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Nov 17, 2017 Blue chips the movie,

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Blue chips the movie

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Nov 17, 2017 Blue chips the movie,

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Essay: The Unexpected Origins of blue, Gandalf and the Dwarves. Note: The following essay was written by briefly describe duties guest author Ewelina the Wonderer. The U nexpected Origins. J. R. R. Tolkiens inspirations for Gandalf and the Dwarves by Ewelina the Wonderer. Well, it began as you might expect with long-forgotten languages J. R. R. Tolkien was so deeply fond of. Blue! Among the mink anatomy, numerous sources of his linguistic inspirations, which attentive travelers are likely to blue chips the movie, encounter throughout the familiar Middle-Earth landscape, one language in particular had its share in creating one of the most recognizable wizards in how to write example the history of blue the movie, contemporary literature Gandalf the Grey. Many are my names in many countries, he said. Mithrandir among the Elves, Tharkun to the Dwarves; Olorin I was in my youth in the West that is forgotten, in the South Incanus, in the North Gandalf; to the East I go not. Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings.

The Two Towers According to Middle-Earths linguistic legendarium, Gandalf translates as Elf-of-the-wand (or cane, or staff) a name which was given to him by the Men of the North who, intimidated by his mysterious appearance, extraordinary skills and unnaturally long life, assumed he belonged to Elf-kind rather than the world of Men. A grave mistake indeed considering the fact that Gandalf was originally a dwarf! Tolkien s inspirations focused mainly on early Germanic literature, poetry and mythology, which were his chosen and much-loved areas of expertise. A collection of poems in one of these languages known as Old Norse , a North Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and their overseas settlements during the in the, Viking Age (VIIIth XIIIth century), became an undeniable background not only for blue the character of Gandalf the Grey but also for Anyone Essay other familiar Middle-Earth heroes like Durin, Dwalin or Dain. This collection of poems was known as The Poetic Edda . One of the Old Norse poems, titled Voluspa ( Prophecy of the Seeress ), presents the creation of the world and its coming end in the words of a volva , a shamanic seeress, addressing Odin member of the ?sir (a pagan pantheon of Norse gods) who was a symbol of war, victory and death, but also of wisdom, shamanism, magic, poetry, prophecy and the hunt. Chips The Movie! His most famous son, Thor , a hammer-wielding god known as the fat tax essay, protector of blue, mankind, master of thunder, lightning and storms, was also associated with oak trees a likely inspiration of Thror, Thorins grandfather, and the famous oaken shield as well. Thors Oak was a sacred tree of the Germanic pagans, located somewhere in Hessia, in Germany. Like other sacred trees and groves it was believed to be linked to Yggdrasill , a gigantic ash tree which was the heart of Norse cosmology.

Its branches extended far into fat tax essay the heavens and its three enormous roots originated from the wells Ur?arbrunnr and Mimisbrunnr, and from the blue chips, spring Hvergelmir. Wondrous c reatures lived within Yggdrasil, including a dragon Ni?hoggr, which gnawed at its roots trapping it away from the world; and four magnificent stags: Dainn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and how to example Dura?ror, chomping at its branches. Dainn and blue chips Dvalinn also reappear in Norse mythology as dwarfish heroes, but here, in the context of the holy tree, it is believed that the four stags were either a symbol of seasons, moon phases or winds with Dainn and Dvalinn being the calm ones and Duneyrr and Dura?ror the heavy ones. Fat Tax Essay! Yggdrasil was also home to an unnamed eagle, perched on blue chips the movie, top of the ash tree, with Ve?rfolnir a hawk sitting between his eyes; and Ratatoskr a squirrel running up and write a conclusion down its trunk, passing news and gossip from the eagle to the dragon. Ratatoskr passing news from Ni?hoggr to the nameless eagle living within Yggdrasil. Artwork by Daniel Lieske. Thors Oak, like many other pagan holy trees, was destroyed during Christianization. According to the legend, it was cut down in the VII th century by an Anglo-Saxon missionary, Saint Boniface (Winfred), with a little help from some strong, mysterious wind. Blue Chips The Movie! The timber from the tree was used to create a wooden oratory. Saint Boniface chopping down Thors Oak. Dwarves , or Dvergar as they were called in Old Norse, were one of ?sirs many creations entities deriving from rocks and earth, acknowledged for their craft, metalwork, wisdom but also greed.

According to Voluspa , dwarves originated from write a conclusion example three primary tribes, led by Motsognir their first ruler, secondly by Durinn and finally by Dvalinn the discoverer of rune writing. And while the character of Dwalin plays a minor role in The Hobbit , Durin the Deathless remains one of the most important dwarven heroes in Tolkiens mythology, being the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves and blue the founder of the how to write a conclusion example, legendary kingdom of Khazad-dum. Even though the word Dvergar is etymologically related to Dwarves , the early Norse concept of Dvergar was far different from the blue chips the movie, concept of Schizophrenia Can Strike Anyone Essay, dwarves in other cultures. According to some scholars the ancient Norse originally described the Dvergar as human-sized, but the spread of blue the movie, Christianity led to diminishing both their mythic and religious role as well as their stature. Their skin color was described as pale, like a corpse, and their hair color was black.

The Dvergar were often called black a term relating to their hair, beard and fat tax essay eyes, granting them another name Svartalfar meaning Black Elves . In contrast, to describ e black skin, Old Norse used another term blue (blar) . One of the blue, Dvergr bore the nickname of Blainn The Blue One , who may have been an inspiration for Balin, Thorin Oakenshields companion in The Hobbit and Schizophrenia Can Strike Anyone Essay the Lord of Moria from The Lord of the Rings . Blue Chips! [Another possible source for Balins name comes from the Schizophrenia Anyone, legends of King Arthur, discussed in more detail later in the essay.] In addition, Dain and Nain, dwarven rulers closely related to Thorin, derived their names from Dvergar famous for their pale skin and the movie corpse-like appearances Dainn ( The Dead One ) and Nainn ( The Corpse ). In comparison, the name Dvalinn had a much more lively meaning translating as The Unconscious One . Many Norse texts imply that Dvalinn is the how to example, ancestor of all Dvergar and his name stands for any or every Dvergr calling female Dvergar the the movie, daughters of grammar is important, Dvalinn and the sun the game of Dvalinn (since it was deadly to any Dvergr who had to dodge it every dawn). Norse mythology also mentions the drink of Dvalinn , also known as The Mead of Poetry , a beverage which granted its drinker the chips, skills of a scald or a scholar. Dvergar depicted in a 19th century edition of Voluspa (1895) by how to example Lorenz Frolich. Considering all of the movie, these facts it is more than apparent that Dvergatal (Catalogue of Dwarves) , an integral part of the Voluspa poem, became a perfect catalogue of dwarfish names for Tolkiens Durin-folk, granting them to heroes such as Fili, Kili, Bifur ( Old Norse: Bifurr ), Bofur (Bafurr), Bombur (Bomburr), Nori (Nori), Dori (Dori), Ori (Ori), Gloin (Gloinn), Fundin, Thror (?ror), Thrain (?rainn ) and of course Thorin ( ?orinn ) Oakenshield ( Eikinskjaldi ) . Duties! Tolkien came to blue chips the movie, regret his use of Old Norse names, referring to it as a rabble of eddaic-named dwarves invented in an idle hour but decided to use Old Norse in The Lord of the Rings nonetheless, as an explanation for the origin of the language of Dale. A rabble of eddaic-named dwarves invented in Caribbean an idle hour J. R. R. Tolkien. Artwork by Dwalinroxxx. Numerous Dvergar names contain the syllable alf , from Alfar ( Elves ). Thankfully, Norse texts do provide us with a distinction between these two races and the movie the presence of is important, alf among dwarven names seems to serve as a form of blue chips, title stating that its bearer was a source of good luck but also meaning a guardian or a deity. The best example for the aforesaid is a familiar Dvergar name Gandalfr , the Old Norse forefather of Gandalf the Grey, Middle-Earths tireless guardian and how to write example Thorin Oakenshields source of good luck indeed. Gandalfs Norse name, meaning Cane-elf , is identical to its translation in Middle-Earth. E ven if Gandalf wore a dwarfish name along with his grey, battered robes, his roots were far more godly and mysterious.

Tolkien himself described Gandalf as an Odinic Wanderer for Odin often wandered through Midgard, the World of Men, as a mysterious old man, dressed in billowing robes of dark blue, with a long beard and a travelers staff. The Ynglinga Saga records that he visited distant lands on his own errands or those of others . For aid? It has seldom been heard of that Gandalf the Grey sought for aid, one so cunning and so wise, wandering about the lands, and concerning himself in every business, whether it belongs to him or not. Saruman about Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers. Odin, the Wisdom-Seeking Wanderer by blue chips the movie Arthur Rackham (1911). The Wanderer was a relentless seeker and giver of wisdom, but he had little regard for communal values such as justice, fairness, respect for law and convention. He favored strong-willed outlaws but also warrior poets, distinguished by their intelligence, creativity and competence in the war of all against all. Most shamans, to whom Odin was a divine patron, had to undergo a ritual of death and rebirth in order to Can Strike Anyone Essay, acquire their powers.

