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Nov 18, 2017 Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay,

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antigone essay Critical Essay #1. Antigone the Hero. In the Violence Essay, play Antigone , I believe Sophocles purposely depicts Antigone as a hero. Antigone portrays extremely courageous qualities, and Reasons Behind Revolutions Essay, definitely fights for what she believes in. The Domestic Violence. She does not accept what the Issues, king says just because he is the king or a person in Understanding the Domestic Violence authority. She does not agree with his law so she goes with her heart and hillary, her feelings and disobeys the Understanding the Domestic, king’s rule. It takes courage and strength to Essay on Engineering Ethics, stand up against Understanding the Domestic Essay authority for what you believe in. However, a strong person could not sit back and athena character, watch something happen that they did not believe in. Understanding The Domestic Epidemic Essay. They would figure out the 18th century, best way to stop it and the Domestic Violence Epidemic, then attempt to do so. I guess it is just a matter of how important something is to you. If something happens that has no or little significance to you, then most likely you will not worry about it or do anything to Essay on Democracy and Education Issues, stop it.

In the case of Understanding Violence Epidemic, Antigone she felt loyal to her brother and clinton, felt that she should protect his honor and the Domestic Epidemic Essay, give him the respect that he deserves even if the Violence During Essay, king did not agree with her. Who is the king anyway? He is Understanding Essay just a human being like you and Essay on Engineering, I. Violence Epidemic Essay. Why should we listen to Essay, and obey anything he says. Violence Epidemic. How did this person (king or person in authority) get the power they have? How do they handle the power they have? If the person actually earned their respect from hard work and example of monopoly market, personality characteristics, people are more likely to the Domestic Violence Essay, listen to him. On the other hand, if the person did not earn respect, and got in Key Stages Experience Essay the position they are in simply because they were a predecessor of the Domestic Epidemic, a previous king and of Illness Experience, were handed the power, people are less likely to Epidemic, follow the henry ford the world, rule of that person.

This makes a big difference in the way that people will react to a person in power. They must respect him or her and believe that he or she is doing what is Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay best for the people. Political leaders are supposed to Essay on Democracy, do what is right for the people as a whole. Understanding The Domestic Violence Epidemic. However, we all know that people make mistakes even if they are unintentional. Five Key Stages Essay. Their mistakes may not even be realized until further down the road.

Also, people can easily get greedy and look out for their own good before others. Epidemic. Although, in certain situations you may need to Five Experience Essay, listen to Epidemic Essay, someone wiser than yourself, ultimately you are going to Issues, make the decision that you think is Violence Epidemic Essay best. Therefore, just because someone in authority spits out example market, commands does not mean that everything he or she says is right or just. You must question everything and Understanding Violence Essay, if you feel strong enough against it, stand up and century, fight it. Epidemic. In the story, Antigone does just this. Engineering. She is aware of the consequences and Understanding the Domestic Essay, sticks to what she feels she should do. Sophocles obviously portrayed Antigone and Behind Violence During Revolutions Essay, her sister Ismene as complete opposites. The Domestic Violence Essay. When Antigone runs to tell her sister of the situation Ismene will not help Antigone and tries to stop her from Essay on Democracy and Education Issues going through with her plans to bury her brother. In the the Domestic, background of Antigone they describe Creon’s edict as “unjust” (1424). This turns on Reasons Behind Violence During Essay a little light bulb that makes me think the author agrees that Creon's actions are wrong. The author goes on the Domestic Epidemic Essay to say that “the gods approve of example, her action” (1424) and “she dies a victim of the Domestic Violence, Creon’s hubris” (1424).

If she were not being portrayed as a heroine, the Five Key Stages Experience Essay, gods would not approve of Understanding Violence Epidemic, her actions. Example Of Monopoly. Instead they would think that she died for a petty cause and Understanding, disobeyed a higher power. When they say she is a victim of Creon’s hubris, they are essentially saying she was put to death because of Creon’s excessive pride not because she committed a crime that stemmed from Essay Engineering her excessive pride. The Domestic Violence Epidemic. The only henry ford the world, thing that may not support this argument is the Domestic Violence Epidemic that Sophocles may not have written the century woman, background. Instead it may be interpretations written by the author of the Understanding Violence Epidemic, book. Ismene is on nowhere near as strong as her sister. It seems like she believes in what she is doing, but she fears Creon and the law. In the play she says, “We are only women, we cannot fight with men”(1427). This quote shows Antigone’s strength. She is not afraid of Understanding Epidemic, men, death, or what anyone can or will do to character traits, her.

She is Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay loyal to her family and herself. Ismene agrees that she is a loyal person, but says that she is clinton email scandal “unwise”(1428). Ismene also says, “I beg the dead to Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, forgive me, I am helpless”(1427). If Ismene were so wise she would find an alternative way to honor her brother while staying out of trouble. Instead, she gutlessly sits back and begs forgiveness when she could easily leave with her sister and do what she knows she should. In the how did ford change the world, end Ismene goes to Understanding the Domestic, Creon and Key Stages of Illness Experience Essay, confesses to a crime she did not commit. If Sophocles were trying to Understanding Essay, highlight Ismene as a wiser person, he would have had her live on woman and make something of her life. Instead, she makes a complete fool of the Domestic Violence, herself.

This was the most unwise decision I observed throughout the entire play. If she were a strong person she would have confessed to the crime and said that Antigone was innocent so that she could free her sister from the wrath of Creon. Ismene contradicted her entire argument in trying to persuade Antigone not to disobey Creon and the law by Engineering Ethics, going against her own advice. The only Understanding Violence Epidemic, way I could consider this admirable is if she realized she was wrong and on Democracy Issues, truly wanted to honor her brother. Sometimes I believe it takes a stronger person to Understanding the Domestic Epidemic, admit that they made a mistake and attempt to example market, make up for Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay it. However, I do not think that is the of monopoly, case with Ismene. I believe she was afraid to live alone with no family alive. Understanding The Domestic. By having Ismene come back and make a complete idiot of Essay on Democracy and Education Issues, herself at the end of the play, Sophocles made Antigone stand out as a leader and Essay, a very courageous person, because Ismene follows her.

Also following Antigone is Haimon, Creon’s son, who quarreled with his father and tried to persuade him not to Essay and Education, execute Antigone. Violence. Although, he did not follow Antigone because he was weak and afraid he followed her because he believed in example of monopoly market her as a person. Haimon seems to Understanding Epidemic, have the most sense of example of monopoly market, everyone in Understanding the play and also is portrayed as a hero. Reasons Violence. He shows the ability to see both sides of the argument and reasons very well with his father. He understands his father’s sternness, but at the same time makes good arguments for Antigone. His father says to Haimon, “Do you want me to make myself weak before the Understanding the Domestic, people? Or to Essay on, break my sworn word”(1440). Haimon replies: Reason is Understanding God’s crowning gift to man, and you are right to warn me against Reasons During Essay losing mine. Understanding The Domestic. I cannot say I hope that I shall never say! –that you have reasoned badly. Yet there are other men who can reason, too; and their opinions might be helpful.

You are not in henry ford a position to know everything that people say or do or what they feel. . .Everyone will tell you only Violence, what you like to of Illness Experience Essay, hear. But I, at Violence, any rate can listen; and I have heard them muttering and whispering in how did henry change the world the dark about this girl. The Domestic Essay. They say no woman has ever, so unreasonably, died so shameful a death for a generous act. (1440-41) In my eyes, this is the best argument made throughout the clinton scandal, entire play. Haimon acknowledges that Creon is the Understanding Violence Epidemic, king, but realizes he is clinton scandal still human and Understanding the Domestic Essay, can make mistakes. How Did Henry Change. The people of the Understanding the Domestic Epidemic, city agree that the girl should not be punished for traits such a generous act. However, the people will not tell him to Violence Essay, his face how they actually feel. They only clinton scandal, say to the Domestic Essay, him what he wants to hear. This is character a great statement that should make Creon think about what is really best for Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay the city and Essay on, the people in Violence Epidemic the city.

Antigone is 18th woman such a great and noble person that she has the the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, entire city standing behind her. In the Five Experience Essay, end of the story she is sentenced to death. Understanding The Domestic Violence. She accepts her punishment with bravery. Explained. She knows in her heart that what she has done is Understanding Violence Essay not wrong. Five Key Stages Of Illness Essay. She shows this by Understanding the Domestic Essay, saying, “And yet, as men’s hearts know, I have done no wrong, I have not sinned before God”(1445). Haimon felt so strongly about example of monopoly market, Antigone and her reasoning for her actions that he took his own life. So Antigone overall was a strong person who touched the lives of other people so much that they were willing to die for her cause.

Now that is a strong leader. Sophocles had this in Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic mind when he wrote the the world, play and wanted to Understanding the Domestic Essay, make Antigone the hero. I also find it intriguing that Sophocles made the main character a woman. No offense to women, but at this time in henry history I do not think that society thought of Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay, women as strong and powerful. Henry. I like that Sophocles did this anyway and the Domestic Violence Essay, broke barriers of athena traits, what society thought.

Overall, throughout the entire story Sophocles gave Antigone qualities that made her a strong person that many people including myself would look up to. Sophocles. The Domestic Violence. Antigone . Literature: An Introduction to Five of Illness Experience, Fiction, Poetry, and the Domestic Epidemic Essay, Drama .

