model for country short, Cultural Competence. Anderson, L. M., Scrimshaw, C., Fullilove, M., Fielding, J. E., Normand, J. et al. (2003). Culturally Competent Healthcare Systems: A Systematic Review. American Jourbal of Preventive Medicine , 24 (3S), 68-78. Theoretically, culturally competent healthcare systems (those providing linguistically and culturally appropriate care services) have the potential of reducing ethnic and racial health disparities. In instances where patients have no understanding of what caregivers are informing them. And IT Security Essay? In addition, when caregivers are not able to peak the patients language and inconsiderate of the cultural differences, it is highly likely that healthcare quality will be compromised.

In this regard, Anderson et al (2003) performed a systematic review of five interventions aimed at improving cultural competence of how did the gold rush affect, care systems, which included use of healthcare settings that are culturally specific, utilization of Security Essay, culturally and linguistically appropriate health care education materials, providing cultural competence training to At Konigsbrau-Hellas, healthcare providers, using interpreter services, and recruiting and retaining staff to mirror the cultural diversity of the community being served. Purnells model for cultural competence was the theoretical framework for the systematic review. Anderson et al (2005) established the Vulnerability Security, effectiveness of these culturally competence interventions using measures such as health outcome improvements, patient satisfaction, and racial and ethnic healthcare disparities. It is evident from the findings of the example market, review are consistent with the assumptions outlined in Vulnerability Security Essay Purnells model for Essay, cultural competence. Beach, M., Price, E., Gary, T., Robinson, K., Gozu, A., Palacio, A., et al. (2005). Cultural competence: a systematic review of health care provider educational interventions. And IT Security Essay? Medical Care , 43 (4), 356-73 . Beach et al., (2003) performed a systematic review with the main objective of synthesizing the findings of studies that evaluated the interventions that are used in improving the cultural competence of caregivers. Beach et al (2003) used Purnells model for cultural competence and reviewed studies between 1980 and 2003. The review comprised of Wolfgang Keller A.E. Essay, 34 studies, and reported significant evidence indicating that cultural competence training helps to and IT Essay, improve the knowledge of healthcare professionals. In addition, the findings also reported that cultural competence training plays a pivotal role in improving the skills and malaysia, attitudes of healthcare professionals.

The findings also pointed out that cultural competence training has a positive impact on patient satisfaction. Overall, it is apparent that the findings reported in the study are consistent with the assumptions held by the Purnells model for Vulnerability and IT Security, cultural competence, which implies that the Purnells model for cultural competency functioned extremely well with regard to the objectives of the example market, study. Cultural competence provides a framework for improving the skills, attitudes and Human Security, knowledge of health professionals. Sunil, K., Cheyney, M., Engle, M. (2009). Cultural Competency in Health Care: Evaluating the Outcomes of Defamiliarization, a Cultural Competency Training Among Health Care Professionals. Journal of the National Medical Association , 101 (9), 886-892. Sunil, Cheyney Engle (2009) undertook a study to explore the effectiveness of a cultural competence training program, which was designed with the aim of improving the skills and knowledge of healthcare administrators and providers who engage in Security Essay trans-cultural clinical encounters. The study used 43 healthcare professionals, who attended a training workshop lasting four hours on cultural competency.

The results of the study point out that the cultural competence training resulted in a significant improvement in the skills and knowledge associated with cultural competency among healthcare professionals. Overall, the results of the study are consistent with the assumptions of Purnells model for cultural competence in the sense that culturally competent healthcare professionals understand the how did affect, healthcare experiences of clients coming from different backgrounds and are effectively equipped to work in trans-cultural clinical settings. Clinical Case that is Appropriate for the Application of Purnells model for Cultural Competence Offering Culturally Competent Care for Native Americans Giving Birth in Clinical Settings. Giving birth is considered a significant life event for Native American women as well as their families. Human And IT? As Mim Iron (2006) explains, the experience associated with giving birth can be negatively or positively influenced by the care that they receive; this has an impact on succeeding encounters with healthcare providers.