Odin underwent exactly such an ordeal, just as Gandalf the Grey died in a duel with the Balrog of Moria and was reborn as Gandalf the White , eclipsing the former head of his order, Saruman. Odin was accompanied by many symbolic animals. S ometimes he would ride an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir , described as the best of chips the movie, all mounts just as Shadowfax, Gandalfs steed, lord of the fat tax essay, Mearas, was the best mount of king Theodens stables. Odin riding Sleipnir. Concept art by Michael Kutsche. Odin was also aided by a pair of ravens, Huginn ( Thought ) and Muninn ( Memory ), which flew over the universe and brought him valuable information from the blue the movie, World of Men a possible inspiration for Carc, Roac and their kin of ravens from the Ravenhill near Erebor, serving king Thror and, later on, his grandson. Odin/Wotan with Huginn and write a conclusion Muninn, by John Howe. This depiction of chips the movie, Odin as the mysterious Wanderer was one of the how to write a conclusion, main themes of Richard Wagners Der Ring des Nibelungen ( The Ring of the Nibelung ) a cycle of chips the movie, four epic operas, loosely based on is important, the Norse sagas, involving a magical ring, a shattered sword, a powerful dragon and some greedy dwarves.

And as much as Tolkien enjoyed the Wanderers concept of Gandalfs origin, he despised comparing his work to that of Wagners. Gandalf, unlike Odin, is not the chief of blue chips, all gods or a shape-sifter, hes not brutal and cares not for treasures. The Wanderer in the Metropolitan Operas interpretation of The Ring tetralogy. The Wanderer and Siegfried. Its also worth mentioning that one of the mink anatomy, dwarves from blue chips the movie The Ring cycle, bearing the fat tax essay, name Mime, from Old Norse Mimir or Mim ( The Rememberer ), may have been an inspiration for Mim , one of the Petty-dwarves of the First Age whose fate was entangled with that of Turin Turambars from the movie The Children of Anyone Essay, Hurin , just like Wagners Mime, equally untrustworthy and chips the movie bitter, finds himself dependent on Siegfried, a young and fearless human hero. Siegfried and Mime. Mim captured by Turin Turambar and his men. Fat Tax Essay! Artwork by Steamey. But Gandalfs physical appearance was mainly related to a painting by a German artist and poet, Josef Madlener, called Der Berggeist ( The Mountain-spirit ), which Tolkien brought back as a postcard from chips the movie his holidays in Switzerland. It shows an old man, with a white beard, wearing a wide-brimmed round hat and a long, red cloak, sitting on a rock under a pine tree.

He is talking to a white fawn that is in the Caribbean nuzzling his hands and he has a humorous yet compassionate expression. Tolkien preserved this postcard and wrote on the paper cover in the movie which he kept it: The origin of Gandalf . Der Berggeist by Josef Madlener (1881-1967). It is more than likely that Der Berggeist was in fact a portrait of Rubezahl , a mountain spirit of the fat tax essay, Krkonose Mountains , a mountain range located in the north of the blue, Czech Republic (where he is is important known as Krakonos ) and blue the movie the south-west of Poland (with Liczyrzepa or Waligora being his Polish names). He was a subject of many legends and fairy tales in German, Polish and Czech folklore, in which he was depicted as a capricious giant, gnome or spirit, the lord of the weather and master of the wild hunt, acting unexpectedly or playfully, sending lightning and thunder, fog, rain and grammar snow from the mountain below, even while the sun was shining. Like Gandalf, he was often described as an old man with a staff, sometimes wearing a huntsmans outfit. According to Polish folklore he was killed many times and his symbolic grave can be visited in the village of blue chips the movie, Szklarska Poreba. Rubezahls statue in Krkonose Mountains. The list of inspirations for Gandalf seems an endless one.

Some scholars claim that Gandalf derived from Vainamoinen , a wise old man and a central hero of mink anatomy, a Finnish epic poem Kalevala ; who like Gandalf had immortal origins and chips the movie departed on a ship to the lands beyond the mortal world. Gandolf , an evil overlord, and Silverfax , a fast, white horse, were also one of the characters of a XIXth century fantasy novel, The Well at mink anatomy, the Worlds End written by William Morris, well known to both Tolkien and his very good friend, C. S. Lewis. And of course theres another wizard, whose fame still eclipses that of Gandalfs Merlin , the blue the movie, powerful magician from the Arthurian legends. Merlins origins, unlike Gandalfs, were far from Can Strike Anyone being angelic since he was said to blue chips, be a cambion an offspring of a mortal woman and Schizophrenia Can Strike a demon father from blue the movie whom he inherited his magical powers like shape-shifting and is important unnaturally long life. Among numerous descriptions of this character one of blue chips, them seems very familiar that of an old man with a long beard, short and hunchbacked, in how to a conclusion example a torn woolen coat, carrying a club. And yet this shabby sage, unlikely as it seems, was the chief advisor of king Arthur, just like Gandalf offered his council to Thorin, Aragorn, Theoden and other important rulers of Middle-Earth. Gandalf was shorter in stature than the other two; but his long white hair, his sweeping silver beard, and blue chips the movie his broad shoulders, made him look like some wise king of ancient legend. In his aged face under great snowy brows his eyes were set like coals that could suddenly burst into fire. The Fellowship of the Ring Merlin by Alan Lee.

Tolkien must have enjoyed the fat tax essay, legends about blue chips king Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. In 1925 he published a scholarly edition of XIVth century romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and though only how to write a conclusion example published this year he had begun a poem titled The Fall of chips the movie, Arthur in briefly duties the 1930s, but probably abandoned it around the same time he was writing The Hobbit . Chips The Movie! King Arthur, like Thorin, relied mainly on describe duties, twelve of his best and blue most loyal knights: Lancelot, Gawain, Geraint, Gareth, Gaheris, Bedivere, Galahad, Key, Bors de Ganis, Lamorak, Tristan and Percivale, although some texts also include Agravaine, Sagramore and other less known warriors. Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth and Agravaine were Arthurs nephews, just like Fili and Kili were the sons of Dis, Thorins sister. Sadly, Tolkiens descriptions of the individual members of Thorins Company were short, robbed of memorable details, so establishing further connections between the knights of the Round Table and any particular dwarves from fat tax essay The Hobbit would seem a far-fetched supposition. Yet some similarities between both stories Arthurs and Thorins remain open for discussion. Arthur was the first born son of blue the movie, Uther Pendragon and the heir to the throne of Britain, just as Thorin was the first born son of Thrain II, inheriting his rights to the throne of Erebor. Arthur claimed the crown by pulling out the grammar, Sword in the Stone in which it was buried by Merlin; a deed which could only be performed by the rightful king of England. Merlin led young Arthur to blue chips the movie, the sword himself, just as Gandalf supervised Thorins quest for Erebor in Calypso Essay its early stage. Merlin advising Arthur as portrayed in Idylls of the King by blue the movie Gustave Dore (XIXth century).

And while Arthur never fought a dragon in his time, he did dream of one: And as the king lay in his cabin in the ship, he fell in a slumbering and dreamed a marvellous dream: him seemed that a dreadful dragon did drown much of his people, and he came flying out of the west, and his head was enamelled with azure, and his shoulders shone as gold, his belly like mails of grammar, a marvelous hue, his tail full of tatters, his feet full of fine sable, and the movie his claws like fine gold; and an hideous flame of fire flew out of grammar is important, his mouth, like as the land and water had flamed all of fire. Le Morte dArthur by sir Thomas Malory (XVth century) In the blue chips, end, Arthur was betrayed by grammar one of his most faithful knights, Lancelot, who robbed him of the blue chips the movie, treasure dearest to write, the kings noble heart his wife, Guinevere . Lancelot, like Bilbo after he stole the Arkenstone, was exiled from king Arthurs court, but returned to save the queen from her execution at the stake. And as Arthur pursued him in order to blue chips, have his revenge, Mordred, his illegitimate son, took this occasion to take over the rule of his kingdom. Arthur and Thorin are therefore forced to face their final battles shortly after the mink anatomy, betrayal of their valued follower, defending their rights to their own realms, surrounded by enemies who were cunning enough to strike when the kings were most vulnerable. Mordred and Arthur me t on the battlefield of Camlann, Mordred was killed, and blue Arthur mortally wounded.

According to Malorys Le Morte dArthur Guinevere is later on how to write a conclusion example, buried in the same tomb as Arthur, just as Thorin was buried with the Arkenstone after the Battle of blue, Five Armies. In The Caribbean! Arthurs nephew, Gawain, is one of the many casualties of the battle of blue chips the movie, Camlann, just as Thorins nephews, Fili and Kili, die by their uncles side in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain. And if Gandalf was Middle-Earths Merlin, and Essay Thorin Oakenshield its king Arthur , then we must mention one more figure sir Balin le Savage , also known as the blue, Knight with the Two Swords , who according to Merlins council would become Arthurs best and bravest knight. Mink Anatomy! Hes described as a good man of his hands and chips the movie of his deeds, and without villainy or treachery and without treason, like his Tolkien alter ego, yet he meets a much more tragic end than Balin from how to write example The Lord of the Rings , since he is mortally wounded by his brother in blue chips a dramatic duel, which results in their deaths. There is in the Caribbean Essay also one more extraordinary theory about Gandalfs origin the secret of king Bladorthin . From that the talk turned to the great hoard itself and to the things that Thorin and Balin remembered.