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Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay

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Nov 18, 2017 Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay,

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GRE Argument Essay: How to Get a Perfect 6 Score. Of all the various types of questions on the GRE, Analytical Writing questions can seem like the trickiest ones to answer perfectly. Not only do you have to write hundreds of Understanding the Domestic Essay, words to Engineering answer the Argument essay GRE question, but there’s also no one set correct answer that you can give and automatically get it right. So how do you reliably score well on the GRE Argument essay? In this article, we’ll focus in on what goes into a high-scoring response and offer some GRE Argument essay tips to Epidemic Essay help you consistently write essays that meet those standards. Do You Need a Perfect GRE Argument Essay Score? Practically speaking, no, you don’t need a perfect 6.0 on example the Argument essay.

GRE Analytical Writing scores are generally not all that important when it comes to admissions decisions—as long as you can get a 4.5, you’ll be set for most schools. If you really want to highlight your writing ability (for example, if you’re an international student whose first language isn’t English), then scoring a 5.0 or above can be helpful; however, even then a perfect score isn’t necessary. Some writing intensive programs do have GRE Writing score cutoffs, but none of Violence Epidemic Essay, these cutoffs are going to be above a 4.5 . You can get a better idea of what GRE Writing score cutoffs for different programs are with our article about what makes a good GRE Writing score. There are a few doctoral programs (e.g. UChicago’s PoliSci Ph.D.) that have higher average GRE scores, but that’s more of a side-effect of the applicant pool than because that’s something the Essay Issues, admissions committees look for. Students applying to top-notch doctoral programs in the humanities and social sciences will need to have strong analytical writing skills, yes, but this is usually presented through writing portfolios or other materials required by grad schools. Quick side note: we've created the world's leading online GRE prep program that adapts to the Domestic Violence Epidemic you and your strengths and of monopoly weaknesses.

Not sure what to study? Confused by how to improve your score? PrepScholar guides you, step by step. I want to be clear - you don't NEED a prep program to get a great GRE score. But we believe PrepScholar is the best GRE prep program available right now , especially if you find it hard to organize your study schedule and don't know what to study. What Makes a Perfect-Scoring GRE Argument Essay? To get the most accurate picture of Understanding the Domestic, what goes into a perfect GRE Argument essay, we’ll turn to Engineering Ethics the official scoring rubric. This is the chart that the human GRE essay graders use for scoring the Understanding Epidemic, Argument essay on the real test, so it’s the how did change the world, best standard against Understanding the Domestic Epidemic which to hold your own practice essays. Below, I’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the different criteria needed to get a 4.0 vs. a 6.0 on the Argument essay GRE question.

I know there is a lot of information to process in that chart, so I’ve summarized it below by extracting the 18th, most important points. Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay. A good GRE Argument essay: Must limit its discussion to identifying and explaining the parts of the clinton, argument that are relevant to Violence Essay the essay task Must develop its ideas logically Must be organized and connect ideas smoothly Must include support for the main points of the Essay on Ethics, author’s analysis Must be well-written. To get a perfect score on the Argument essay, you must display mastery with each one of these items . Official GRE Argument Essay, Analyzed. Now that we’ve gone over the rubric in Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay the abstract, it’s time to apply it to a high-scoring essay. Athena Character. By taking the rubric criteria and looking at how they are exemplified by a real essay, you’ll be able to get a better feel for what exactly it takes to get a perfect score . For this analysis, we’ll be looking at this officially-graded GRE Argument essay.

Here’s the prompt the Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, essay was written in response to: In surveys Mason City residents rank water sports (swimming, boating and fishing) among their favorite recreational activities. The Mason River flowing through the city is rarely used for these pursuits, however, and the city park department devotes little of its budget to maintaining riverside recreational facilities. For years there have been complaints from residents about the quality of the river’s water and the river’s smell. In response, the state has recently announced plans to clean up Mason River. Use of the river for water sports is therefore sure to increase. The city government should for change that reason devote more money in Epidemic this year’s budget to riverside recreational facilities. Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain how the argument depends on hillary clinton explained the assumptions and what the implications are if the assumptions prove unwarranted. The sample Argument essay we’ll be looking at Understanding the Domestic Epidemic discusses and disputes three different assumptions made by the argument : That the survey is a reliable measure of preferences and should be used as a source of information to athena traits inform budget planning. That there is a link between the river’s odor and pollution and the lack of residents’ recreational use of the Understanding the Domestic Epidemic, river.

That plans to clean up Mason River will be effective. To analyze this essay, I’ll highlight places where the essay fulfills each of the criteria for the 6.0 GRE Writing score level. The first of these rubric criteria is century woman a description of what a perfect-scoring Argument essay should look like overall: Rubric description : In addressing the specific task directions, a 6 response presents a cogent, well-articulated examination of the argument and conveys meaning skillfully. This description of what a perfect Argument essay should look like is much more general than the rest of the other rubric items and is more meant as a summary of what the other four items indicate than as a specific criterion in and of itself. If an essay meets all of the other four rubric requirements for a 6.0 Argument essay score, then it should fit under this broader description as well; if it does not, then that can be an indicator to the essay rater that she needs to reassess her scoring of the essay. Above: portrait of a sad essay grader who, upon re-reading the Violence Epidemic, holistic essay grading criteria, now has to reassess his scoring. The first non-general Argument essay rubric item relates to whether or not an essay accomplishes the assigned task. Rubric description : A 6 essay clearly identifies aspects of the argument relevant to the assigned task and henry ford change examines them insightfully. The sample essay succeeds in meeting both parts of this criterion.

In the essay, the author pinpoints three different assumptions of the argument (survey is reliable, water being dirty is why people don’t use it for recreational sports, and Epidemic cleaning it will work). Each of these claims is a key assumption upon which the argument depends, since if any one of these three claims proved unfounded, then the Essay on Democracy Issues, argument becomes illogical. The author also “examines [the assumptions] insightfully” by discussing the implications of each assumption and what it would mean for the argument were the assumptions to Understanding Violence prove false . If the author had merely identified the key elements of the 18th century woman, argument without this kind of discussion, the the Domestic Epidemic, essay would have received a lower score. Below is an excerpt from the essay that illustrates an 18th woman, instance of the author fulfilling this criterion: “If the river’s water quality and smell result from problems which can be cleaned, [that a river clean up will result in Understanding Violence increased river usage] may be true… But if the henry change, quality and aroma results from the natural mineral deposits in the water or surrounding rock, this may not be true.” In this excerpt, the author points out an assumption of the argument (that the quality and the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay smell problems from the river can be dealt with) and presents the Essay Engineering, implications if the Understanding Violence Essay, assumption is athena traits unwarranted (if the problems are from mineral deposits, quality and Understanding Violence Epidemic smell change might not be possible). The clear way in which the author gets to the point (if A, then B may be true…but if not A, then B may not be true) and the insight she uses in determining why the character traits, assumption might not be true and what effect that might have all contribute to this essay achieving a 6-level score.

“You don’t have to be a detective to write the essay, but it helps*!” * does not actually help. All you need is adequate preparation. The next specific rubric item delves into the logic of the author’s writing and the organization of the essay. Rubric description : A 6 essay develops ideas cogently, organizes them logically and Understanding the Domestic Epidemic connects them with clear transitions. While the previous rubric item is concerned with the author’s ability to pick apart the logic of the argument in the prompt, this item focuses in on the author’s own writing style and century woman her ability to the Domestic Violence Epidemic logically develop and connect ideas in the Argument essay. GRE guidelines for both the Issue and Argument essay place a premium on clear logic and organization, both in terms of how ideas are linked within a paragraph as well as on henry change the world a larger scale. For the Violence Essay, Argument essay, it makes sense to group your discussion of each assumption into its own separate paragraph. However, if you want to get a perfect essay score, you can’t just throw in information about the assumption and its implications willy-nilly, without a care for its organization. Instead, you must make sure that each of your points about the assumption is directly followed by support for Essay and Education that point.

This clarity of development allows the reader to follow your logic more easily, which in turn makes your essay that much more persuasive and Violence Epidemic Essay effective. In the Argument essay, organization and logic are also important when it comes to ordering the paragraphs of your essay and transitioning between ideas. Here’s an how did ford the world, example of a transition that connects the ideas of two consecutive paragraphs: “Building upon Violence, the implication that residents do not use the river due to the quality of the river’s water and Essay and Education the smell, the author suggests that a river clean up will result in increased river usage.” This sentence begins the fourth paragraph of the essay and logically transitions to the new assumption about to Understanding the Domestic be discussed (“river clean up will result in increased river usage”) by referencing the idea just discussed in the third paragraph (“residents do not use the river due to the quality of the river’s water and the smell”). The sentence structure “building upon the implication that…the author suggests that” connects the two ideas skillfully, strengthening the link between the two paragraph by framing it as a logical progression.

The clear and logical way in which the henry change the world, author develops her points within each paragraph and the tight organizational connections between paragraphs are how the essay exemplifies this rubric item. On the other hand, a dirty river means more residents on the river trying to clean it up, so…at least there’s that? Gabriela Avram/Flickr. Want to Understanding the Domestic improve your GRE score by 18th century, 7 points? We have the industry's leading GRE prep program. Understanding The Domestic Violence Epidemic. Built by world-class instructors with 99th percentile GRE scores, the program learns your strengths and Essay and Education weaknesses through machine learning data science, then customizes your prep program to Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic you so you get the most effective prep possible.

Try our 5-day full access trial for ford change free: The third non-general item on the GRE Argument essay rubric is focused entirely on how well the author supports her points. Rubric description : A 6 essay provides compelling and thorough support for its main points. Essentially, this rubric item is Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay all about hillary clinton email, determining whether or not an author properly supports her ideas and the Domestic Epidemic Essay their development throughout the essay. Of Monopoly Market. Correctly identifying assumptions and examining them in a logical and organized way is all very well and Epidemic good and satisfies the first two rubric criteria, but if you don’t support your analysis with either scenarios from the argument or hypothetical scenarios that could also explain assumptions made in the argument, you’re not going to get a perfect score.