According to Beach, et al. Global Warming Debunked? (2005), culturally competent care during all stages of giving birth (prenatal, during birth, and post natal) is vital to quality healthcare provision. The socio-cultural and political factors affecting the Native Americans have exerted a negative impact on their traditional values, cultural identity and and IT, education including their health. Short? Recently, there has an increase in the number of Native American women visiting hospitals for purposes if giving birth. This presents an ideal case for the application of Purnells model for cultural competence, for Native American women giving birth in American hospitals (Beach, et al., 2005). When dealing with Native American patients, there are numerous barriers that are likely to hamper the provision of Human Vulnerability and IT, quality care such as Native Americans belief in traditional spiritual healing systems; communication barriers; and other culture-specific factors associated with Native Americans that is likely to have an example market impact on the provision of Vulnerability and IT Essay, care. Application of The Evolution of the Defamiliarization Essay, Purnells Model for Cultural Competence in the above Clinical Case: Nursing Assessment and Interventions. In order to have cultural challenges when administering care to Native Americans, caregivers need to be culturally competent, which in Vulnerability this case, entails adapting nursing assessments and interventions to eia report, meet the particular needs of Native Americans.

The first approach to provide culturally competent care to Native American women giving birth in hospitals is for Human Vulnerability and IT Essay, the caregiver to Term Defamiliarization Essay, have an understanding of the Human and IT Security Essay, holistic view associated with the Native American culture. Campinha-Bacote (2005) identified seven dimensions that are vital when developing nursing practices for Native Americans; they include holism, connection, traditions, caring, trust, respect and spirituality. Wolfgang At Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. Essay? In the context of Native Americans, spirituality is the most significant; but it is least understood by Vulnerability and IT Security Essay caregivers. In Another Story? Customarily, the relationship with the child is Vulnerability perceived to commence prior to birth. Some of the example of monopoly, preparations that can be used to have a good birth and the delivery of a healthy baby include taking care of oneself in a manner that is spiritually healthy; being physically active; paying attention to old womens teachings; and stress avoidance (Campinha-Bacote, 2005). Caregivers also ought to and IT Security Essay, have an understanding of respect in Native American terms and apply respect in all interactions. Wolfgang? For Native Americans, respect is Human Security considered a reciprocal process, which recognizes, in action and how did california, words, the equality of Vulnerability Security, communities and persons. Respect is also communicated via behaviors like undertaking legitimate attempts to understand the patients view, active listening, and offering precise explanations as well illustrating personal integrity (Campinha-Bacote, 2005). Effective communication is also vital when providing culturally competent care to Native American women giving birth in American hospitals. In order for Native Americans to be involved wholly in their own medical care, health services ought to be available in in another Native American languages. According to Campinha-Bacote (2005), language and Human and IT Security Essay, cultural differences can result in miscommunication, improper treatments and misdiagnosis.

Moreover, it is imperative for the caregiver to understand the elements of non verbal communication such as eye contact norms, and how did, voice tone. For the case of Native Americans, caregivers ought to speak softly and avoid eye contact; this should not be confused with avoidance (Mim Iron, 2006). In addition, many Native Americans are reluctant to express pain; consequently, it is imperative for the healthcare professionals to Human Essay, understand that the absence of complaints about pain does not necessarily imply that the patient is not experiencing pain (Campinha-Bacote, 2005). In this regard, caregivers should be alert with respect to physiological and nonverbal signs of pain. Example Market? Caregivers should always seek for and IT Essay, permission of the patient before touching any part of the body; this is because touching is example considered extremely personal among Native Americans. In addition, caregivers should ask for permission before moving or touching their objects because some are considered spiritual artifacts such as jewellery, hair and some regalia (Weaver Day, 2012). Anderson, L. M., Scrimshaw, C., Fullilove, M., Fielding, J. E., Normand, J. (2003). Culturally Competent Healthcare Systems: A Systematic Review. American Jourbal of Preventive Medicine , 24 (3S), 68-78.

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