They wondered if they were still lying there unharmed in the hall below; the spears that were made for chips the armies of the great King Bladorthin (long since dead), each had a thrice-forged head and their shafts were inlaid with cunning gold, but they were never delivered or paid for; shields made for warriors long dead; the great golden cup of Thror, two-handed, hammered and carven with birds and grammar flowers whose eyes and the movie petals were of jewels. The Hobbit by J. R. How To A Conclusion Example! R. Tolkien. In the early draft of The Hobbit , the wizard, who would later become the blue chips, legendary Gandalf, bore the name of the aforesaid Bladorthin, whereas the how to a conclusion, name of Gandalf was originally given to the dwarven King Under The Mountain, the final hero known as Thorin Oakenshield. According to most translations, Bladorthin was most probably a Sindarin name meaning The Grey Country , a translation not so different from Gandalfs elvish name, Mithrandir The Grey Pilgrim . Tolkien seemed to like this name from a linguistic perspective, but somehow found Gandalf as a name more fitting for the character of the wandering wizard. The Chief Dwarf became known as Thorin , a name meaning Bold One , or Darer , and blue chips ultimately a more fitting designation for the King Under the fat tax essay, Mountain than Staff Elf had been, while the wizard was able to utilize the appellation to better effect. And so the name Bladorthin was relegated to a great, long since dead king, a ruler of a realm or a city situated most likely near Erebor, with which he traded Esgaroth, Dale, Rhun or Dorwinion perhaps, making him a human monarch rather than an the movie elvish one. So which of these theories is true a mountain spirit, an ancient hero, an angelic wanderer or a demon sorcerer? Perhaps we shall never know. But we must remember that Gandalf, like no other Middle-Earth character, is fat tax essay entitled to some secrecy and, elf or dwarf, a king or a wandering pilgrim, with or without a staff, kind or fearsome, shall always remain the Disturber of Peace, for tales and adventures sprouted up and down all over the place wherever he went, in blue chips the most extraordinary fashion

Gandalf the Grey, by John Howe. For more on fat tax essay, Tolkiens inspirations: [1] J. R. R. Tolkien, Douglas A. Anderson, The Annotated Hobbit: The Hobbit, or There and Back Again. [2] Humphrey Carpenter, Christopher Tolkien, The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien. [3] Marjorie Burns Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in blue chips Tolkiens Middle-Earth. I must just add that I think no author consciously bases their characters on one or two sources it is Archetype. The Archetypes are there, in our collective unconscious, constantly recycled by new stories, new characters, while their essential symbolic nature remains the same. Still, in Tolkiens case I have no doubt he was very conscious of what he was doing. He knew his Edda and the Kalevala, the is important, Mabinogion and Le MOrt dArthur cover to cover and in the original languages and he drew upon these sources from the chips, very beginning when Earendil the briefly duties, Seafarer sprang from the blue chips, twilight of his genius unfolding loosely based upon John the how to write a conclusion, Baptist ;-). The above essay is a very thorough collection of literature Tolkien used to fuel his inspiration, very interesting to read and the pictures are beautifully chosen. True. The best example from this essay is blue chips the movie king Arthur being betrayed by Lancelot for his queen with Thorin betrayed by Bilbo for the Arkenstone.

The motive of the betrayal of the most faithful friend or follower for ones greatest treasure is so common in literature I wouldnt state a firm opinion that the idea of how to a conclusion example, Thorin/Bilbo/Arkenstone originated from the Arthurian legends. But its nice to blue, think it may have had #128521; I just wonder what feminists would make of paralleling Guenevere and the Arkenstone #128521; Even if authors mainly use Archetypes as basis, in Gandalfs case I feel that Tolkien really based his character heavily on write, the stories of Merlin, Odin and the Dvergar as noted in the essay. Awesome work here I enjoyed the read. Excellent! I love the way youve put together all these details. Thank you, Saralee #128578;

I knew the origin of the dwarven names out blue chips the movie of the grammar, Voluspa and some of the other sources Tolkien used to create Gandalf and Durins folkabout a connection Thorins to chips, Arthur I was thinking sometimes but did never realize how much similarities they have indeedThanks for the excellent essay, Ewelina, much to briefly describe your duties, think about blue chips the movie further.. Not that many common elements, but its a nice thought #128578; In the end Thorin turned out to Schizophrenia Essay, be a much more likeable hero than Arthur since he forgave Bilbo. Blue! Arthurs last words were not about forgiveness. Thanks for reading #128578; Not to Schizophrenia Essay, be nitpicking but the dwarves werent the creation of the the movie, Aesir, they sprung from the jotun side of the family tree.

For the Schizophrenia Essay, Norse mythology, the race of blue the movie, dwarves was born with worms of the flesh of the Calypso in the Essay, giant Ymir, who was killed by the first three deities exist (Odin, H?nir and blue chips the movie Lodurr). These same gods were also the first among the Aesir. The Dvergar were created from the how to, dead body of giant Ymir, killed by Odin, thats true. But they were probably created by the gods The Voluspa tells an origin of dvergar, which are created by blue chips the gods in the shape of a conclusion example, humans. Alternatively, it might be read dvergar created the shape of humans. The text is unclear () Then all the Powers went to the movie, the thrones of fate, the sacrosanct gods, and briefly describe considered this: who should form the lord of the dwarfs. out of Brimirs blood and from Blains limbs? Thank you for a very comprehensive overview, of so many contributing inspirations. Even being familiar with the Norse mythology, its enlightening to read anothers interpretation. Ive not seen some of your accompanying art renderings, which was a pleasure also.

Yes, the images are very inspiring so you can just imagine Tolkien admiring them and his thoughts unraveling A great essay! The history of Thors oak is fascinating, and something I never knew. You did a great job interweaving everything, especially the connections between Arthur and Thorin. Chips! Christopher Tolkien will be releasing additional translations that Professor Tolkien did. Caribbean Essay! Hopefully he has The Fall of Arthur on the slate to be published someday, Thanks for a lot of great research. I also love that Gandalf stemmed from Dwarvish roots. I think they published The Fall of Arthur this year Thank you very much for you kind words.

It was a real joy to write this article. Ive found out many new things myself #128578; And perhaps The Fall of Arthur will bring us new topics for discussion about the Middle-Earth and chips the movie Arthurian legends similarities. Article very interesting and well done! Im an Italian girl heathen and Tolkien fan, I know I can only briefly describe appreciate this work of yours. Happy also to have discovered this blog! Wonderful essay!

It never came to my mind that Gandalf could have something to do with Krakonos! Totally blew my mind! Thank you so much for this explanation and thoughts. Have something to ponder about blue chips #128521; You can imagine my reaction when Ive found out! Ive visited Karkonosze Mountains only Calypso Caribbean Essay last year Id have paid far much more attention to the statues of Krakonos then! #128578;

I knew about blue Rubezahl (Krakonos) from my childhood. Mink Anatomy! My grandparents were from Silesia and told me about chips him being the guarding spirit of the country. I must admit Gandalf watching over the Shire especially in the first movie the resemblance hits home with me. Its interesting to see how Tolkien just took the things straight of of the Norse myths in Caribbean Essay the beginning, and then refined his literary creation process so much In his early writing, the blue chips, borrowed elements were raw. Its nice to have this document about the Dwarves and their mythological origins. How To A Conclusion Example! At university, both of my thesis were on Norse topics. One particular chapter was about Tolkiens Elves.

Now I wish I had focused on chips, the Dwarves, because they are so dear to Caribbean, me #128578; But, from the academic point of view, it is very interesting to see where exactly the writer took his Elves from and which traits exactly he chose to develop In a way, now, I have the feeling that Peter Jackson and his team went to that level continued Tolkiens work and refined the race of the Dwarves.

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A Day In The Life Of A Police Officer Essays and Research Papers. juvenile, Officer Mark Smith was a victim of a few crimes. Blue The Movie? When the police were handling the crimes, Officer Smith . thought that they could have handled things better. It was then that he decided that he might want to mink anatomy become a police officer , so he could be a better officer then the ones that he had to deal with. As Officer Smith got older and started really looking into what he wanted to do with his life he weighed his options and blue realized all the benefits of grammar becoming a police officer . There is. Constable , Crime , Police 882 Words | 3 Pages. A police officer's duty is to blue chips maintain public order, preventing, and detecting crime.

The concept of police . How To Example? officers , also known as cops, and blue chips the movie law enforcement has been around ever since the ancient Romans had a theory that an Schizophrenia Anyone organization of peacekeepers would reduce the crime and violence being committed. This theory stuck with society and is still around today. People of blue the movie law enforcement have a mission when they step into their police car, that mission is to grammar enforce the rules of conduct or law. Academic degree , Associate's degree , Bachelor's degree 1867 Words | 5 Pages. School Police Officer Done By : Mohammed Fareed Al Hadaad Class : 3 T 4 ID : 2011-2131 Done By : Mohammed Fareed Al Hadaad . Class : 3 T 4 ID : 2011-2131 Police Officer : Career Would you like to uphold the blue chips, law and protect citizens and property as a police officer ? With education and grammar is important training, you may become qualified to go on patrol, respond to chips the movie reports of crime and even stop crimes in progress. Read on for details on the occupation, outlook and educational requirements of police officers . Calypso In The Caribbean? What. The Movie? Constable , Crime , Law enforcement 1806 Words | 7 Pages. and find out what a teachers job was about, but then I looked it up and write a conclusion realize that I was just joking to myself. Blue Chips? Going on into middle and fat tax essay high school I was . still confused on what I wanted to be, until I went down to a police academy and seen what was being done. These police officers were very serious about their job and chips their motives were to keep the crime out and put the good in Calypso Essay, people that were willing to change or comprehend on things. They werent here to just be here and blue the movie look cute with a uniform.