Here’s an excerpt from the essay that demonstrates an instance of “compelling and thorough support”: “Additionally, the author implies that residents do not use the river for swimming, boating, and fishing, despite their professed interest, because the water is polluted and smelly. While a polluted, smelly river would likely cut down on 18th century river sports, a concrete connection between the the Domestic Essay, resident’s lack of river use and the river’s current state is not effectively made. Though there have been complaints, we do not know if there have been numerous complaints from a wide range of people, or perhaps from one or two individuals who made numerous complaints.” The first sentence of this excerpt lays out the traits, assumption made in the argument: the reason people don’t use the water for sport is because it’s dirty and odiferous. The next two sentences support the author’s claim that this assumption is unfounded in two important ways: #1: The author singles out the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay a particular way in which the argument is character traits flawed , stating that “a concrete connection…is not effectively made” between two specific claims linked in the argument. #2: The author explains why the argument is flawed by presenting relevant details, like the fact that the source of the complaints is the Domestic Epidemic Essay unknown and could potentially be just a few people. The reasoning and support used by the author in her essay are effective because the how did, author explains clearly the ways in which they support her points.

If the Understanding Essay, author had just said, “There is no clear connection between the lack of river use and the river’s polluted state because it could just be a few people complaining,” the link between the number of people complaining and why this matters for Essay and Education the validity of the complaints would’ve been unclear and the support would be less compelling. The final rubric area for the Argument essay has to do with how skillfully an essay is written and how well it adheres to the standards of written English. Rubric description : A 6 essay conveys ideas fluently and precisely, using effective vocabulary and sentence variety. Demonstrates superior facility with the Violence Essay, conventions of standard written English (i.e., grammar, usage and mechanics), but may have minor errors. This last group of items on the Argument essay rubric gets into the mechanics of how well the author writes. Example Of Monopoly. The two ways in the Domestic Epidemic Essay which this is effected are through the precise use of language and general dearth of of monopoly market, errors . Here’s an example of an the Domestic, effective use of language in the sample essay: “While a polluted, smelly river would likely cut down on clinton email river sports, a concrete connection between the resident’s lack of river use and the river’s current state is Violence Essay not effectively made.” The precise language in hillary clinton email explained this sentence successfully differentiates between the “likely” correlation that is made in the prompt and the “concrete connection” that is not made. This differentiation bolster’s the author’s point that the assumption made in the argument is unwarranted. The second part of this set of rubric items has to do with the author’s ability to write in standard English without making too many errors.

This is Understanding the Domestic Epidemic demonstrated throughout the mostly error-free sample essay; the errors that do remain, like “afffected” in paragraph four, do not impede the reader’s understanding of what the century woman, author is trying to say. This last point is a good distillation of what all the rubric items for a perfect-scoring essay are trying to capture: a 6.0 GRE Argument essay is one that is clear and precise, whether in ideas, analysis, support, development, organization, or language . The river’s “CURRENT” state, get it? See, it’s funny because it’s also a river, so it has its own current, so…you know what, I’ll just see myself out. Karyn Christner/Flickr. 6 Steps to a 6.0: GRE Argument Essay Tips. To finish up this discussion of the essay rubric, I’ll go over the six GRE Argument essay tips you need to ensure a high score.

One of the core skills you must master in order to score at all well on the GRE Argument essay is being able to analyze the Violence Essay, structure and logic of the arguments , rather than getting caught up in henry change whether you agree or disagree with the points being made. It may be difficult to do this at first, as it can be hard to be objective when the subject being argued about is Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay one you have firm opinions on or when the logical flaws of the argument are so obvious it drives you crazy. Part of practicing and preparing for the GRE Argument essay task, though, is learning how to woman channel that irritation and the Domestic outrage into an unflinching analysis and explanation of how the argument works and where it falls apart. Focus on the task at hand. In this case, the task is market a swan, staring at you with its cold, swan-y eyes. Beware. Making sure you analyze the argument (rather than agreeing or disagreeing with its position) is only the first step to writing a successful GRE Argument essay, though. Violence Essay. You’ll also need to make sure that in your dissection of the argument, your main focus stays on on Democracy Issues the major features of the argument that add (or detract from) the argument’s effectiveness. With only 30 minutes to complete the argument task, your job is not to be comprehensive, but to Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay analyze the points that matter. Just because you can identify every single thing wrong with the argument doesn’t mean that you should do this in your essay.

In fact, if you end up trying to identify every single possible flaw in the argument’s reasoning, you’ll likely end up running out of time to do any analysis whatsoever. Essay On Democracy. And while finding the Understanding the Domestic Violence, flaws in the argument is an important part of the example, GRE Argument essay, an Understanding Epidemic, equally important part is explaining in a coherent and unified way why the flaws matter. Let’s consider the Mason City riverfront prompt again as an example. In surveys Mason City residents rank water sports (swimming, boating and fishing) among their favorite recreational activities. The Mason River flowing through the city is Essay on Engineering Ethics rarely used for Violence Epidemic these pursuits, however, and the city park department devotes little of its budget to maintaining riverside recreational facilities. Clinton Scandal Explained. For years there have been complaints from residents about the quality of the river’s water and the river’s smell. In response, the state has recently announced plans to clean up Mason River. Epidemic Essay. Use of the river for water sports is therefore sure to increase.

The city government should for that reason devote more money in 18th woman this year’s budget to the Domestic Violence Essay riverside recreational facilities. Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to hillary scandal explain how the Understanding Violence, argument depends on the assumptions and what the implications are if the assumptions prove unwarranted. There’s a lot of information in the prompt to mull over, and it can be tempting to leap into analyzing the first problematic assumption you notice, even if isn’t a major issue. Don’t fall prey to this temptation! It may be true that the prompt assumes that water sports can only character traits be perpetrated on a river (rather than in a pool or the ocean), but the the Domestic Essay, argument depends on this fact far less than it does on the assumption that the river’s bad smell and quality is why Mason City residents rarely use the Mason River for water sports. The importance of keeping your analysis to example major points is supported by the ideas and analysis rubric item: a 4-scoring essay “may also discuss some extraneous points”, while a 6-scoring essay only covers “aspects of the Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic, argument relevant to the assigned task.” Boating in a pool is totally possible.

These guys get it. Baltimore RecNParks/Flickr. Because the GRE Argument essay involves critiquing someone else’s argument, rather than building your own, it may be difficult to see at first how you can keep your essay organized. In this case, as with many other types of essay, the example of monopoly market, five-paragraph essay form is your friend. To start your essay, you will need to introduce the bare bones of what the argument is Epidemic Essay arguing.

For the example, sample argument we went through above, those bare bones are that the Mason City government should spend more money this year on riverside recreational facilities. You must also include at least a general description of the thrust of your analysis (whether or not the Understanding Epidemic Essay, argument is supported, if there are holes in character traits the argument, or if the Epidemic Essay, argument is more true than not). Ideally, these two points will connect to each other in a lean fashion, like in the introduction of this sample essay: Want to 18th improve your GRE score by 7+ points? Check out our best-in-class online GRE prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your GRE score by 7 points or more. PrepScholar GRE is entirely online, and it customizes your prep program to your strengths and weaknesses. We also feature thousands of practice questions, 2 official GRE practice tests, and 1-on-1 scoring and feedback on your AWA essays. Check out our 5-day free trial now: While it may be true that the Mason City government ought to devote more money to riverside recreational facilities, this author’s argument does not make a cogent case for increased resources based on river use. It is easy to the Domestic Violence understand why city residents would want a cleaner river, but this argument is rife with holes and assumptions, and thus, not strong enough to lead to increased funding.

In each of the three body paragraphs of your essay, you should discuss the three major components of the argument that go to prove your point. Essay Engineering Ethics. Because of the way the GRE Argument prompts are structured, there are usually three main assumptions propping up each argument, which makes your analysis fit quite snugly into Understanding Violence, the five paragraph form. If you only end up discussing two major questions or assumptions from the argument, it’s perfectly fine to end up with two body paragraphs, but you should keep in mind that if you have time, there might be a third avenue of the hillary email scandal, argument that’s worth exploring. Finally, conclude your essay with a reference to your introduction and incorporation of Understanding the Domestic Epidemic, some of the points you made. This conclusion can be short, depending on how did ford the world how you’re doing for time and brainpower by the time you get to it, but including at Understanding Epidemic Essay least some sort of conclusion statement is an important part of keeping your essay organized. Planning out your essay into five-paragraph form before you start writing can also help you stay organized.

#4: Do Mock Analyses of of monopoly, Real GRE Essay Prompts. There are 176 possible topics you’ll be asked to Understanding Essay write about on the GRE Argument essay, and all of them are available for Essay free online. Because of this wealth of real essay topics, it’s unlikely that you’ll run out of Violence Epidemic Essay, prompts you can write practice essays on (unless you’re planning on spending 88 hours doing practice GRE Argument essays). Therefore, it’s safe to do practice outlines , rather than entire practice essays, for a portion of these prompts. Writing mock Argument essay outlines is athena good practice if you’re fine with explaining your thoughts but are struggling with speedily analyzing arguments. Even if you have difficulty with both these aspects of the Argument task, creating outlines is still good practice because it will at the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay least help you increase your analytical skills; once you’ve bolstered your ability to analyze an argument under time pressure, you can then proceed to writing full-length practice essays. For each prompt you choose to 18th century outline, come up with at least three points of analysis and Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay a few sentences to explain the importance of market, each point. These points of analysis could be assumptions made in the argument, the the Domestic Violence, evidence that’s needed to successfully evaluate the argument, alternative explanations or arguments that could be made based on the facts presented in the task, and hillary email so on. The Domestic Violence Epidemic. Make sure, however, to follow step two above and only discuss points that are central to the argument.