2008 singles , Constable , Motivation 1116 Words | 3 Pages. Many straight male police officers are against anything feminine. Fat Tax Essay? Being a competent female officer challenges . Blue Chips The Movie? assumptions that policing is a masculine occupation suited only for masculine men, so too does being a competent gay male officer . Homophobic attitudes in society at large and grammar within law enforcement in particular create many problems for blue chips the gay or lesbian officer . Briefly Your? On the job and interoffice up brings conflict between officers . Therefore, the gay or lesbian officer who is blue the movie being mistreated. Bisexuality , Constable , Gay 1491 Words | 4 Pages. Steps to Becoming a Police Officer.

Police officers play a very important part in society today. They patrol the streets of a conclusion your town to make the chips the movie, people of that . In The Caribbean Essay? town as safe as possible. Without them there would be a lot of crime going on. Blue Chips? They make everything safer because that is their job and that is what there trained to do. To become a police officer today you need to have to complete a certain amount of tasks. First, you have to be a United States citizen. Next, he or she must have to have graduated high school. Constable , Crime , Criminal justice 891 Words | 3 Pages. problems.

One that interests me and briefly duties I feel is of major concern happens to blue chips the movie be alcohol abuse in police officers . Alcoholism . itself is a major social problem, but when mixed with policing it may be more dangerous than we think. Caribbean? It all starts with the feeling of being stressed out on the job. Blue Chips? Police feel that they have too much to deal with on the job, which I feel is true. In the field of Schizophrenia Can Strike Anyone law enforcement, officers tend to blue the movie get involved in some intense situations and see some horrific tragedies. After work.

Alcohol , Alcohol abuse , Alcoholism 1425 Words | 4 Pages. Arming Police Officers After the recent murders of two unarmed police officers in Greater . Manchester, the question has been raised that should police officers be armed? Fiona Bone and her colleague Nicola Hughes died after going out on a routine patrol to check a reported burglary. It appeared that they were lured to the address for a deliberate attack. The question of would they have survived if they had been armed remains unknown but many people have their opinion which I will be discussing. Constable , Crime , Criminal justice 1220 Words | 3 Pages. The struggles of a Police Officer.

Term Paper CRIM 129 CH1 Job Related Struggles of a Police Officer John MacDonald Professor Alex Peters November 19, . 2013 The job of a police officer is much more demanding than what is commonly displayed DELETE on television. It is often PORTRAYED/DEPICTED as fighting crime, but in reality it is A MULTI-FACETED PROFESSION. As a police officer , the safety of the general public is a key responsibility. THEREFORE, POLICE face danger ON A DAILY BASIS, yet they must handle all. Constable , Crime , Police 1650 Words | 5 Pages. Becoming a Police Officer for Glynn County Harley Byrd Everest University . Becoming a Police Officer for Glynn County Although being a police officer can be stressful, it can also be highly rewarding if public service is important to you. In The? (Kara, 1999) When becoming a Police Officer , you are making a commitment to protect your community even if it means giving your life to do it.

Despite what some people may think every police officer does their. Assistant Chief Constable , Chief Constable , Constable 1044 Words | 3 Pages. Police Officer Training Curriculum. POLICE OFFICER TRAINING CURRICULUM The curriculum that is devised for a police officer is blue chips the movie very . Briefly Describe Your? important to the police officer and his or her success in blue the movie, their chosen career path. An officer's training is also very important to mink anatomy the community in which they serve and blue the department in which they work.

An officer must receive training in a variety of fields to help them be a well-rounded police officer . Officers receive training in write a conclusion, such areas as: law, community relations, firearms, vehicle driving. Blue The Movie? Crime , Criminal justice , Criminal law 1327 Words | 4 Pages. Schizophrenia Essay? Do Police Officers Need an Education? Do Police Officers need a college Education Do Police officers need a college education? This . question is one which has grabbed the attention of blue the movie many. It has been a question tossed around from the offices of our US government to describe your duties the homes of US citizens. Does having a college education make for a better police officer ? If so what level of education should be required.

Should a police officers salary be based on their level of chips the movie education? If a certain level of Schizophrenia Can Strike Anyone education is required for a police. Academic degree , College , Constable 1104 Words | 3 Pages. A Career as a Police Officer A Career as a Police Officer Abstract This paper discusses . three major aspects of becoming a police officer : job description, qualifications, and compensation. I would love to become a police officer . It is a good job even though its a risky job depending on chips, where you are working, but it is worth it. It has good benefits and Schizophrenia Anyone a reasonable salary. Blue Chips The Movie? Most important is write a conclusion example that I think it will be a challenging and blue rewarding career, and I think with my natural curiosity. Academic degree , Constable , Crime 955 Words | 4 Pages. Problems Police Officers Face Cierra Stewart Everest University Online Introduction to Criminal Justice James Loughlin . May 22nd, 2013 ABSTRACT Today being a police officer is more than just chasing a bad guy on a high speed chase or making an arrest. Many police officers deal with job stress which causes things to go wrong in their personal life . Describe Your Duties? Many departments have come to terms with this and now offer help to those who need it.

Officers and departments are also dealing with corruption. Constable , Corruption , Crime 1364 Words | 4 Pages. What it takes to become a police officer. guards to blue chips police officers , each law enforcement agent does his or her part in maintaining the laws and justice. By serving the fat tax essay, . Blue? community and providing safety to society, police officers especially have a job that should be admired. The most highly sought-after and desirable profession is that of a police officer . The aspects of grammar this job are appealing even to young children. Helping people, serving the community, and ensuring safety locally is chips the movie certainly something people would love to do. Officers feel. Is Important? Chicago Police Department , Constable , Crime 994 Words | 3 Pages. Life of a Correctional Officer Nancy Booker CRJ:303 Corrections Instructor Name: Yolanda Tilley August 31, 2012 . Blue Chips? CORRECTIONAL OFFICER 2 Life of a Correctional Officer Correctional Officers are very important people and they perform very important duties.

An correctional officer job can become very demanding and on top of that it can be very stressful. Briefly Your Duties? Just like police officer . Correctional Officers takes a change each day they are at work and blue chips the movie they never know. Corrections , Crime , Criminal justice 1081 Words | 4 Pages. THE EFFECTS OF STRESS ON POLICE OFFICERS Not much good news here. The following is the write example, text of a speech give by Dan Goldfarb . to a group of union delegates on the impact stress can have on their men. Blue Chips? There has been a lot of research on the negative effects of stress on people in general. I am sure you know that police work is one of the top rated professions for job stress next to air traffic controllers and dentists. A good way to start this presentation, I think, is to give a good working. Constable , Cynicism , Divorce 1381 Words | 4 Pages. Criminal Justice Online -- Fall 2012 Project The decision to enter into a career in law enforcement begins with the Essay, applicant entering into a certified . training facility, referred to blue chips as a Police Academy.

The police academy provides the applicant two choices for their training, a six month full time session, or a twelve month part time session. During a full time session, the applicant will devote at the minimum a forty hour week in training which includes a battery of physical fitness training. Fat Tax Essay? Constable , Crime , Criminal justice 915 Words | 3 Pages. Becoming a Police Officer Protect and serve. These two words may be simple to chips the movie any regular citizen. However, they are . everything to any police officer . Grammar Is Important? The honorable career of law enforcement is not always an blue easy one to fat tax essay enter. There are requirements in order to be recruited and employed by any policing agency. In addition to the movie the highly competitive and rigorous application process to become selected as an fat tax essay officer of the law, there are training programs, continued education programs, and other.

Constable , Employment , Gendarmerie 977 Words | 3 Pages. Chips The Movie? The Ethical Dilemma of a Police Officer. Fat Tax Essay? Dilemma of a Police Officer Professions are guided by codes of the movie ethics to aid them in performance of their duties and to ensure . maintenance of high standards of conduct. Police officers are faced with a maze of obligations in the performance of their official duties. The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and Canons of mink anatomy Police Ethics were created to make explicit the conduct considered appropriate for blue chips the movie police officers and to guide them in the performance of Schizophrenia Anyone their duties. Blue The Movie? Although police have these guides. Business ethics , Ethics , Justice 1319 Words | 4 Pages. Why has the shooting of Schizophrenia Can Strike Anyone Essay eighteen year old Michael Brown affected my community? Some say it was a race issue others say it was police brutality. . Racism being a very sensitive matter in the community that I live in, all though I do not live in Ferguson City, it is only a twenty minute drive from my front door. The Movie? It has effected where I live as it brings up civil rights, police use of unlawful and your deadly force, and racism issues.

The shooting of this young man has rocked our communities, and it is more. Civil disobedience , Police , Police brutality 1022 Words | 4 Pages. APatrick Downey Mr. Ausmus Coms 101 9 March 2009 Police Officer . Blue? Introduction b. Attention Getter i. To get you . attention I would like to fat tax essay inform you about what a police officer gets to carry with him at all times in order to blue the movie protect himself from the bad guys: his first line of defense is his pepper spray, than asp, than handcuffs, than tazer, than his weapon that has a fifteen round clip with one in the chamber making sixteen rounds, if he runs out of in the Caribbean Essay that he has two more clips on his. The Movie? Constable , Deputy sheriff , High Sheriff 1180 Words | 6 Pages. Police Officers Should Not Carry Guns. POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD NOT CARRY GUNS There are a lot of arguments all around the world in this subject. Is Important? Politicians, . teachers, sociologists and psychologists declare their ideas and also they write some essays about if the blue chips the movie, police officers should carry a gun or not. Many people suppose that police officers should carry their guns. Nowadays more and more crimes are being committed and police officers protect us from criminal behaviour. I will discuss whether police officers should be allowed to Calypso carry guns.

Crime , Criminal justice , Criminology 905 Words | 3 Pages. Military Veterans Make Great Police Officers. Chips The Movie? States Marine Corps, believes military veterans make great police officers because of the skill sets they develop over the course . of their military careers. This paper will focus on describe your duties, a few of the many skill sets military veterans develop such as combat experience learned in the military and how it is put to use in blue chips, police departments. The knowledge and write experience acquired in firearms skills in the military which help as a police officer in the line of blue chips duty will be discussed.

In addition to the physical. Constable , Exercise , Firearm 1091 Words | 4 Pages. Profile Work Sheet), a summer job that you could work, etc. Paragraph 4: Compare your earnings from your career with the Anyone Essay, money you spent on . your Ideal Lifestyle collage in a year. The Movie? Can you afford to live your dream life ? How will your ideal life differ from your life with your chosen career? 3. Fat Tax Essay? Conclusion Paragraph 5: Do you think youll enjoy this career after researching it and why (or why not)? This written reflection needs to be: Typed Double-spaced Times. Essay , Five paragraph essay , Microsoft 976 Words | 7 Pages. The Value of chips Higher Education for Police Officers. The debate on the value of higher education for police officers continues to be one of the most persistent and pervasive issues . in policing. Although there are several different interpretations of what constitutes a professional police officer there appears to be a consensus about the need for professionalism in policing.

Researchers have attempted to how to example measure performance through such variables as officer attitude, discretion, ethics, cynicism, decision-making, and use of deadly force. Despite the. Academic degree , Constable , Crime 1391 Words | 4 Pages. Why I Want to blue Be a Police Officer. WHY I WANT TO BE A POLICE OFFICER Why I Want To Be a Police Officer Career Choices in fat tax essay, Criminal . Justice Dr. Darwin L. Driggers, Ybor Campus October 11, 2011 Why I Want To Be a Police Officer For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a police officer . Im sure, as a little boy, what first caught my attention were the flashing lights and sirens on the police cars. Chips? It could have also been then the grammar is important, facts that police officer were permitted to carry a gun and had the ability to run. Constable , Crime , Criminal justice 817 Words | 3 Pages. Should Police Officers Have Higher Education.

Should Police have to blue have higher education than most citizens they face on fat tax essay, a day to day basis?I say yes and blue chips the movie here . Grammar? are some reasons. Police Education has been long since debated in the United States . Law Enforcement must be the one who are properly educated if they are the ones who make sure that laws and rules are being followed . Chips The Movie? Serves as the It will serve as guide in police professionalism . Education in fat tax essay, our policemen is very important with how they perform their duties and blue chips the movie responsibilities . Briefly Your Duties? Constable , Education , Higher education 1036 Words | 3 Pages. Chips The Movie? Problems among Police Officers Domestic Violence and in the Caribbean Essay Substance Abuse Domestic violence and substance abuse among law . enforcement is blue chips double that of the general population, these issues affect officers work performance. This report examines the factors plaguing officers and the treatment options available. 2012 Tweet HP 2/25/2012 Domestic Violence Hundreds of women are beaten each year by mink anatomy unlikely batterer- police officers . There are only a few departments in the United States that have. Blue? Alcoholism , Constable , Domestic violence 901 Words | 3 Pages. Association of Chief Police Officers Essay. role in the maintenance of high standard police work.

To aid an Caribbean officer in effective delivery of policing the National Decision . Model [NDM] (2012) is chips used. At the center of the describe, six key elements in the NDM, are the statement of mission and values, which play a big part in delivering effective and a high standard of police work. This essay will look at blue chips, good and bad examples of police work and will focus on integrity and is important police use of force. Blue The Movie? Also the police response to briefly describe your criticism and their willingness. Constable , Hillsborough Disaster , Hillsborough Stadium 1552 Words | 8 Pages. Blue Chips? several main stressors that police officers face daily. These stressors are common and include work related as well as personal . Fat Tax Essay? issues. When faced with multiple stressors and left untreated stressors can cause mild to blue serious effects on the officers health, well being, personal life and performance. There are different ways today that management can help officers effectively deal with the stresses that they encounter and procedures that should be enacted to ensure the officers have the resources to.

Constable , Law enforcement , Law enforcement agency 2502 Words | 7 Pages. Life for a Corrections Officer Elizabeth Austin CRJ303: Corrections Instructor: Tracy Crump January 7, 2012 Being a . correction officer is not an grammar is important easy job. Each and every correction officer has a daily routine, stress, danger, and has to learn to gain compliance of blue the movie every inmate. Schizophrenia? Every day in blue chips the movie, a prison working with inmates can be a challenge; some days may seem easier than other days . There is a daily routine and schedule that each correction officer has to come to terms with. The tasks could. Corrections , Corrections officer , Criminal justice 1014 Words | 3 Pages. Police Officers: Heros of the how to a conclusion example, 21st Century.

Police Officers : Heroes of the 21st Century It is the bad things that the media highlights in blue, the news when it comes to law . enforcement and the bad things that people remember when it comes to police officers . The job of an officer changes daily and from one circumstance to another; they must use their best judgment to grammar make the best decision in the most critical of times ensure the blue chips, safety of everyone. With the advancement of technology and weapons of mink anatomy all sorts, law enforcement has come a long way. The Movie? Constable , Law enforcement , Law enforcement agency 1055 Words | 3 Pages. Demeanor: Police Officers April Galvan-Usher CJRS 210 Professor Carlo July 28, 2013 Police . officers all over the United States of America have to have specific sets of how to a conclusion example skills that will assist them in the movie, completing their duties daily. There are no specific traits that all officers must possess as different skill levels is what helps a group of people, not only a conclusion police officers , at being a successful group. If all groups of people had the same types of skills, the group will not be effective. Constable , Law enforcement , Leadership 808 Words | 3 Pages.

April, 2013 Police Officer Being a police officer is extremely dangerous, and each . day they go to work. Police officers are risking their lives everyday. Blue Chips The Movie? Racing through traffic to crime scenes, risking being shot, and mink anatomy approaching unsuspecting criminals are just some of the daily activities that make being a police officer dangerous. Some people may find this type of job exciting and like doing new tasks every day . It can be an alternative to a boring desk job. Chips? Even when police officers are off duty. Constable , Crime , Fair Labor Standards Act 1091 Words | 3 Pages. Police Officers use of Taser Guns Police Officers are faced with many obstacles throughout . his or her career.

A lot of research has been done regarding the work police officers do. Often times officers are faced with making decisions very quickly, without being able to think about his or her options. Your? Most police officers carry a weapon, handcuffs, a baton, a flashlight, a knife, and a taser gun. Blue Chips The Movie? A taser gun is a weapon that sends electrical currents through the duties, body and causes the chips, body. Constable , Firearm , Police 1023 Words | 3 Pages. Police Culture in the United States Internal and External Mechanisms Police Culture in how to a conclusion example, the United . StatesAlthough it is senior police management that makes decisions about chips police strategy, departmental policy, and the allocation of police resources, ordinary officers in fact make the great majority of day -to- day policing decisions. These police officers decide whom to stop, whom to question, and whom to arrest, as well as how best to deal with public concerns and complaints. See. Constable , Crime , Law enforcement 944 Words | 3 Pages. Is Important? Whats the blue chips, Proces You Need to Become a Police Officer. Mink Anatomy? Phase 2 Individual Project CJUS141-03 Michelle Perman Professor Nici May 30, 2011 RE: Police Qualifications I chose to do my report on the movie, . Is Important? one bigger city in blue, Wisconsin.

The city of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) has various mental and physical exams that are required in the hiring process of becoming a police officer . I know that there are bigger police departments out there, but seeing that I found out so much information just on one city that I didnt feel the need to compare MPD with. Constable , Physical examination , Police 1305 Words | 4 Pages. Description Police officers are responsible for enforcing the law in our society. A police officers typical . day is usually less exciting and less dangerous than how it is portrayed on TV; most spend the majority of their time either patrolling neighbourhoods or on Calypso Caribbean Essay, traffic duty. Officers patrol areas on foot, motorcycle, bicycle, or in a police car. This allows them to accomplish a variety of objectives: discourage crime through their high visibility, maintain community relations by speaking. Blue The Movie? Constable , Crime , Criminal Investigation Department 1013 Words | 4 Pages. Analysis amp; Application Police Complaints November 21, 2011 Abstract Conducting ourselves as mature individuals could determine . whether or not were taken seriously within society.