You don’t have to play through an entire song or write an entire essay every time you practice. Sometimes, targeted practice is just as valuable. Change. Wolfgang Lonien/Flickr. The rubric is the Domestic Epidemic Essay a good way to grade your own essays, but it can sometimes be hard to know how to take the abstract criteria from the Essay and Education Issues, scoring guidelines and apply them to a real essay. Fortunately, in addition to the free and Essay publicly available sample argument essay I analyzed earlier, sample Argument essays at several different score levels are included in chapters 8 and Engineering Ethics 9 of The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test (2nd Ed.) . Violence Epidemic Essay. You can maximize the value of these sample essays by not only reading them over but by also taking the GRE Argument essay rubric and applying it to them. Use the major differences I pointed out in the 4-vs.-6 Writing score level comparison and my analysis of the 6-scoring sample GRE Argument essay to help you identify features that make the example essays so high-scoring. And Education Issues. Make sure to note both what the Understanding the Domestic, authors do well and why what they do is market effective . The official GRE reader commentary that goes along with each sample essay is also a valuable resource you should use to Understanding the Domestic Essay supplement your analysis and ensure you haven’t missed anything. You should not copy exact words or phrases from the how did the world, perfect-scoring essays to the Domestic Violence use in your own work (that’s plagiarism, which is not permitted on the GRE). Instead, observe how other students successfully earned high essay scores and plan out how you can emulate them.

Examine perfect-scoring essays so you know what standards your essays need to meet. The word processor you use to write the athena traits, Issue and Argument essays on the GRE does not have the standard amenities of autocorrect, spell check, or grammar check, which means you’re likely to make typos and not notice it. You’re also going to Understanding Essay be typing under time pressure, which may lead you to athena make more errors than usual. Understanding The Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay. Because of Essay, this, it’s imperative you check over your essay before submitting it. Having a few minor errors in your essay is fine, as long as the errors don’t make it impossible to understand what you’re trying to say. However, if there are too many typos and in Understanding Epidemic mistakes in your essays, the traits, essay graders (both human and computer) will have difficulty understanding what you’re trying to say and Understanding the Domestic Violence following your analysis, and so will not be able to give you a high score. Example 1: Not revised, major errors (grammar, spelling, and punctuation) One of ht ecornerstones of the argument is that the fewer. In order for this to meaningful, hwoever, reporting methods from hospital to hospital would have to be equivalent, not just now, but also before from before the hillary, “recent est” was begun. wihtout having a reliable baseline it, would be imposisble to know if fhte measured reduction in patient infection gy harmful bacteria was all meaningful.

Example 2: Revised, some minor errors remaining. One of the cornerstones of the argument is that the hospitals reported fewer pateint infections after using UltraClean. In order for Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay this to Issues matter, however, reporting methods from hospital to hospital would have to Violence Essay be equivalent. Furthermore, the hillary email explained, methods of the Domestic Epidemic Essay, reporting patient infection would have to have been equivalent before the “recent test” was begun. Without having a reliable baseline, it would be imposisble to know if fhte measured reduction in clinton scandal explained patient infection by harmful bacteria was at all meaningful.

Barnaby Monkey would never have gotten sick from the Domestic Epidemic Essay a post-op infection if the hospital had used UltraClean. Now you have a better understanding of what it takes to how did henry ford change the world get a perfect score on the Argument essay, but what about on the other half of Analytical Writing? Find out with our exploration of what it takes to get a perfect score on the GRE Issue essay and our analyses of perfect scoring GRE essay samples. How well your essay matches up with the criteria in Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay this essay rubric is just part of the GRE essay story. Hillary Clinton Scandal Explained. Learn more about how exactly GRE Writing is scored here!

I’ve discussed in this article about how a good GRE essay score isn’t necessarily a perfect score, but the same doesn’t necessarily follow for the rest of the GRE. Read more about how to decide on what’s a good GRE score for you here. Ready to improve your GRE score by Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay, 7 points? We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: Laura graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College with a BA in of monopoly market Music and Psychology, and earned a Master's degree in Understanding Epidemic Essay Composition from the Longy School of Music of Bard College.

She scored 99 percentile scores on athena character the SAT and GRE and loves advising students on Understanding the Domestic Epidemic how to excel and example of monopoly market fulfill their college and grad school dreams. View all posts by Laura Staffaroni. Subscribe and Epidemic Essay get FREE tips to crush the GRE! Join our Facebook GRE Study Group. Our Top 10 Most Viewed GRE Posts Ever. Grad School (28) GRE Analytical Writing (7) GRE General Info (44) GRE Logistics (26) GRE Prep (33) GRE Quantitative (12) GRE Subject Tests (1) GRE Verbal (14) TOEFL (15) © PrepScholar 2013-2017. All rights reserved.

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It's a Frame Up: Helping Students Devise Beginnings and Endings. Date: Winter 2001. Summary : Hillebrand describes how a carefully crafted frame can give a piece of writing a deeper sense of Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay, meaning and a way into and out of the assignment that escapes the on Democracy over-used traditional patterns. A carefully crafted frame can make satisfying metaphorical. connections for both reader and writer, giving the paper a deeper sense of meaning and a way into and out of the assignment that escapes the. traditional pattern and quandary of Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay, old hat. Oftentimes, getting an essay started and hillary clinton email, getting it concluded can trouble my college sophomores and juniors more than finding something to say in between. They can always rely, of course, on the old standbys: the Understanding the Domestic Epidemic traditional introduction and the traditional conclusion to the traditional essay, telling the athena character audience what will be said and concluding with what has been said.

Granted, this approach works well in speeches or with lengthy writings, but in Understanding Epidemic shorter essays, these crusty techniques come off as predictable and on Democracy and Education Issues, boring. I encourage my students to find instead a single word, a literary/historical reference, or a personal narrative that can provide a fresh way into and out of their writing, surrounding it much like a window frame surrounds a glass pane or a decorative frame surrounds a picture or mirror. Just as the right picture frame becomes one with the painting, the right rhetorical frame becomes one with the composition, enhancing as well as complementing. This frame not only starts and concludes the writing, but can also reinforce the Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic main idea, offer a broader perspective, or even interject a bit of humor. A set of ungraded papers can appear a burden to the instructor, but framed essays more often than not make reading less a chore and on Democracy and Education Issues, more a pleasant, entertaining, and, at times, informative experience. Last year, a student in my research class wrote a lengthy paper on the relationship between humans and plants, beginning her rather serious topic with a reference to a well-known nursery rhyme: Ring around the roses, a pocket full of posies . . . . She explains that the pocket full of flowers masked the stench of death during the time of the black plague, only one of the many useful purposes of plants that have benefited us throughout the ages. The paper ends with a reinforcement of the warning that we depend on plant life to add quality to Understanding Violence Epidemic our own lives: Without plants, life on Earth would cease to on Engineering exist as we know it: `ashes, ashes, we all fall down.' On a much different note, a student in my rhetorical conventions class wrote a short paper that manipulates his memories of a particular odor into a framing device. Students were assigned reflective memoirs, which for Epidemic Essay this student provided an opportunity to describe his first car-purchasing experience. He opens the how did ford change piece by detailing the Understanding the Domestic Essay musty smell of the used car and the Blue Bouquet air freshener that made it his.

He ends with a description of his strongest memory: Regardless of where I am or what I am doing, whenever I smell the scent of a Blue Bouquet air freshener, I can hear the rumble of the exhaust behind me, feel the air rustling my hair, and sense the urge to slam the pedal to the floor so I can feel the sheer bone-crunching power of acceleration. A good place to find rhetorical frames commonly used by professional writers is in Essay on Ethics newspapers that run feature articles and columnists. In 1985, flying home after a trip to Mexico, I sat next to Los Angeles Times columnist Jack Smith. He explained that in most of his articles, he connected the first and last sentences after taking readers on a journey of other ideas, a pattern that made writing a daily column less onerous. Syndicated columnist William Safire often relies on a single word as a framing device. In a 1994 article, he calls on Understanding Violence Essay tsunami, the example market Japanese word for a great wave caused by underwater seismic shock, to frame an article on the Domestic Epidemic the shock that caused the woman conservative wave of that year. His introduction connects the definition of tsunami with the main idea of his article: the majority of voters shook up legislators to express their lack of Understanding Violence Epidemic, faith in an ever-growing government. The column ends with a second mention of the tsunami, identifying it as a shock that does indeed change everything and email, that leads to exciting days politically, an analogy that reinforces his (but not everyone's) opinion. A writer can seduce a reader into considering relatively abstract ideas by Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay creating a framing device that links these ideas to everyday images and experiences.

In another column, Safire decries the new disloyalty that seemingly affects our culture at and Education, every level of business and politics. He has his teeth into a large concept, but he introduces his thoughts about a fickle public, fickle corporate world, and fickle government by making a down-to-earth confession: Over the years, Safire says, he has been a toothpaste hopper. He writes that the avuncular tones of Harry Von Zell got him to switch to long-forgotten Ipana from even more forgotten Kolynos. Understanding The Domestic Violence Essay! Since then, other new products have encouraged this lack of brand loyalty. Essay On Engineering Ethics! Safire moves on to take on Disloyalty with a capital D; he worries that we have become a disposable culture all too ready to relegate even people to the discard pile. The Domestic Violence Epidemic! In his concluding paragraph, he asks that we stop this worldwide devaluation of loyalty. He ends, however, with a mundane image echoing his opening. Pick a brand of toothpaste and stick with it. This little idea connects to the far more serious one, oddly enough offering a broader perspective.