Since the beginning of time, black, white, Hispanic, etc., have filed complaints against police officers , regardless of their maturity level or regardless of their own fault level. Is society too disrespectful to in the law enforcement? If civilians could walk in police officer shoes for one day would the complaint level. Chicago Police Department , Constable , Crime 900 Words | 3 Pages. ? OFFICER -MEN RELATIONSHIP: A CRITICAL APPRAISAL Introduction 1. Chips? The Earth comprises of numerous life forms. Of all the . life forms that earth has nurtured to the present day , the most pre-dominant life form are the humans. Right from ancient times to grammar the present day , mankind has always had the need to defend their territory against the movie, wild animals and is important enemy threats. The need to defend, led to evolution/birth of a certain kind of blue offspring who were strongly built and could fight courageously to defend. Armed forces , Life , Military 852 Words | 3 Pages.

Police Officer Its two o' clock in the morning. You wake up to how to write example the sound of a drug-addict vandalizing a mobile home. When . Chips? this happens, who do you call? Not your mother, but the example, cops. Blue? The typical cop faces this situation on a regular basis. A policemen's life is far from Hollywood; it is quite difficult to work where most people don't acknowledge your life or job.

Most people think of briefly policemen as a nuisance, but cops are much more than that; they save lives. Policemen keep the peace. Constable , Crime , Pension 566 Words | 2 Pages. force by police so disturbing? Are the police using more force? With so much going on in the media, the public is more terrified . of the blue the movie, police . Grammar? Many are not comfortable with calling up Law Enforcement. Many feel police officers abuse their authority.

It seems as if theyre abusing their authority as police officers . In many situations claiming self-defense. Young teens and children being gunned down by law enforcement. The Movie? Many afraid to Schizophrenia call upon the movie law enforcement, afraid of their own safety. Police officers. How To? Abuse , Contempt of cop , Crime 1660 Words | 6 Pages. October 13th, 2013 Brutality: In modern day America police brutality occurs quite often. Police . officers are using unreasonable forces on the movie, criminals, which are causing lots of chaos. People are getting seriously injured and killed.

These horrific actions have to be extinguished. Reasonable can be defined in many ways. According to mink anatomy Mirriam-Websters definition reasonable means being in accordance with reason, not extreme or excessive, moderate, fair, and blue having the faculty of reason. Chicago Police Department , Constable , Crime 753 Words | 3 Pages. In Walter Mosleys story Smoke the police are depicted as being completely uncaring about issues in African American neighborhoods. This . reflects the real life relationship between African American communities and police at that time period.

In the time period the book was set in it was very common for police to ignore calls coming in from predominantly African American or other minority neighborhoods and this discrimination is still present even today. The discrimination created a need for the. Fat Tax Essay? Constable , Crime , Gendarmerie 1159 Words | 4 Pages. ? Police Culture in the United States Norris R. Billingsley, Richard Reynolds, Norris R. Billingsley CJA 214 December 27, 2013 . Chips The Movie? Yolonda Johnson Introduction Policing, is an occupation described as hours of boredom, followed by how to write extreme moments of fear and chips the movie terror, with coffee and Caribbean Essay donuts thrown into the mix at times. Chips The Movie? It is also a culture perceived by the public as corrupt, aggressive, racist, and above the law which empowers them. Schizophrenia Anyone? In an occupation where these extremes exist, it is. Constable , Crime , Criminal justice 1427 Words | 4 Pages. The term police corruption brings shame and blue chips public skepticism about briefly describe your duties our front line of defense against the criminal element.

While the corrupt . may be only a small number of officers , the idea or actions of the few effect the entire institution of law enforcement throughout the country. Police corruption is not a new concept. We start to see corruption from the modern police force. Corruption is blue chips the movie not something that used to a conclusion happen. Today throughout the United States police departments have been hit.

Constable , Crime , Criminal justice 1511 Words | 4 Pages. Chips The Movie? ? Police Operations CJA214 January 30, 2012 Police Operations Police Operations There are many . types of Police operations. Policing in general has a wide range of fat tax essay different kinds of strategies and areas. To begin with one of the most important, in blue chips, my opinion in police operations is the dangers of fat tax essay policing. The main principle that contributes to blue policing in general is the danger that comes with this sort of job. As police officers they are putting their lives at fat tax essay, risk each and. Constable , Crime , Law enforcement 2291 Words | 10 Pages. are free from police custody until the chips the movie, next stage of the process of the case (trial). The custody officer has the power to either . decide if bail is Calypso in the Caribbean granted or not.

If the officer refuses to grant bail they must present the case to magistrate court soon as possible. Bail Bail means that after someone has been charged they are free from the movie, police custody until the next stage of the process of the case (trial). The custody officer has the power to. Bail , Constable , Crime 1900 Words | 6 Pages. Training Day - Police Corruption Misconduct. ? Training Day Police Corruption and Misconduct L**** C**** Ogeechee Technical College Criminal Justice Criminal . Justice Practicum (CRJU2090) Neal Owens June 8, 2014 Training Day Police Corruption and Essay Misconduct Special units in police forces are essential to the function of any organization, however some of these special units might evolve into feeling superior to the rest of the agency. The mentality of doing it their own way sets in and more likely than not this. Constable , Ethics , Integrity 1160 Words | 6 Pages. Chips? yourself and Calypso Essay see the chips, struggles you have been through. Briefly Your? one day realizing that your life is something you can't play around with. . So you set up goals that will inspire to be study and get out of trouble one of your goals is to get a college degree. also knowing that your family needs you to succeed. so you do good in school, get good grades and behave well. Even if temptation tries to guide you to the wrong path.You dream big knowing that one day your dreams will come true. Blue? One of those dreams is to become.

Thought 1386 Words | 4 Pages. Police Agencies There are many different types of policing in the United States, most agencies operates through the government and the state . itself these agencies consist of state and local agencies such as local PD, sheriffs departments, highway patrol, and state troopers. The main purposes of these agencies are too investigate of suspected criminal activity, referral of the results of investigations to briefly your the courts, and the temporary detention of suspected criminals pending judicial action. Law. Constable , Federal Bureau of Investigation , Law enforcement agency 1414 Words | 4 Pages. ? Police Brutality Did you know that Police brutality is the chips the movie, intentional use of excessive force, usually physical, but . potentially also in the form of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer ? Despite major improvements in police practices (since 1981) reports of alleged police misconduct and abuse continue to spread through the nation. Police Brutality still goes on around the world today with improvements of enforcing police brutality in police departments. There have. Abuse , Constable , Los Angeles Police Department 1249 Words | 4 Pages. Throughout history, efforts to police society have been flawed by brutality in one way or another. Police Brutality exists in . many countries and is only one of several forms of police misconduct. Abuse by law enforcement officers in the United States is one of the most serious human rights violations in the country.

Police officers have engaged in unjustified shootings, severe beatings, fatal chokings, and unnecessarily rough treatment. Can Strike Anyone Essay? The history of police brutality is cyclical, going through phases. Blue? Abuse , Arrest , Chicago Police Department 1572 Words | 5 Pages. 30 january 2015 Police Officer Career Project When I was 16 I became interested in the law enforcement field. Mink Anatomy? I want . to start off as a police officer , become a detective and blue chips the movie possibly become a criminal profiler. The very first thought about mink anatomy becoming was when Sierra Lamar disappeared. I became even more interested by watching tv shows like Criminal Minds, Cold Case and The Serial Killer Speaks. I think I can make a difference in the community. Police officers job is to protect lives and. Constable , Crime , Detective 1426 Words | 3 Pages. DeGraphenried May 3, 2010 Intro to Law Enforcement Professor Folan Police Brutality Unfortunately, nowadays the people who are supposed . to protect us and help us when we are in need, sometimes cannot be trusted.

Police brutality has always been a problem, but there's been a dramatic rise in police murders and brutalization of citizens. Police Brutality is anything from chips, harassment from a police officer to being murdered by one.Police officers risk their lives everyday they put on grammar is important, their uniform. Blue The Movie? They serve. Abuse , Constable , Copwatch 1376 Words | 5 Pages. CRIM 101 Fall 2013 Professor Leusner Research Paper Police Corruption In the world ran by mink anatomy the government, we as citizen believe and chips the movie . Anyone? trust in our law enforcement to serve and blue protect us as a whole. Briefly Describe Duties? But, that is chips not always the case when our men in blue abuse their authority for personal gain and grammar power. With police misconduct getting more and more public it is the movie proving that innocent people are being convicted of crimes they did not commit. How can we trust our law enforcement anymore with.

Arrest , Constable , Knapp Commission 1539 Words | 5 Pages. Composition 1 19 March 2012 Police Underappreciated Its widely recognized that law enforcement officers possess a demanding . and dangerous job. Day in and day out they deal with criminals and the sometimes stressful public. Many see law enforcement as an annoyance rather than a protector. Law enforcement officers often feel underappreciated from the public that they protect every day . The general public wants nothing to do with the police until they need us, says Pocahontas Police Chief Al Henrickson. Constable , Crime , Crime prevention 1260 Words | 4 Pages. Every police agency throughout the United States has its own patrol division. The patrol division is often over looked and Anyone Essay underrated. In . almost every agency, this division is the face of the Police Department. Despite the blue chips, important role that patrol officers play, the fat tax essay, role often may be viewed as a low-status area of policing. Chips? It is usually the largest section of an agency; however, it receives the most agency funds.

The patrol division responds to calls, provides services to Caribbean the community, and helps. Chicago Police Department , Constable , Law enforcement agency 1354 Words | 4 Pages. Organization of the the movie, Police Department. the Police Department Running a police department and preventing crime can be a complex task. Every individual within the . police department including patrol officers , detectives, and clerical staff are vital in maintaining smooth order within the department and community. The organization of the police department is mink anatomy only effective when the officers know his or her roll and can fulfill the assigned duties based on the area, time, and purpose of the mission. Chips? The organization of the police department.

Community policing , Constable , Detective 852 Words | 3 Pages.

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Free Essays on Battle Of Passchendaele. Canadians take Passchendaele successfully. On November 6th, 1917 our Canadian soldiers captured the the movie, Passchendaele ridge. They had to face many obstacles but they made it. Canadians take Passchendaele successfully.

On November 6th, 1917 our Canadian soldiers captured the grammar is important, Passchendaele ridge. They. Key Battles in the Attempt to Break the Stalemate. Key Battles in the Attempt to Break the Stalemate: Verdun 1916 Factors that brought about the battle Falkenhayn had hoped to weaken the French forces by attacking Verdun, as Falkenhayen knew that the French would come cap in hand to defend Verdun. Blue Chips! The town of Verdun had to strategic value for. The Battle of Passchendaele Officially known as the Third Battle of Schizophrenia Can Strike, Ypres, Passchendaele became infamous not only for the scale of casualties, but also for the mud. It was a combination of the Environment, Tactics and Poor Leadership that lead to blue the movie, the AIFs losing the battle of Schizophrenia Anyone, Passchendaele . . LIEUTENANT--GENERAL SIR ARTHUR CURRIE (A brief account of the battle of Passchendaele ) Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie was the most capable soldier that Canada has produced. Certainly, he did not look like the great soldier he had become. A very tall man, at six-foot-four, he was also.

War Strategies of Sir Arthur Currie. way to the top. He served his country by fighting and chips, leading battles that made Canada a great independent nation, making him a figure of inspiration to many Canadians. In the many battles of Calypso, World War One, including Amiens, Passchendaele , Vimy Ridge, and chips the movie, others, Arthur Currie devised well prepared. relationship between shylock and jessica. smiling at grammar is important, her.

Her husband then spoke in chips a soft voice. How To A Conclusion! Ladies and gentlemen, please don't laugh at my wife. She has lost all five of her sons in blue chips the movie battle defending our fine nation. Caribbean! Now she is gone in the head and I am taking her to the asylum. NEW Tribute To American Soldiers World War. Battle of Horseshoe Bend The Battle of Horseshoe Bend was fought in central Alabama on March 27th, 1814. This is where the United States and its Indian allies under the command of Major General Andrew Jackson defeated the Red Sticks. This battle is considered part of the blue, War of 1812. The Creek Indians.

Canadas Military Contributions to World War I, World War Ii and Korean War. to those Canadian soldiers who fought courageously in the wars of World War I, World War II and the Korean War. In World War I, the battle of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele recognized Canada as a strong independent army. During World War II Canada became a supportive ally to Great Britain and United States. The Battle of Passchendaele The Battle of Passchendaele is mink anatomy, remembered for its atrocious conditions, high casualty rates and Canadian valor. Canadians, instrumental in blue securing victory, earned a total of nine Victoria Crosses for write example their courage. Located near the town of Ypres where another brutal. The Battle of Monmouth, also known as the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse, was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on June 28, 1778 in Monmouth County, New Jersey. In 1777, British forces captured the city of the movie, Philadelphia. However, when France entered the war as an ally of the Americans, Clinton.

belgium to Anyone, the rhine river in the east). Canadians at this time had earned a reputation for being agressive in battle . The battle of blue the movie, vimy ridge is know today as one of the greatest battles in canadian history and was considered a turning point in Calypso Caribbean world war one. At this point vimy ridge was controlled. The Battle of Hastings October 14, 1066 Battle , East Sussex Saxons under Harold, King of England vs. Norman French under Duke William of Normandy When Edward the Confessor died he left no direct heir, and the throne of blue chips the movie, England passed to briefly your, Harold. However, William of Normandy claimed that. Biography of General Douglas Haig. of troops to an unsuccessful offensive on the Somme River in JulyNovember 1916, which lead to 420,000 British casualties. The Battle of the Somme was one of the largest battles that happened in World War 1 and it was the bloodiest war that happened. His strategy of blue chips, attrition (kill more Germans) also. The Battle of Passchendaele Passchendaele Is a small village in Belgium and is also the third battle of Ypres.

The battle of Passchendaele was the most ineffective battles that took place in World War One. The conditions of this battle led to terrible losses. The losses of this battle only helped. The Battle of Anyone, Berlin was one of the final battles of World War 2, fought between the Red Army of the Soviet Union and Germany for the control of the chips, German Capital, Berlin. This essay will discuss three main parts, the first stage of the battle which was on the outskirts, the second stage which took. Battle of Long Tan The battle of Long Tan was a true example of a time when Australians triumphed over adversity. Australians involved had to fight a much larger Viet Cong force and against all odds, win the battle . Briefly Duties! The Australians triumphed over adversity because as well as fighting against the VC. A Reassessment of Field-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. able to remain neutral, thereby protecting their populations from the massive losses that destroyed Europe. Technological advances in weaponary, new battle tactics, and the largest european armies ever raised were put on a global stage.

Perhaps more than any other war, WWI changed warfare forever. With. The Final Clash Being a Mortal Battle. and after each of the three major battle scenes in the story. The first one being the hand-to-hand combat scene versus Grendel, the blue chips the movie, next being the skirmish with poor Grendels mother, and the final clash being a mortal battle with a fierce dragon.

The first battle scene in the narrative, Beowulfs. How Far Was Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig Responsible for the Failings of the British Armies on the Western Front in grammar is important 1916 and 1917? Force, as he attained a position in December 1915 to the end of the war. Haig was most notably as he was a commander during the Battle of the Somme, and the 3rd Battle of Ypres. Haig has become one of the most controversial figures in British military history as when he died in 1928, many remembered. The Battle and Surrender at Yorktown This paper will be focusing on the Battle and Surrender at chips, Yorktown. There were three different countries involved in this battle : America, Britain, and France. All together the number of American and French troops almost doubled the number of fat tax essay, British troops. Blue Chips! The.

The Battle of Cambrai took place in the early morning of November 20th, 1917. While the Battle of Passchendaele was being fought, British Commander-in-Chief Sir Douglas Haig approved a plan that involved overtaking the duties, German army by sweeping around the town of Cambrai and the movie, encircling them. To this day. The Battle of Antietam: Single Day Battle in American History. The Battle of Antietam (Civil War) The Battle of write a conclusion example, Antietam is the bloodiest, single day battle in American history. There were approximately 23,000 casualties. Also known as the blue the movie, Battle of Schizophrenia Can Strike Anyone Essay, Sharpsburg, it was fought on September 17, 1862, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Antietam Creek, as part of the.

REPORT 1. Blue! TITLE: Battle Leadership 2. AUTHOR: Adolf Von Schell 3. PUBLISHER: The Beginning Herald 4. PUBLISHED: 1933 5. PAGES: 104 6. COST: $22.50 7. SUBJECT: Personal experiences of a young officer Capt. Adolf Von Schell of the German Army with observations on battle tactics and the psychological. Classical Studies - Battle at fat tax essay, Lake Regillus. GRC 10070 - ROMES RISE TO EMPIRE Assignment Option 1: The Battle of Lake Regillus Passage A describes the myth of the Roman victory in the Battle of Lake Regillus, which was written by Plutarch, some time in the first decades of the second century AD. Plutarchs work is comprised of many different. ? Violent takes over Cambrai The Battle of Cambrai, fought in November to December 1917, proved to be a significant event in The Great War.

Cambrai was the first battle in which mass of tanks was used. The Allied Power of British Empire and Central Powers of German Empire came together at Cambrai. ?The importance of communicating with your non-commissioned office your whereabouts and activates, and Battle rhythm. By Jamon83985 The importance of staying in touch with your leaders is of high importance for several reasons. Firstly and most importantly so that they have accountability of you. The Battle of Britain From August to September in 1940 a battle took place in Britain that was a big part in World War II. The Nazis had just defeated France and now they turned their attention to Britain. Great Britain was the last sole remaining enemy of the Nazis, so Hitler ordered his generals. the Battle of Midway a turning point for the war in the Pacific? In: World War 2 [Edit categories] Kokoda - One Of World' Great Adventures. Chips! Don't Miss The Experience of A Lifetime.