The smallness of his framing device may seem incongruous, but this very element awakens us to the exigency of our everyday actions. Literary references also make effective framing devices. In our local newspaper, a letter to henry the editor from an angry professor responds to an editorial in Essay which the editorial writer is accusing the university teachers of salary whining. The professor puts to work Edgar Allen Poe's The Cask of Amontillado as a literary framing device, quoting Poe's opening sentence as his opening sentence: The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could; but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge. The writer uses the how did henry change the world words of Poe's narrator to convey his own indignation at being flagrantly wronged. The body of the letter details the Understanding the Domestic Violence professor's resentment at what he considers to be the how did henry editorial writer's insults, but the final sentence refers again to Poe's story: Ah, for a fresh batch of cement, a stack of bricks, and a good trowel, the very tools, readers of Poe will recognize, that the story's narrator uses to Violence Essay work his revenge on Fortunato.

By humorously framing hostile feelings, the professor gently emphasizes his point: Overworked and underpaid, he and his colleagues do not appreciate editorials claiming otherwise. Many students feel, correctly enough, that they do not have the command of literary allusion that this writer demonstrates. However, almost all have an intimate knowledge of traits, some folk and fairy tales that may serve them as they create framing devices. One student, writing about her struggle with obesity, puts to Violence Essay use the question that opens Snow White: Mirror, mirror on example market the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The student quickly explains that, in Understanding the Domestic her world, fairest is changed to fattest. Character! She further connects the Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay device by on Engineering describing her despair each time she stands before that cruel mirror. Violence Epidemic Essay! After revealing her struggle and her growing awareness of others who, for various reasons, do not fit in, the paper ends with a new version of the mirror question: Who is the and Education Issues healthiest of them all? While the framing device gives an added dimension of poignancy to the narrative, the newly recast, final question concludes it on an uplifting note. Personal Experience as a Framing Device.

Personal experience can also provide a frame in which to set the discussion of a larger issue. Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman provides a personal experience to frame an opinion piece calling for labels in clothing to guarantee consumers that child labor has not produced newly purchased garments. Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay! Standing at a checkout counter, she looks at the various tags and labels affixed to a pair of shorts she has decided to purchase. The labels tell her much: price, size, washing instructions, even country of character, origin. Left unasked is the question Who has produced this pair of tennis shorts? As she ponders the origin of these shorts, she creates a transition from the the Domestic Essay frame to market the article's purposeasking consumers to make a connection between what we wear and the people who make it. Goodman concludes her argument by referring once again to her own purchase, calling herself an uneasy consumer of one pair of tennis shorts who would like to initiate change by Understanding the Domestic asking one simple question: How about labels for labor? Students often use personal experience narratives similar to Goodman's as a way into traits, and out of Understanding, papers on such topics as racism, the environment, or political and school concerns. Athena Character Traits! By calling on an incident or event from his or her life, the writer adds an Violence extra dimension to the topic as well as an authenticity. When the concluding sentence refers to this opening experience, the reader is left with a satisfying sense of closure.

The paper projects a wholeness, a coming full circle, that essays with traditional, often ordinary conclusions sometimes lack. In a particularly effective paper on the negative impact television violence can have on children, one of my students begins with a description of his family's extended Thanksgiving dinner. The student explains that the peacefulness he felt as the traits family members gathered to give thanks for all their blessings vanished once he entered the family room where his younger cousins were mobilized in Violence front of the television for the Power Rangers program. On Democracy Issues! After watching intensely physical confrontations, the normally docile three- to twelve-year-olds turned into miniature fighting machines. Understanding The Domestic Essay! They eagerly kicked and century woman, punched any interloper, forcing the narrator to leave and the Domestic Violence, causing him to seriously question the laissez faire child-rearing attitudes of the children's parents. This incident acts as a segue that connects the family experience with his topic: the woman growing problem of children's viewing of television violence and possible solutions to this problem.

The writer concludes by Understanding the Domestic offering a plan for handling the situation at the next Thanksgiving dinner: I may not be the most popular cousin for turning off the Power Rangers, but what is popular is how did ford the world not always right, and what is Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay right is market not always popular. I can live with not being popular. For many students, the personal experience that becomes the the Domestic Violence Essay framing device for century woman an essay triggers the piece's central idea, rather than the other way around. One student, writing about student/teacher relationships in elementary schools, describes a rather upsetting incident she witnessed during a week of observation. A crying second grade student who had been teased beyond endurance ran to his teacher's arms for comfort, only to be shoved away by the teacher. This observation begins the Violence Essay student's essay and inspires the central idea of the piece: when teachers touch students, they have reason to century fear the Epidemic consequences. The paper ends with the henry ford the world writer once again referring to the incident of the spurned second-grader. She mentions how troubled she was at the time, but after doing research on Understanding Epidemic Essay the subject, she explains, I clearly understand her reasons for not offering comfort and for not hugging him back.

When I first introduce the framing device lesson, I caution students against example market, a couple of traps I have seen former students fall into when they use this technique. The Domestic Violence! Sometimes a framing device can take on a life of its own, becoming more developed than the content. This I call the runaway frame. I recount a former student's essay that describes a supposedly distasteful fast-food job she held in on Democracy Issues one town while living in another. The Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay! For her introduction and conclusion, she gives a hair-raising account of her forty-minute commute to work over black ice.

Although the purpose of her paper was to ford change dissuade readers from taking a position at Essay, the partic-ular restaurant where she worked, the overly long framing device was far more compelling. Athena! No reader would want to live down that hill after reading about the slippery road, the traffic, the delays, and the danger. There's another trap that students fall into. They do not make clear the relation between their framing device and the Domestic, the body of the how did henry ford paper. One student began and ended a paper on the Cuban missile crisis with quotes from Hamlet. To be or not to be, the paper begins, ending with the lines, whether `tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay take arms against Ethics, a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them . . . . One may imag-ine many connections between these words from Shakespeare and Understanding Violence, the events of the Cuban missile crisis, but the writer did not articulate any of on, them.

As we help students revise, we need to be on the lookout for these connections that have not yet made it from the student's mind to his paper. Keeping these caveats in mind, however, a carefully crafted frame can make satisfying metaphorical connections for both reader and writer, giving the paper a deeper sense of meaning and a way into and out of the assignment that escapes the traditional pattern and quandary of old hat.

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14 Skills and Values Employers Seek in Jobseekers. by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., and Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Job Skills to list on your Resume. Deals with acting in a responsible and fair manner in all your personal and work activities, which is seen as a sign of maturity and self-confidence; avoid being petty. How to describe this skill on your resume: Conscientious go-getter who is highly organized, dedicated, and committed to professionalism. Employers probably respect personal integrity more than any other value, especially in light of the many recent corporate scandals. How to describe this skill on your resume: Seasoned professional whose honesty and integrity create effective leadership and optimal business relationships.

Deals with openness to new ideas and concepts, to working independently or as part of a team, and to carrying out Understanding the Domestic multiple tasks or projects. How to describe this skill on your resume: Highly adaptable, mobile, positive, resilient, patient risk-taker who is open to new ideas. Employers seek jobseekers who love what they do and will keep at it until they solve the problem and get the job done. How to describe this skill on your resume: Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in email scandal successfully completing tasks. 5.Dependability/Reliability/Responsibility. There#8217;s no question that all employers desire employees who will arrive to work every day? on time? and ready to Understanding Violence Essay, work, and who will take responsibility for their actions. How to describe this skill on your resume: Dependable, responsible contributor committed to excellence and success. Employers want employees who will have a strong devotion to how did change the world, the company? even at times when the company is not necessarily loyal to its employees.

How to describe this skill on your resume: Loyal and dedicated manager with an excellent work record. 7.Positive Attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion. The jobseekers who get hired and the employees who get promoted are the ones with drive and passion? and who demonstrate this enthusiasm through their words and actions. How to describe this skill on your resume: Energetic performer consistently cited for the Domestic Epidemic unbridled passion for work, sunny disposition, and upbeat, positive attitude. Look at it this way: if you don#8217;t believe in yourself, in your unique mix of skills, education, and abilities, why should a prospective employer? Be confident in yourself and what you can offer employers.

How to describe this skill on your resume: Confident, hard-working employee who is committed to on Ethics, achieving excellence. 9.Self-Motivated/Ability to Work Without Supervision. While teamwork is always mentioned as an important skill, so is the ability to work independently, with minimal supervision. How to describe this skill on your resume: Highly motivated self-starter who takes initiative with minimal supervision. No matter what your age, no matter how much experience you have, you should always be willing to learn a new skill or technique. Jobs are constantly changing and evolving, and you must show an openness to grow and learn with that change. Understanding! How to describe this skill on your resume: Enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry learner, eager to meet challenges and and Education, quickly assimilate new concepts. While there is some debate about whether leadership is something people are born with, these skills deal with your ability to take charge and the Domestic Epidemic, manage your co-workers. Hillary Email Explained! How to describe this skill on your resume: Goal-driven leader who maintains a productive climate and Understanding Essay, confidently motivates, mobilizes, and coaches employees to meet high-performance standards.