Book Now! Ads [Improve] The simple fact that the US emerged as victor from the battle of. ? Analyzing the fat tax essay, Battle of Thermopylae Herodotus was a Greek historian. He is a very significant figure because he was the first to record many important events that happened in chips the movie the time period. Herodotus helped historians understand what life was like in ancient times, and gave insight as to what. one of soldiers giving present The Battle of Passchendaele 1. It was one of the major battles of the First World War, during July and November 1917. Fat Tax Essay! The Entente troops under British command attacked the German army to blue chips the movie, get the Can Strike Essay, control of the movie, Passchendaele , near Ypres. The British Army wanted to. Why Did William Win the Battle of Hastings?

Why did William win the Battle of Hastings? In January 5th 1066, the English King, Edward the Confessor died of old age. However, rather than having his son as the how to, next king, he had no obvious heirs which led to the throne. Blue Chips The Movie! This led to three men who wanted the throne, Harold Godwinson, William Duke. Canada the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917. Canada the Battle of Passchendaele in 1917 Western Front Objectives, 1917 By May 1917, the Allies struggled with a strategic dilemma - they realized that they had no hope of breaking through the western front as long as the German Army remained strong. In addition, their strategy to weaken the enemy. Discuss the extent to which the Somme Offensive was a failure.

a failure. The appalling conditions and low morale had a significant impact on the Allied chances of success and major events, such as individual battles , were also important factors that affected the mink anatomy, Allied chances of winning the Somme Offensive. In the ensuing discussion, it will be obvious to what. Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele: The Social Impact on Canada in 1917. Ridge and Passchendaele : The Social Impact On Canada in 1917 Canada had an blue chips the movie, undisputed contribution to the Great War having committed over 600,000 of its population of 8 million. Canada engaged in some of the most famous battles of the war. A Ongoing Battle Ralph Ellisons Battle Royal and August Wilsons Fences are set during a time of transition in America from slavery to freedom for Calypso Caribbean Essay African-Americans. Blue Chips The Movie! The works show the difficulties blacks experienced in America when they attempted to stand up against whites to show their importance. ?Officially known as the grammar, Third Battle of blue, Ypres, Passchendaele became infamous not only for the scale of casualties, but also for the mud.

Ypres was the principal town within a salient (or bulge) in mink anatomy the British lines and the site of blue chips, two previous battles : First Ypres (October-November 1914) and Second. ?Kyle Kamp Mrs. Rattray E.L.A. A30 May. 3rd, 2015 Passchendaele In 2008 Paul Gross, actor and director released the move called Passchendaele . Passchendaele illustrated the briefly your, Battle of Passchendaele , or the 3rd battle of Ypres, the 1917 engagement on the Western front where Canada suffered extreme casualties.

Fifth Business: Chapter One Mrs. Dempster. performed at chips, an impromptu show. - He imitated Charlie Chaplin and after that they called him Charlie. 2) - Dunny talks about the battle he was in at Ypres. This battle was the most terrible experience for him. - The field was covered in mud and you couldn't even walk in it. - He was in a small group. How Is Battle Represented in the Charge of the Light Brigade and Henry V?

How is battle represented in the Charge Of The Light Brigade and Anyone, Henry V? The poem Charge of the Light Brigade, written by the movie Alfred Lord Tennyson, is based on the battle of Balaclava which took place on the 25th October 1854 in the Crimean war. Act 4 Scene 3 of the Shakespearean play, Henry V, contains. Battle Strategies of the First World War A battle strategy is a plan of action or policy designed to mink anatomy, achieve a major or overall aim or a tactic used to blue the movie, direct military operations and movements in war or battle . In World War I, battle strategies were often planned with the idea of wearing down the. Battle of the Bulge Vs. Fat Tax Essay! Battle of Iwo Jima The topic of this essay is to compare and contrast the strategies and tactics between the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of chips the movie, Iwo Jima. These were two of the major conflicts involving the Americans during World War II. The Battle of how to example, the.

? Battle of Gaugamela In 331 BC, Alexanders army of an estimated 47,000 (according to Arrian) stood before the army of Darius of an the movie, estimated 1,040,000 soldiers (according to Arrian). Alexanders military genius and the discipline King Philip had given to his army, were the fat tax essay, key tactics Alexander had. How Far Was the Field Marshall Douglas Haig Responsible for the Failings of the blue chips the movie, British Armies on the Western Front in 1916 and 1917? 90 years, and in the Essay, yet no conclusion has been drawn. This 1st of the movie, July 1916 was the beginning of how to write, one of the bloodiest battles in British military history, the battle of the Somme. The battle lasted for four months and chips, during this time around 723,000 men were to be slaughtered, under the command of Schizophrenia Can Strike Anyone, Sir Douglas. Battle of the Bulge As the war was dragging on in the Western Front in WWII, the Third Reich was becoming ever desperate and blue the movie, decided to throw one more knock out punch. Calypso In The Essay! Hindsight is everything and it is easy to see how Wacht am Rhein was Hitlers last chance to cling on to what empire he had left. Tolstoy and the Battle of Borodino. Leo Tolstoys account of the battle of Borodino is very interesting, not because of the information that is provided, but the delivery of the text is presented in a way that you would believe he was there.

His use of blue the movie, dialogue and detail is comparable to the first-hand accounts of Jakob Walter, Lt. In The! H. Primary Source Analysis of Gettysburg Battle. The Harvest of Death says this photograph captures the wars toll of death and chips the movie, destruction that happened on one of the biggest battles in the United States History, The Battle of Calypso Caribbean Essay, Gettysburg which took place from July 1 to July 3, 1863. Although the caption identifies the men in the photograph as rebels. | In the Battle of chips, Gaugamela in 331 BC Alexander the Great of Macedonia defeated Darius III of Persia. The battle is grammar is important, also inaccurately called the Battle of Arbela. Combatants Macedonians and Greeks under Alexander, 7,000 cavalry. ? Battle of blue the movie, Hastings From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Battle of Hastings (disambiguation).

Coordinates: 5054?43?N 029?15?E? / ?50.91194N 0.48750E? / 50.91194; 0.48750 The Battle of Hastings Part of the Norman conquest of England Harold. Primary Source Essay on the War of is important, Passchendaele. idealism that was associated with War and its outcome was lost in the muck of Passchendaele in 1917. The Canadians were involved in blue the movie three battles in Passchendaele , on Oct. 26th, 30th, and Nov.

6th. Most described the battle and battle field as hellish; a military cataclysm , because it is remembered for. Battles of the American Revolution. Battles of the American Revolution I am going to explain about grammar, four of the American Revolution battles , Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine creek, and Saratoga. I will tell you the major people in the battle number of soldiers, the location, what happened, and the movie, who won. Calypso Caribbean! The battle of Trenton was on. The Battle of the Somme The Western Front, 1916 It was a truly nightmarish world that greeted the New Zealand Division when it joined the chips, Battle of the in the Caribbean Essay, Somme in mid-September 1916. The division was part of the second big push of the offensive, designed. World War 1, Distress and Propaganda. into how the government and the movie, media played a part in the changes, lives and attitudes of the mink anatomy, public as well as the heavy loss of life in key battles such as The Battle of the Somme.

This essay will also look into the roles of blue, women during the Great War and how employment opportunities changed the way women. Battle of the Somme Good morning/afternoon members of the Knox Cadet unit, Today I am here to briefly, talk to you about the the movie, overall importance of the Battle of the Somme. The battle was a battle that symbolised the horrors of warfare in World War One; this one battle had an obvious effect on overall casualty. The Battle of Berlin was one of the duties, final battles of World War 2, fought between the Red Army of the Soviet Union and Germany for the control of the German Capital, Berlin. This essay will discuss three main parts, the first stage of the battle which was on the outskirts, the second stage which took. Passchendaele , Before and After Passchendaele could be described as one of the most controversial battles of chips, World War I. Difficulties arose through a dispute between the British generals and politicians, all of whom had a different idea on the strategy of war. The actual necessity or futility of the. West Virginia hills, a real war with real soldiers and real deaths. Mink Anatomy! It was a battle between coal miners and coal company operators.

Robert Shogan, a political correspondent and historian, has told its story with The Battle of blue, Blair Mountain. Shogan brings immediacy to the story by looking closely at. became substantive on 10 June 1916.[11] In January 1917, he was posted to briefly your duties, the 7th Infantry Brigade as a trainee staff captain.[15] During the Second Battle of Bullecourt he served with 2nd Division headquarters.[16] He was appointed to command the 18th Field Artillery Battery, and became a temporary major. The Campaign for North Africa: The Battle of El Alamein ranks both Strategically and psychologically, as a decisive battle of chips, World War II. How To A Conclusion! It initiated the Axis decline. Blue Chips! The victory saved the Suez Canal, and was a curtain-raiser for the Anglo-American invasion of North Africa 4 days later, and. of Cornwall's Light Infantry, serving as an assistant gunner in a Lewis Gun section. Grammar Is Important! Patch arrived in France in blue June 1917. He fought at describe duties, the Battle of Passchendaele and chips the movie, was injured in the groin when a shell exploded overhead at 22:30 on 22 September 1917, killing three of his comrades.

He was removed from. during the Battle of the Somme in World War I. Infantry are soldiers who fight primarily on foot with small arms in organized military units, though they may be transported to the battlefield by horses, ships, automobiles, skis, or other means. . Ypres, 1917, in grammar the vicinity of the Battle of Passchendaele.