12.Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness. There is possibly no bigger issue in the workplace than diversity, and jobseekers must demonstrate a sensitivity and awareness to other people and cultures. Market! How to describe this skill on your resume: Personable professional whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability to build rapport with a diverse workforce in multicultural settings. Understanding Violence Essay! Deals with your ability to design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within an allotted timeframe. Also, involves goal-setting. How to describe this skill on your resume: Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organizational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation. Because so many jobs involve working in one or more work-groups, you must have the ability to work with others in a professional manner while attempting to achieve a common goal. How to 18th woman, describe this skill on your resume: Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues. Final Thoughts on Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, Employment Skills and Values. Employability skills and personal values are the critical tools and traits you need to succeed in the workplace? and they are all elements that you can learn, cultivate, develop, and maintain over your lifetime. Once you have identified the hillary explained, sought-after skills and values and assessed the degree to which you possess them, begin to market them by building them into your resume, cover letter, and interview answers) for job-search success.

See also our Transferable Job Skills for Violence Jobseekers.Click here to begin building your own resume! More Information about Employability Skills: Skills Employers Seek, reporting on annual results from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) survey of employers to determine the top 10 personal qualities/skills employers seek. From the Career Development Center at market Binghamton University. Skills Employers Seek, from Loughborough University. Skills Employers Seek, from Violence Epidemic Psych Web Top 10 Soft Skills in Essay on Democracy Demand, from Epidemic Essay LiveCareer Resume Skills Section, from hillary LiveCareer. Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Understanding Epidemic Essay! Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and Essay on Engineering, savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills.

Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the Epidemic Essay, job you want. Dr. Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and hillary clinton email explained, most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is also founder of and He is publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Understanding! Dr.

Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hillary explained, hundreds of articles. He’s often quoted in Epidemic the media and athena character traits, conducts empowering workshops around the country. Understanding The Domestic Epidemic Essay! Finally, Dr. Hansen is also an educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at Check out Dr.

Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of traits, Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and Epidemic, blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an market electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in Understanding the Domestic the job search at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for Ethics New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay, with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Engineering Ethics! I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. Understanding The Domestic! You#8217;ll find some great free career-change tools and century woman, resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an archive of our previous blog posts.

Please check out the new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists. Understanding Violence! Interview Advice Job [] The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and Engineering, employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to Understanding Essay, go straight to athena character, the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. Understanding Violence Essay! The Quintessential Directory of henry change, Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, a specific employer#8217;s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and employment centers on market, their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to Violence, the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter.

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Nov 18, 2017 Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay,

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Essay: The Smart Emergency First Aid Kit. The smart emergency first aid kit would be convenient and Understanding Epidemic, easy to use by a normal technical person. It would be having compartment of woman materials to be used during particular emergency which would show LED indication. Simultaneously it will show the instructions related to particular emergency on LCD. Understanding Violence Epidemic! It would also give an indication for the refilling of the Essay Engineering Ethics, compartments when they are empty. Essay! It would also have an additional feature of clinton email pre-recorded instructions in local language useful for guiding the laymen handling the Epidemic Essay, emergency case.

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. 1.1 What is character, a First Aid Kit? Currently available first aid kits are mainly used during: Accidents- cuts, wounds, injuries, fractures. Emergencies- Absence of breathing, absence of heartbeat, choking, sunstroke, drowning, electric shock, poisoning. It comprises of: Band aids and elastic bandages. Gauze and Adhesive tape. Antiseptic wipes and cotton wool. Safety pins and Scissors.

Fig. Epidemic Essay! 1(a) Ordinary First aid kits. Courtesy: Meditrain first aid kits. 1.2 Aim #038; Objective of the Project. Developing an innovative Smart Emergency First Aid Kit to cater different medical emergencies. Following medical emergencies would be covered: 6. Unconscious not breathing. 7. Unconscious breathing. 1.3 Problem Identification: The following are the problems that are faced:

No first aid kit available in the market which caters all or major medical emergencies. Improperly assembled kits. Inefficient interface between user and a kit. No serial communication or software integration with kit. No telemedicine integrated first aid kit. No Innovative design to cater individualized industry specific kit. Peripheral areas of the country having dispensaries are unable treat the on, patients effectively during emergencies.

Fig.1 (b) Currently available first aid kit. Courtesy: Meditrain first aid kits. CHAPTER 2: PROJECT DESCRIPTION. The Smart Emergency First Aid Kit is the Understanding Violence Essay, device containing a collection of materials useful for giving first aid to the person suffering from an century, emergency. During any emergency conditions, a layman would feel it difficult to help the person in emergency due to physical or mental instability developed by Understanding the Domestic Essay, looking at traits, the emergency condition. We have worked upon Understanding the Domestic Epidemic this condition and developed a novel kit where in a layman-ordinary person can help the person in emergency by following the predefined and simplified steps. These steps (protocols) have been defined using our extensive research and data collection from clinicians working in emergency department of renowned hospitals. The steps to be followed pertaining to any defined emergency has three potential ways of communication with the user. First, once the switch pertaining to predefined emergency is pressed, the Ethics, materials required for Understanding Essay the emergency gives LED indication in the compartments. This helps the henry change, user to easily identify the materials required for particular emergency. Second, the predefined steps which needs to be followed pertaining to Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay particular emergency has a visual display in the form instructions.

Third, there are predefined audio instructions pertaining to particular emergency which will help user to follow the steps easily. The kit is a well-organized and comprises of compartments for Engineering arranging the materials according to the Domestic Violence Epidemic the emergencies. In addition, there is a provision of indication for refilling the supplies whenever the compartment is empty. 2.2 Layout of the kit: Fig.2 (a) Layout of the of monopoly market, smart First Aid Kit. 2.3 Description of the the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, kit: Push buttons are provided to henry ford change select a particular type of emergency. There are total 10 push buttons. One push button is assigned to one emergency condition in Understanding the Domestic Epidemic following manner: 1.2 Heart attack. 1.6 Unconscious not breathing.

1.7 Unconscious breathing. LCD display will show the instructions related to particular emergency when it is 18th woman, selected. There are LED indicators provided which will glow when a particular material is required during the Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic, specific emergency. Example: If 1 button is scandal, pushed then for bleeding as the required materials are cotton and sterile piece of cloth and bandage then the compartments having these materials will be indicated by Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay, their respective LEDs. 4. Athena Traits! Weight Sensors: Weight sensors will be IR sensors which will be in each compartment. This will show that the Essay, particular compartment is empty or is filled. If it shows red indication it means compartment is empty and needs to be refilled.

If it shows green indication it means that the compartment is not empty. 5. Instructions to be displayed: Immobilize the injured part. Don’t remove the bandage. LED: 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. 5.2 Heart attack. Chew and swallow an aspirin. Begin CPR if unconscious.

Immobilize the injured part. Don’t move the injured part. LED: 3, 8, 9, 10, 12. Keep the Essay Issues, person still. Stop any bleeding. Watch for breathing. If not give CPR. LED:2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Stop bleeding using sanitary pads. 5.6 Unconscious not breathing. If not give CPR. Lay down on the back. 5.7 Unconscious breathing. Give CPR if irregular breathing. Keep the person warm. Give sugar to Epidemic avoid faint. Lay on the back. Place other hand on the first hand. Give 100 compressions per minute.

Remove sharp objects. Soft thing under head. Hospital within 24 hrs. Cooling pads on head. Hospital within 1 hr. CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY. 3.1 Block Diagram. Fig.3 (a) Block diagram. 1) ATmega 2560 R3: The Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on 18th century woman the ATmega2560.

It has 54 digital input/output pins (of which15 can be used as PWM outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It contains everything needed to support the the Domestic, microcontroller; simply connect it to a computer with a USB cable or power it with a AC-to-DC adapter or battery to get started. The Mega is compatible with most shields designed for the Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimila. 2) Weight Sensors: IR sensors. Infrared sensors are the sensor which helps to Essay Engineering detect whether a particular object is present or not. The Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay! These will be present in each compartment for the purpose of refilling the athena character, materials. 20*4 LCD display for the display of the instructions related to the particular emergency. It is Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, 20 character 4 line displays. 4) LED Indicators:

LEDs to indicate particular material to be used during the particular type of an emergency. Also it will indicate that a particular material is present or not. Database includes the information regarding each emergency and instructions to Essay on Ethics be displayed on the LCD screen . These instructions will be fed in the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay the controller. 6) Micro SD Memory Card Socket: The memory card socket is used to store the instruction in the different languages if the person is example of monopoly, unable to the Domestic read the instructions displayed on the LCD screen. 3.3 COMPONENT DESCRIPTION: a) ATmega 2560 R3:

The Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560. It has 54 digital input/output pins (of which 15 can be used as PWM outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller; simply connect it to a computer with a USB cable or power it with a AC-to-DC adapter or battery to get started. The Mega is compatible with most shields designed for the Arduino Duemilanove or Diecimila. The Mega 2560 is an update to email the Arduino Mega which it replaces. The Mega2560 differs from Understanding the Domestic Violence all preceding boards in hillary clinton explained that it does not use the FTDI USB-to-serial driver chip. Instead, it features the ATmega16U2 (ATmega8U2 in the revision 1 and revision 2 boards) programmed as a USB-to-serial converter.

Revision 2 of the Mega2560 board has a resistor pulling the the Domestic Epidemic Essay, 8U2 HWB line to ground, making it easier to put into DFU mode. Revision 3 of the board has the following new features: Added SDA and SCL pins that are near to the AREF pin and two other new pins placed near to the RESET pin, the IOREF that allow the shields to adapt to the voltage provided from the board. In future, shields will be compatible both with the board that use the AVR, which operate with 5V and with the Arduino Due that operate with 3.3V. The second one is a not connected pin that is reserved for future purposes. Stronger RESET circuit. Atmega 16U2 replace the 8U2. Schematic, Reference Design #038; Pin Mapping. Operating Voltage 5V.

Input Voltage (recommended) 7-12V. Input Voltage (limits) 6-20V. Digital I/O Pins 54 (of which 15 provide PWM output) Analog Input Pins 16. DC Current per how did henry change the world I/O Pin 40 mA. DC Current for 3.3V Pin 50 mA. Flash Memory 256 KB of which 8 KB used by Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic, boot loader. Clock Speed 16 MHz. The Arduino Mega can be powered via the USB connection or with an external power supply.

The power source is selected automatically. External (non-USB) power can come either from an AC-to-DC adapter (wall-wart) or battery. The adapter can be connected by plugging a 2.1mm center-positive plug into the board’s power jack. Leads from a battery can be inserted in the Gnd and Vin pin headers of the POWER connector. The board can operate on an external supply of 6 to 20 volts. If supplied with less than 7V, however, the 5V pin may supply less than five volts and the board may be unstable.

If using more than 12V, the voltage regulator may overheat and damage the board. The recommended range is 7 to 12 volts. The power pins are as follows: The input voltage to the Arduino board when it’s using an external power source (as opposed to 5 volts from the USB connection or other regulated power source). Example Of Monopoly! You can supply voltage through this pin, or, if supplying voltage via the Understanding the Domestic Violence, power jack, access it through this pin. This pin outputs a regulated 5V from the 18th century, regulator on the board.

The board can be supplied with power either from the DC power jack (7 – 12V), the USB connector (5V), or the the Domestic Essay, VIN pin of the board (7-12V). Supplying voltage via the 5V or 3.3V pins bypasses the regulator, and how did henry ford change the world, can damage your board. Understanding The Domestic Epidemic! We don’t advise it. A 3.3 volt supply generated by the on-board regulator. Maximum current draw is 50 mA. This pin on the Arduino board provides the athena traits, voltage reference with which the Understanding the Domestic, microcontroller operates. A properly configured shield can read the IOREF pin voltage and example of monopoly market, select the appropriate power source or enable voltage translators on the outputs for working with the 5V or 3.3V. The ATmega2560 has 256 KB of flash memory for storing code (of which 8 KB is Understanding the Domestic Violence Essay, used for the boot loader), 8 KB of henry ford the world SRAM and 4 KB of EEPROM (which can be read and written with the EEPROM library) Input and Output: Each of the 54 digital pins on the Mega can be used as an input or output, using pin Mode(), digitalWrite() and digitalRead() functions. They operate at 5 volts.

Each pin can provide or receive a maximum of the Domestic Violence 40mA and has an internal pull-up resistor (disconnected by default) of 20-50 kOhms. In addition, some pins have specialized. Serial: 0 (RX) and 1 (TX); Serial 1: 19 (RX) and 18 (TX); Serial 2: 17 (RX) and 16 (TX); Serial 3: 15 (RX) and 14 (TX). Used to receive (RX) and Essay on Democracy, transmit (TX) TTL serial data. Pins 0 and 1 are also connected to the corresponding pins of the ATmega16U2 USB-to-TTL Serial chip. 2 (interrupt 0), 3 (interrupt 1), 18 (interrupt 5), 19 (interrupt 4), 20 (interrupt 3), and 21 (interrupt 2). These pins can be configured to Understanding the Domestic trigger an interrupt on a low value, a rising or falling edge, or a change in value. These pins support SPI communication using the SPI library.

The SPI pins are also broken out on on Democracy the ICSP header, which is physically compatible with the Uno, Duemilanove and Diecimila. 13. There is a built-in LED connected to digital pin 13. Understanding The Domestic Violence! When the pin is HIGH value, the LED is on, when the pin is LOW, it’s off. 20 (SDA) and 21 (SCL). Essay Engineering Ethics! Support TWI communication using the Wire library. Note that these pins are not in the same location as the TWI pins on the Duemilanove or Diecimila. The Mega2560 has 16 analog inputs, each of which provides 10 bits of resolution (i.e. 1024 different values). The Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay! By default they measure from ground to 5 volts, though is it possible to change the Engineering, upper end of their range using the AREF pin and Understanding Epidemic, analog Reference() function.

There are a couple of other pins on the board: AREF. Ethics! Reference voltage for the Domestic Violence Epidemic the analog inputs. Email Scandal Explained! Used with analog Reference(). Bring this line LOW to Understanding Violence Essay reset the microcontroller. Typically used to add a reset button to shields which block the one on the board. The Arduino Mega2560 has a number of facilities for communicating with a computer, another Arduino, or other microcontrollers. The ATmega2560 provides four hardware UARTs for TTL (5V) serial communication.

An ATmega16U2 (ATmega 8U2 on the revision 1 and 18th century, revision 2 boards) on the board channels one of these over USB and provides a virtual com port to Understanding Violence software on the computer (Windows machines will need a .inf file, but OSX and Linux machines will recognize the board as a COM port automatically. The Arduino software includes a serial monitor which allows simple textual data to be sent to traits and from the board. The RX and TX LEDs on the board will flash when data is being transmitted via the ATmega8U2/ATmega16U2 chip and USB connection to the computer (but not for serial communication on pins 0 and 1).A SoftwareSerial library allows for Understanding Epidemic Essay serial communication on Essay on Democracy and Education any of the. Mega2560’s digital pins: The ATmega2560 also supports TWI and Understanding the Domestic Epidemic Essay, SPI communication.

The Arduino software includes a Wire library to simplify use of the TWI bus; see the documentation ( for character details. For SPI communication, use the Epidemic Essay, SPI library. The Arduino Mega can be programmed with the Arduino software . The ATmega16U2 (or 8U2 in the rev1 and change the world, rev2 boards) firmware source code is available in the Arduino repository. The Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay! The ATmega16U2/8U2 is example of monopoly market, loaded with a DFU bootloader, which can be activated by: On Rev1 boards: connecting the the Domestic Epidemic Essay, solder jumper on the back of the email explained, board (near the map of Italy) and Understanding the Domestic Violence, then resetting the of monopoly, 8U2. On Rev2 or later boards: there is Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay, a resistor that pulling the 8U2/16U2 HWB line to ground, making it easier to put into DFU mode. You can then use. Atmel’s FLIP software to load a new firmware. Or you can use the ISP header with an email explained, external programmer. Automatic (Software) Reset. Rather then requiring a physical press of the reset button before an upload, the Arduino Mega2560 is the Domestic Violence, designed in a way that allows it to be reset by Essay, software running on a connected computer.

One of the hardware flow control lines (DTR) of the ATmega8U2 is. connected to the reset line of the ATmega2560 via a 100 nanofarad capacitor. When this line is Epidemic, asserted (taken low), the reset line drops long enough to reset the character, chip. The Arduino software uses this capability to allow you to the Domestic Violence upload code by simply pressing the upload button in the Arduino environment. This means that the century, bootloader can have a shorter timeout, as the lowering of DTR can be well-coordinated with the start of the upload.

This setup has other implications. When the Understanding, Mega2560 is connected to either a computer running Mac OS X or Linux, it resets each time a connection is made to it from software (via USB). Athena Character! For the following half-second or so, the Understanding Violence, bootloader is running on the Mega2560. While it is programmed to ignore malformed data (i.e. anything besides an upload of new code), it will intercept the first few bytes of data sent to the board after a connection is opened. If a sketch running on the board receives one-time configuration or other data when it first starts, make sure that the software with which it communicates waits a second after opening the connection and before sending this data. The Mega2560 contains a trace that can be cut to disable the auto-reset. The pads on 18th century either side of the trace can be soldered together to re-enable it. It’s labeled “RESET-EN”. You may also be able to disable the auto-reset by connecting a 110 ohm resistor from Epidemic Essay 5V to athena character the reset line. USB Overcurrent Protection: The Arduino Mega2560 has a resettable polyfuse that protects your computer’s USB ports from Understanding shorts and overcurrent.

Although most computers provide their own internal protection, the fuse provides an Essay on Ethics, extra layer of protection. Understanding The Domestic Epidemic! If more than 500 mA is athena, applied to the USB port, the fuse will automatically break the Understanding the Domestic Violence, connection until the century woman, short or overload is removed. Physical Characteristics and Shield Compatibility. The maximum length and width of the Mega2560 PCB are 4 and Understanding Essay, 2.1 inches respectively, with the USB connector and hillary email explained, power jack extending beyond the former dimension. Three screw holes allow the board to be attached to a surface or case.

Note that the distance between digital pins 7 and 8 is Understanding Epidemic, 160 mil (0.16?), not an even multiple of the 100 mil spacing of the other pins. The Mega2560 is designed to be compatible with most shields designed for the Uno, Diecimila or Duemilanove. Henry Change! Digital pins 0 to 13 (and the adjacent AREF and GND pins), analog inputs 0 to 5, the power header, and ICSP header are all in equivalent locations. Further the main UART (serial port) is located on the same pins (0 and 1), as are external interrupts 0 and 1 (pins 2 and Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, 3 respectively). SPI is henry ford, available through the ICSP header on both the Mega2560 and Epidemic Essay, Duemilanove / Diecimila. Ford Change! Please note that I2C is not located on the same pins on the Mega (20 and 21) as the Understanding Epidemic Essay, Duemilanove / Diecimila (analog inputs 4 and and Education Issues, 5). Fig. 3(b) Arduino mega 2560 R3 board. Fig. 3(c) Arduino mega 2560 R3 Schematic. DISPLAY CONTENT’20 CHAR x 4ROW.

c) IR proximity sensor: Fig. 3(e) IR sensor. IR proximity sensor module has 3 pins. One pin is VCC, one pin is Ground and one pin is Negative.

By connecting it to LED and resistor we can obtain the interfacing with LED which is used for Understanding Violence Epidemic Essay LED indication. d) Micro SD memory card and socket. Accepts standard Micro SD memory cards for mounting in your embedded projects. These are the same sockets we use in on our Micro SD memory card interface boards model 1102 and 1103 and they work great. The Micro SD memory cards are the same memory cards used in mobile phones which are available at Violence Epidemic Essay, very low cost, making it ideal for using in embedded projects like memory card storage, audio mp3 players and such. The socket is Push Push type, means. ‘ Push again to Eject. Fig. 3(f) Micro SD memory card and socket. CHAPTER 4: SOFTWARE PROGRAMMING.

#define SD_ChipSelectPin 53 //example uses hardware SS pin 53 on email scandal explained Mega2560. const byte ROWS = 4; //four rows. const byte COLS = 3; //four columns. //define the cymbols on Understanding Essay the buttons of the keypads. byte rowPins[ROWS] = ; //connect to hillary clinton email the row pinouts of the keypad.

byte colPins[COLS] = ; //connect to the column pinouts of the keypad. //initialize an instance of class NewKeypad. Keypad customKeypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(hexaKeys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS); // initialize the library with the numbers of the interface pins. LiquidCrystal lcd(14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19); TMRpcm tmrpcm; // create an object for use in this sketch.

// set up the LCD’s number of columns and Essay, rows: // Print a message to the LCD. tmrpcm.speakerPin = 11; //5,6,11 or 46 on Mega, 9 on Uno, Nano, etc. return; // don’t do anything more if not. char customKey = customKeypad.getKey(); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(” Dirt, Immobilize “); lcd.setCursor(0,3);lcd.print(“Don’t remove bandage”); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(” Begin CPR “); lcd.setCursor(0,2);lcd.print(“Chew and how did change, swallow an “); lcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(“Stop bleeding#038; Apply”); lcd.setCursor(0,3);lcd.print(“move injured part…”); lcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(” Keep person still “); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(” Stop any bleeding “); lcd.setCursor(0,2);lcd.print(“Watch for breathing “); lcd.setCursor(0,3);lcd.print(” If not give CPR…”); lcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(“Stop bleeding using “); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(” sanitary pad, “); lcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(” Check Breathing, “); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(” If not give CPR, “); lcd.setCursor(0,2);lcd.print(” Loosen Clothes, “); lcd.setCursor(0,3);lcd.print(“Lay down on the back”); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(” CPR if irregular “); lcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(” Lay on the back, “); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(“place other hand on “); lcd.setCursor(0,2);lcd.print(“first hand#038;Give 100 “); lcd.setCursor(0,3);lcd.print(“thing under head. “); lcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(” Using soap, wash “); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(” throughly bitten “); lcd.setCursor(0,3);lcd.print(” within 24 hours…”); lcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(“Cooling pads on head”); lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(“Hospital within 1 hr”); void led1(int i,int j,int k,int l) void led2(int i,int j,int k,int l) void led3(int i,int j,int k,int l,int m) CHAPTER 5: LITERATURE REVIEW. 5.1 AIM: First aid kit and method of replenishing.

Includes a carrying case which has means for providing quick access to the contents carried by the case. Each pack being designated a colour, each pack being designated by Epidemic, an icon, and each pack containing medical products for different types of first aid situations. Guidebook which have a matching colour to the pack. The first aid kit further including an overview card which includes an overview of the character traits, packs, the overview card being color coordinated to assist the user in finding the appropriate pack for Understanding a situation, the overview card further being icon coordinated to assist the user in finding the appropriate pack for a situation. Fig.

5(a) First aid kit and method of replenishing. 5.2 AIM: First-aid kit. Body attached first aid kit. Specially designed for battle field. Pockets designed according to the equipments. flap adapted to overlie the upper open edge over the false one preventing the materials from rain. Materials covered in this are standard size of woman bottle of Morphine, hypodermic needle, individual swabs, special bandage cutting scissors,splints,thermos bottle etc. Invention is to provide a body-attached first aid kit for use in emergency field work, which kit does not hinder the movement of the Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay, wearer and is adapted to be opened from the carried position with all pockets and equipment items in the proper position for use while the wearer is administering first aid to 18th century woman the patient.

Fig. 5(b) First aid kit during military services. 5.3 AIM: Emergency burn treatment pack. Comprises of soft resilient foam material adapted to support a patient lying on said foam material, A sterile sheet on said foam material interspersed between said foam material and the Domestic Essay, a patient lying on said foam material and adapted to clinton scandal explained completely cover and protect said patient from contamination, and.

a flexible outer covering having at least a pair of cooperating interlocking portions completely encompassing said foam material, patient and said sterile sheet for maintaining the sterile atmosphere about the patient. Required to the Domestic Epidemic check the pulse and henry the world, breathing issue. Openings are provided in the waterproof covering to provide access to the patient’s arms and legs for intravenous blood transfusions should that be necessary. A pair of flexible straps located on each side of the waterproof outer covering provide the means for transporting the patient while in the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay the sterile and moist protective cocoon environment. Fig.

5(c) Emergency burn treatment pack. 5.4 AIM: Emergency medical care kit with medical emergency instructions. Can be used by a laymen. Plastic organizer to insert the how did ford, compartments. Each compartment for a particular medical emergency. A compartment for instruction and Understanding Violence Essay, emergency telephone numbers. On one side there are necessary items for the medical emergencies and on the other side there are drugs related to primary relief. Each compartment is directed to a particular medical emergency and is so identified on Essay on Democracy and Education Issues its cover or lid.

The reverse side of the compartment cover has instructions for treating the particular emergency, while the compartment contains the necessary care items for that particular emergency. A divider is held by snaps across the upper section of the case to help contain the contents and also provides instruction for use of the kit, some general first aid information, and a list of Understanding the Domestic Violence emergency telephone numbers. Fig. Change The World! 5(d) Medical organised care kit with instructions. 5.5 AIM: Emergency eye kit. Comprises of sterilized pads(2’*2?), drugs, extractors, lights, ointments, tape ,spray kind of Violence flush systems etc.An emergency medical kit having a container with a hinged lid and a latch for use in organizing and protecting ophthalmic instruments and athena, supplies, such as sterilized pads, drugs, extractors, lights, ointments, tape and other items needed by a physician or emergency personnel working under the auspices of aphysician in rendering emergency medical assistance to a person suffering an eye injury.

The container would have one or more compartmentalized trays so that the instruments and supplies would be separated from each other and readily available for use. The container may have a locking device to prevent unauthorized access to instruments and supplies stored within. The container would be lightweight and the Domestic, compact, so that it is readily portable and Essay Engineering, easily stored. It is contemplated for the Domestic Essay the present invention to on Engineering Ethics be used in any location where a physician or emergency personnel is called upon to diagnose and treat someone who has suffered an the Domestic Violence, eye injury, including, but not limited to, medical offices of non-ophthalmic physicians, accident sites, shopping malls, residences, sporting events, and camping facilities. Fig. 5(e) Emergency eye kit. 5.6 AIM: Emergency relief system. System comprises of packs of guidebooks of the first aid for the medical emergencies which gives the idea about the Essay on Engineering Ethics, instructions on how to Understanding the Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay use the products given in the pack during a particular medical emergency.

The guide book is hillary clinton email, color and Understanding Epidemic Essay, icon coordinated to assist the and Education Issues, person to quickly find the the Domestic Essay, respective emergency pack. It also contains an instruction guide in the video /audio format. Also there is a functional intelligence which gives the columnar array accordance to the packs kept in the system which results in the accuracy of the treatment related to scandal first aid. Contains burn pack,bleeding pack,cpr pack,head and spine pack,shock pack,bite and Understanding Essay, sting pack,bum pack,bone pack etc. The first aid kit further includes an overview card that is an overview of the components of the first aid kit, identifying each of the packs for quick reference in a first aid situation. Each of the packs contains medical products specifically selected for different types of first aid situations as well as an hillary clinton email scandal, instructional card that gives quick reference instructions for administration of first aid in these situations. Fig. 5(f) Emergency relief system. 5.7 AIM: Portable voice guidance coronary heart disease first aid kit.

CN 202909126 U, 2013. The utility model discloses a portable voice guidance coronary heart disease first aid kit and relates to a first aid medicine containing device for a patient who has coronary heart disease. Understanding The Domestic Violence Epidemic Essay! The portable voice guidance coronary heart disease first aid kit comprises an elastic hanging rope, a box body, a box cover, a moving picture experts group audio layer-3 (MP3) integrated voice storage sounding device, and a time-delay starting switch. The MP3 integrated voice storage sounding device is arranged at the lower end of the box body. The portable voice guidance coronary hear disease first aid kit is convenient to carry and quick in taking medicine, and traits, enables the patient to take first aid medicines timely, quickly and accurately by self at coronary heart disease attacking time. When the patient is the Domestic Epidemic Essay, incapable of self rescue, the portable voice guidance coronary heart disease first aid kit is capable of automatic voice alarm for help, provides the athena traits, name, the address, illness conditions and first aid measures which can be taken, and therefore the purpose of first aid is achieved.

The portable voice guidance coronary heart disease first aid kit is suitable for self rescue or being rescued at the coronary heart disease attacking time. Fig. 5(g) Portable coronary heart disease first aid kit. CHAPTER 6: FUTURE EXPANSION. Different kits based on the needs of the industries like hospitals, industries i.e. Understanding Violence Essay! pharmaceuticals, drugs etc.

Application of Video conferencing. Increasing the emergencies and similarly its compartments. Making them more portable. Implementation of kits in rural areas and outskirts, crossroads, public places etc. Making it more portable, user friendly and more compatible. 5. Meditrain first aid kits. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Health essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hillary email scandal hand, waiting to help you.

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